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#1371349 by erin from Climax
Wed May 17, 2017 7:00 pm
Hi folks!

In the midst of site upgrades, and all the headaches that go with that, I'd desperately love to get CSS (or some kind of coding) to be able to set up things which can then be changed sitewide, just by changing the code somewhere.

Some things are possible, I'm sure. But some might not be possible to do, and I can't tell which is which. ;) Once I find out if it's possible, I hope to track down a way to learn to make it myself... or just hire someone.

Here's my Coding Wish List...

• Various standard box styles for Sidebars, Call-outs, etc... including colour, text colour...
• Various divider bars
• Emoticons
• A dozen headers styles
• Various formatting: different type styles -- bold green, bold red, large bold blue...
• Various styles of bullet lists
• Various styles of tables
• Blockquotes
• Link & image formatting
• GoToTopOfPage buttons
• My sign-off / signature image / contact link
• Contact links (which sometimes get changed)
• Site buttons (Tabs?) that actually line up well on the page
• Copyscape image
• Formatting for submenus (on T2 pages for T3 articles)
• Formatting for multi-page articles, listing them with links that update so that the page you're currently on has no link
• Next article button + text
• Read More Articles formatting: Title, invitation to sign up to blog, various articles...
• Sales images or links: my own ads, GoogleAds, Amazon...

Can anyone tell me the feasibility of these?




#1371355 by Debs from SiteSell
Wed May 17, 2017 7:36 pm

When I did the Upload method, I used SBI! Includes to carry a lot of repetitive code, links, even all my affiliate links/text.

What I couldn't use in an include, I kept a swipe file (just a Notepad file with items in it. Apps like PhraseExpress are great for this also (which is what I now use to save repetitive items that may need a tad of editing before they are final).

For my pages, I now use BB2 mostly because between Sitewide Dots, Reusable Blocks, and Cloning of blocks, they can cover most of what you have listed. If, however, you prefer to upload, try out a phrase/snippet style app to hold what you need, where you can name the items as you please, and easily recall/lookup the snippets for future use.

All my best,


P.S. I have 6 signatures in PhraseExpress and it takes but a second or 2 to paste the one I need at any given time. I have over 100 items saved to date, sorted by what they relate to (full emails, sigs, snippets to add to emails, links to a variety of pages, HTML/CSS code snippets, etc.)
#1371360 by Will from Los Ojos
Wed May 17, 2017 7:48 pm


Suggested reading/videos are

1. Raw html blocks and how to use them.
2. Reuseable blocks (and cloning blocks).
3. Containers and how to add your own classes to the container, referencing CSS you added yourself into the Add Custom CSS block.

That should cover most of it.

For example, "various style bullet lists."

If you wanted just to change the existing bullet style, you can change that in the Site Designer using the appropriate buttons.

If you wanted multiple styles, you could either
- use a regular Text Block and wrap it in a container with various custom classes that target the bullet styles, or
- use a raw html block and write the whole thing in HTML.

Or if you wanted to make your own GoToTheTop button, you could just make a button out of raw html, and make it a reuseable block. Wherever you put the block, you'd get the button. If you change the code inside the reusable block, it will change wherever it's used on the site.

A reuseable block is the equivalent of an UYOH include. Once the HTML is in the include, you change it once and it changes wherever you've used it on the site.

Tables are difficult. Not because the HTML is difficult, but because it's very difficult to get tabular data on a desktop to look good on a mobile. Best avoided unless all your visitors are mostly desktop. (For example, if you have a site about sub-atomic particle physics. Not many people read sites about particle physics on a mobile. )

#1371365 by erin from Climax
Wed May 17, 2017 9:07 pm

Thanks for your guidance, Debs & Will! That's helpful! <3

(For example, if you have a site about sub-atomic particle physics. Not many people read sites about particle physics on a mobile. )

lol -- probably true! :lol: I never thought about that with tables... good to know!

What do people do, then, for submenus? :?:

I do like the reusable blocks in BB2, and use them for stuff that goes at the beginning or end of a page. But I do this frankenstein-esque mishmash where I use BB2 but in a single textblock, upload my own HTML for the body of the article. So anything that goes in the middle of my copy, like emoticons say, I need a coding solution for.

I will definitely look up "includes"...

A reuseable block is the equivalent of an UYOH include.

Thanks for this explanation! Does this mean I can find includes somewhere in SBI? :?:

I checked PhraseExpress and it doesn't seem to be what I need. I don't have a problem with the remembering the coding... I have a file with all that myself.

What I really need is that when it's time to update my sign-off or signature, I can edit every page at once, just by editing the site code.

