What are you using for your forms and autoresponders? How are you using it? Some great ideas here! Questions? Tips?

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#1386372 by Morgen from White Pine
Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:23 pm
How do I set up an autoresponder series?
I see form build it,
I see mail out manager
I see C2

FBI! doesn't have a place to add how many mailings they get for the autoresponder series, it's just a form like the contact form or ezine sign up form - I can't seem to find anything else there...

MOM is for the ezine, not autoresponders
C2 is off the mark also, building content for my pages...

So, where is it??
#1386376 by Kim from SiteSell Support
Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:53 pm
Each form allows you to set up an autoresponder if you choose.

You can do a Single AutoResponder (an e-mail that is sent to your visitors after they have submitted your form) or a Sequential AutoResponder (ex., send out five e-mails, once per day, for one week).

You can read more on Autoresponder Email(s) here in the help...


The help states...

"You don't have to tell FBI! how many installments you want in a sequential autoresponder. Keep adding them until you reach the number you want, or the maximum of 26. If you try to build a 27th installment, you'll receive an error message."

Best regards,
SiteSell Support Team
#1386377 by Morgen from White Pine
Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:56 pm
OK, I found that....
I have a contact form made up.

When I press the button to make another form, it "clones" the contact form, and doesn't give me anything else to do?

Or --
Maybe I'm supposed to make that part (what they enter) and THEN update it so that I get the form "adjusted" to what I want?

It's been a long time and I'm lost. The help or tips file doesn't really say much about this.
#1386380 by Morgen from White Pine
Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:50 pm
OK. I think I found it. Thanks for your help.
#1386390 by Debs from SiteSell
Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:05 pm
The help for each module is a linked Question Mark icon. Some modules have multiple ones. Look first at the top of the page by the module name for the main one.

The help explains how each part of a module works, in FBI! that would include the auto-responders.

You can clone if you want, but you don't have to. Create a new form option is available on the same module page.

All my best,


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