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#1365859 by Juri from
Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:27 am
Gerhild from Just like Oma wrote:is the 'list' view recommended?

I just checked my WMT. Google still recognizes the <span> markup for breadcrumbs; the last entries in my structured elements list are from February 27.

My current site listings on their result pages include the old-style breadcrumbs as well, so I wouldn't (and don't) bother to change anything.

Kind regards,
#1369096 by Diane Marie from
Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:48 am
Hopefully this'll get some attention since it's an 'older' post... :D

If we link to one page from several other pages how do we decide which pages to breadcrumb back to?

For example, say I've got five different articles/web pages that all link in a natural manner to one particular web page. Obviously I can't have 5 breadcrumb trails so what would I do?

Thank you!!
#1369097 by Juri from
Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:09 am
Hi Diane,

As I understand it, breadcrumbs have two functions: lead your visitor from a page [back] to another page on your site, and tell her/him on the search results page where the page is in your tire structure.

Keep this in mind when deciding on which trails to include. Though, technically, you can have as many breadcrumb trails as you wish, five would probably be overwhelming/confusing for your visitors. Just think about what is best for them.

Kind regards,
#1369101 by Diane Marie from
Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:42 am
Hi Juri!

Thank you!

That's what I was concerned about - it's too many breadcrumb trails.

So how does one decide which pages to 'breadcrumb back to' and which ones not to?

We could say, "well decide which is the most important breadcrumb and use that one" but technically aren't they all important by the mere fact that the page is linked to?

If we feel it's important enough to link to the web page (even if from five other pages) then isn't it important enough to give the visitor a breadcrumb back to where they were?

It's somewhat of a conundrum. In trying to make it easiest for the visitor it encumbers the page and in turn makes it more difficult for the visitor.

So no matter what it's difficult for the customer, with or without breadcrumbs.

Aaaaagggghhhh... :wink:

Thank you again Juri!!
#1369106 by A J from Somewhere Hot
Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:13 am
I can see where you're coming from Diane, I have the same issue. I would think it is something that a lot of websites have to deal with it. I will give you example from one of my own websites, not sure if this will help or not, but it's how I deal with the problem.

On my travel website, I have lots of pages that fall into the class of "multiple parent". The old local Brewery for example. Now, this is part of the historical Chaffey trail which has about 9 points of interest on it, all sites of some historical significance. So of course it is a T3 of that section. BUT, it is also something that should appear as T3 for my local wineries and breweries section. AND it also houses a museum of early brewing equipment, and I have a local museums T2.

So that is at least 3 "parent" pages, but I certainly don't want to have 3 sets of breadcrumbs. That helps nobody and does nothing but clutter up the page with confusing info. The thing for me to remember, is that the vast majority of people will arrive at that page from the search engines. So where they came from on the website previously is a moot point, they didn't come from anywhere.

And for those people, a "related pages" group of thumbnails is more than enough... one to see More pages about the Historical Chaffey trail, another for the wineries and breweries, and another to see more museums. I could also add in a 4th, with things to do or whatever.

And for those that did in fact arrive from a T2 (perhaps from the Chaffey Trail page for example) I figure that 99% of people are smart enough to click their back button if they don't see a breadcrumb link back to the original T2. I could of course put a small javascript in place that when they click the link it sends them to whatever page they previously visited but Im not going to bother with that, it seems unnecessary to me.

When I create my breadcrumbs, it all happens automatically, the link in that will be whatever parent I choose for the page (using wordpress) So the breadcrumbs will show something like... home > Chaffey Trail > Old Brewery and if they did in fact come from there, then great. If not, no big deal IMO, the visitor can either click the back button, or choose a related page thumbnail from the bottom.

So really, it's nothing I will lose any sleep over, if somebody doesn't see their originating T2 page in the breadcrumb trail. I don't suppose they will be too concerned about it either. The parent page I choose for these type of pages is the one I expect most people will follow a T3 from, and the one that makes the most sense.

I think you should also consider what is called "content siloing" If you have never heard of that term, it means to have each section of the website distinct and separate from the others, without having excessive cross linking across those sections. It's a fairly well known technique, and should help Google with getting a clearer picture of the site hierarchy.

This website gives explanation and examples of this. ... tent-silo/ They use Barnes and Noble as their example, which of course has an untold number of books for sale, and naturally there could be huge crossover if they wanted to do breadcrumbs the way you are hoping to do it. A book could be a western, it could be fiction, it could be by a particular author etc etc etc. Think how unmanageable breadcrumbs could get if they tried to have a trail back to every possible parent page?

Cheers, AJ
#1369155 by Mary from Mico
Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:53 am
Hi Diane,

I had this exact question last night and agree with Juri and AJ. Visitor experience and perhaps some keyword logic is what I've chosen to use as I am updating my breadcrumb trails.

I have a product page that is linked from my Order T2 as well as a related keyword T2.

I'm sure I've read somewhere that Google pays most attention to the first breadcrumb trail (perhaps in the TNT article?). To me that means that more than two would be too much. This Google article shows using a second trail: ... guidelines

So, at this time :-), it seems to be acceptable to use two trails.

Last night I chose to use the related keyword T2 as my first bc in a multiple trail (BTW there's a typo on that TNT article where a 2 should be a 3). One page had only had the single BC trail from the Order page. I would think that linking the two related keyword pages together might gain them more keyword traction, so I made the bc multiple to include the related T2 as the first trail.

This leaves the order T2 as the second trail. I'm not going to worry about other trails as there's no way I can remember all the many places where I've put links to my product pages.

'Just an idea,

#1369169 by Vicki from Lilbourn
Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:01 pm
Hi Diane

Really interesting discussion here. My 2 cents worth is that the most important thing to consider for any link on a page is how related is it to the page its going to be on. Breadcrumbs are no exception. So using A.J.'s example, the most important thing about the Old Brewery, is not that it is part of a historic trail, it is not that it contains museum pieces, it's that it is...a brewery. My advice would be to focus on what the page is about to find the most natural parent.

#1369199 by Diane Marie from
Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:09 pm
THANK you everyone!!

This is all excellent advice, really gave me some angles to look at it that I was having trouble with, and I now have a pretty good grasp on how to handle it.

No doubt I'll be back looking for more help :wink: but I'm off and running.

Again thank you ALL!
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