I'm sorry if I'm not explaining this well... I'm sure there's technical jargon for this, but I'm really a layperson! :)



#1371372 by Will from Los Ojos
Wed May 17, 2017 10:32 pm

Hi Erin,

Here's the Help page for Reuseable Blocks.

However, if you have a "frankenstein-esque mishmash" of HTML for your content, without using the block system, you're missing out on a lot of potential functionality of BB2. For example, the images won't automatically shrink to the screen size on mobiles. Like this iPhone 5 shot


Buried in the middle of the HTML chunk is your signature.

<p align="left">
With Brightest Blessings,<br><br>
<a href="[Domain Private]/contact.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> [Image Private]</a>

If you change this code on the Home page, it will not change on any of the other pages in your site.

If this was in a reuseable block that existed on every page of your site, then altering the text for one page would alter the text on all the other pages that contained that reuseable block.

But currently,
a) you're not using the block system and
b) you would need to have placed the reuseable block on every page as you built each page.

It looks like you're already using some reuseable blocks though. Your ad banner "Questions about Wicca?" looks like a reuseable block. I've only looked at 2 pages, but it's on both pages, inside the above Socialize It Site Wide dot.

]<!-- start: shared_blocks.98757501#above-socialize-it -->

<!-- start: shared_blocks.200285771#Disqus Code - goes in Social section -->

<a name="comments"></a>
<!-- start: shared_blocks.200286340#AYAAD Ad - BANNER - Questions About Wicca? -->
<p align="right">
<table width="550"> <tr> <td>
<a href="[Domain Private]/becoming-a-wiccan.html" target="_blank">
[Image Private]
</td> </tr></table>
<p align="left">

<!-- end: shared_blocks.200286340#AYAAD Ad - BANNER - Questions About Wicca? -->
<!-- start: shared_blocks.200285174#Pentacle Bar + Top Button -->

Because it's inside the SW dot, it will appear on every page of your site that has the dot switched on.

#1371380 by erin from Climax
Wed May 17, 2017 11:12 pm
Thanks, Will, for the help page link and the tips. :)

I didn't realise that the images wouldn't be mobile-responsive if they're in my html. :( (Actually, I didn't think they were anyway, since I had to make a different header for all the different mobile versions anyway.)

I might rethink things, see if I can arrange it so I can use reusable blocks more.

But don't the includes do the same thing? Or am I misunderstanding what they're about? :?:


#1371385 by Will from Los Ojos
Thu May 18, 2017 12:35 am

Hi Erin,

The image code in BB2 looks like this. It's designed to allow alignement and size changes when the screen size changes. You don't have to think about this, just insert your images using the ImageBlock.

<div class="ImageBlock ImageBlockLeft"><img src="" width="626" alt="Image and text: Online dating, good odds and odd goods" title="Image and text: Online dating, good odds and odd goods" data-pin-media=""><div class="pinit">
<a data-pin-do="buttonPin" data-pin-count="beside" data-pin-save="true" href=""></a>

It carries options for pin buttons, pin descriptions, captions etc.

In SBI UYOH terms, an include file is a file that contains code to be inserted into a short form placeholder. In other words, in your UYOH template you have the short form ***z-navigation.shtml***, and the code block in the file z-navigation.shtml is then inserted into that placeholder.

In BB2, the SW dots are pre-made include positions that exist in your template. Anything you put into the SW dot appears in that position throughout your site. For example, there is an Above-H1 SW dot, that appears on every page above the pre-existing H1 position. There is a Below-H1 SW dot that appears on every page below the existing H1 position. And so on. There are a number of SW dots sprinkled through a blank page. You can't add them or remove them, but you can switch SW dots off on individual pages.

A reuseable block is like an include except that it is not pre-inserted into your page. Rather, once you have made it, you can place it onto any page in any position you like. Top, bottom it doesn't matter. But when you change the content of that block, the changes will occur wherever you have used the block.

A common use for a reuseable block is to hold Adsense code. Then when you need to change the code, say when responsive Adsense was introduced, you just need to change the code in one block, and it will change throughout your site, wherever you have used that block. Without the reuseable block, you would need to visit every page to change the Adsense code.

#1371387 by erin from Climax
Thu May 18, 2017 1:37 am
Hi Will,

It's really tempting to use the BB for images, but it makes it so cumbersome to try to edit pages that it just doesn't work for me.

It's okay if it's at the top of the page (I think I'll follow your advice and use image blocks for those, at least), but if there are images in the middle of text, and then you keep having to figure out which block of text you're needing to edit, and break up the one article document into many documents each with a piece of the article, going into one of the blocks interspersed with images, and you have to make sure you put the right piece in the right block ... it's just a nightmare. :roll:

At any rate, I really appreciate all your feedback with this! <3

And, if I could, can I get back to my original question, which is... which of those things in the wish list ARE possible, and which AREN'T...? :D

Thanks! !
#1371427 by Will from Los Ojos
Thu May 18, 2017 2:08 pm

Hi Erin,

Your original questions was

What's Possible in terms of Easy Sitewide Changes Using HTML / CSS / ???

and again
And, if I could, can I get back to my original question, which is... which of those things in the wish list ARE possible, and which AREN'T...?

