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#1395474 by Holly from Rainbow Flat
Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:56 pm
Hey SBI, and tech savvy SBIers,

I just clicked on this SBI blog article - How to Identify, Plan and Test Your Most Wanted Response -

Excellent by the way. And I clicked on the new button SEND ME THE CHEAT SHEET! And it did this nifty thing where a little window came up, I entered my email address and then a perfect few lines said download your PDF here.

It captured my email in one easy step. And I had what I wanted in minutes.

Now I realize this is in WP - SBI but I've had my normal / evergreen website with SBI since 2009, so I don't want to convert over to WP... ever... so - will there ever be better download options like this in FBI? Pop up windows? Straight to a download? One stroke capture the email address.

FBI still needs a confirmation and a tick if MOM option is added... I get half of my peeps that never click the add me to your list and they still get access to all the downloads - I've put on one page to create some sort of download system where I GET the email.

I've spent weeks (again) trying to make something in FBI that works similar to say MailChimp or Convert Kit, to save money, but I'm wondering if I should just cave and pay for Mailchimp.... your thoughts?

I can share what I do in FBI to compete with MC and CK... but again... what's everybody else out there doing to capture email addresses quickly and easily... and just giving one download at a time - maybe instead of going to one page with 12!

Oh and P.S. I know SumoMe does good pop ups but again, costs money, and I never could figure out how to get it to go to MOM mailing list... it would just go to one of my pages, or gather it in their own section and I'd have to manually download the emails back to MOM.... ugh... laborious.

All help welcome!! I'm lost. :roll:
#1395518 by Jacki from Macleod
Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:09 pm
Holly from Rainbow Flat wrote:and just giving one download at a time - maybe instead of going to one page with 12!
Why not put them one (or a couple if you like) per page? It's easy to overthink this, but realistically, FBI and MOM are the simplest to work with. I never liked going to a completely separate system and logging in to Mail Chimp when I tried it, and it really wasn't intuitive or simple to use. So I went back to MOM.

I have dedicated pages for most of my freebies, just to keep track, and if they sign up for the email, great - if not, I'll get them later - my autoresponders and freebies all have links to the site, where there is a sign up on every page. It's all about trust building. I've been 'conned' into giving my email address, and personally, it doesn't inspire trust.
#1395539 by Holly from Rainbow Flat
Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:43 pm
Yes... thanks Jacki. That's a good idea to have a dedicated page per freebie... I'm just converting from direct download of PDF's. The content links are everywhere!!! I have so many freebies.

I've just decided to stop at that one and I'm removing all the others ones on other pages and directing them to just here or the ezine sign up opt in.

Oh dear - I don't feel like a con... but I get your drift!
#1395565 by Holly from Rainbow Flat
Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:01 am
Not sure... about deleting the PDF.

Where I ran into problems was that I wanted a better autoresponder series for my ezines than just the 2 pages. Well one thank you page and one email response in MOM.

So I set some downloads up in FBI. But then after about 6 - I realized that using a single page does not get the prompt for the link at the bottom to click here to confirm your subscription. So then its the person waiting a day - because you have to specify 1 day, 3 days... so now my reader is waiting a day or 3 to get their download.

You see - these days everything is a pop up, an email sign in, and bam there it is - just like I said at the start of this question for SBI - that's what they use...

I'd love to know what it is exactly that SBI uses and how I can implement it into my evergreen site?

Simple - the pop up and the delivery. But I get the email address.

Then, I wanted to build a sales funnel with 3 autoresponders... and it just gets more complicated...

Anyway... I do hear what you're saying... I just want it to be current and up to date. Not have my peeps give up waiting until tomorrow or getting it all with no email.

I know what you said about trust, but at some point this has to become a lucrative business for me (been waiting and working for ten years) and it's not happened yet.

So... over to you SBI? Any chance?

Or am I missing something that's already there and obvious?

#1395578 by Debs from SiteSell
Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:54 pm
Holly if you want improvements to FBI or MoM, you really need to post to the Wish List. Otherwise the programmers won't have a clue what you want ;)


P.S. Thank you for the article feedback, glad you liked it!
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