The short answer is that if you have the majority of your content in one single raw HTML block per page, very little of your original list is easy to do.

Within the BlockBuild system, most of the items on the list are doable.

I'm not going to go through the whole list, but here's one example.

My sign-off / signature image / contact link

Google says you have 400+ pages, but some of them are probably C2. So, let's say you have 200 built pages. Right now, to change the signature, you need to go through each page that contains the signature HTML, get into the raw HTML block, and alter the code for each individual page.

If the signature was in a reuseable block on a page built with Text Blocks and Image Blocks etc, you would go into the reuseable block, make changes there and it would update throughout your site.

I suggest you build a couple of noindex, nofollow test pages using the Blocks to familiarize yourself with how it works. Another alternative would be to contact Debs via the signature in her footer, and ask her how much it would cost to have a VA transfer 5 of your pages from the raw HTML block format to the BlockBuilder system. I doubt it would cost very much, and then you will have some good working examples of the system in operation.

#1371444 by erin from Climax
Thu May 18, 2017 5:07 pm
Thanks, Will. But it's the html part, not the BB part, I actually need.

I'm taking from your reply that I can't do those in html or CSS or whatever, so that's answering my question.

Not the answer I hoped for, but at least now I know! ;)

Thanks for your help!! <3


#1371470 by Debs from SiteSell
Thu May 18, 2017 8:06 pm
Bottom line 90% are probably possible if using BB2 properly, if not more. If you upload only, no BB2, then any that are possible using HTML/CSS, I've come to find possible in BB2. However since you mish/mash, you and Will are correct, it is very hard if not impossible in your situation, as your pages stand.

As an aside, 1 hour VA time would get 2 pages converted to proper BB2. You do need your design done in Site Designer (if you haven't done that already). That would not be included in the 2 page conversion. Pricing is here for the 1 VA hour for the 2 page conversion: ... od=pros-va

However, if you just do a page properly (follow the video guide for BB2); then another, and another, you will find it works rather great. As an aside, we do all our sites in BB2, not because I don't know HTML/CSS; but because my son (my own VA) doesn't want to bother with it, he prefers BB2 (as do I to be honest).

Pros also has Pros who train in using BB2 to its fullest potential. It's worth it.

Just a thought ;)

#1371501 by erin from Climax
Fri May 19, 2017 12:28 am
Thanks, Deb! :)

Maybe the problem is that I don't know what you mean by "using BB2 properly." Maybe I'm missing something or doing it wrong.

Here's how it seems to me...

When I use only the blocks, I get generally dozens of blocks: headline... image... text... reminder box... link... image... ads block... divider block... header... text... header... image... callout box... text... link... link... link... text... table... text... reusable signature block, etc. (And this is actually a simplified version!)

This becomes a nightmare to scroll through when I have to edit, to keep opening the text blocks up to see what's where, to remember to paste in only a certain part of the text from my article document, and so on. I've tried it before -- that's how I started out -- but it got so unwieldy and confusing that I kept messing up the final result. I finally decided it was easier to learn html! :lol:

Is there something I'm missing? Some way of organising this or doing it differently? Because honestly I'd be super happy to let SBI do all the coding mess, if I could find a way to make it work.

Looking forward to secret insider tips! ;)



#1371558 by Debs from SiteSell
Fri May 19, 2017 7:15 pm
I like the extra blocks, that way I can skim the page and know immediately where things are. Also, I use the browser search (CTRL F on a PC, CMD F on a Mac) as it will search what's on the page for me.

Everyone is different in how they want to work; if they want to change the way they do things. If you are happy with how you are doing it; then you are fine. I was just offering up an option for you so you could get the list of things you noted.

#1371574 by Will from Los Ojos
Fri May 19, 2017 10:59 pm
erin from Climax wrote:This becomes a nightmare to scroll through when I have to edit, to keep opening the text blocks up to see what's where, to remember to paste in only a certain part of the text from my article document, and so on.

Hi Erin,

This part caught my eye, where you said "to keep opening the text blocks up to see what's where".

I've taken a snapshot of a test page with text blocks, images, dividers, Adsense code in a raw HTML block etc etc. The text blocks are open and show all the text in them. If the text gets longer, the block just gets longer. They are never closed.

Apart from the raw HTML blocks, everything else is visible all the time.

Does your Site Builder page look like this? Or is it different?


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