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#1376811 by Cath from Italy
Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:22 pm
This gets a 10 and a gold star from me! :D

Which group to start with? Whichever one will give the most people the most help. I'd hope, though, that all the groups would eventually be covered - and covered more than once. This is a great basis for an ongoing series of events. Improving the experience for SBIers, at the same time improving the tools we use (AG etc), which helps both the company and its customers... Spiralling upwards, and everybody gains. Brill.

Great idea, from which we can all learn. As for the name - I'm with Claude - "UpIt!" - although I think for people in the UK, at least, this may not be entirely the right choice... :lol:

#1376815 by Juri from plainlight.com
Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:05 pm

This is great, I can't imagine someone giving it less than a 10!

The question about the order is a tricky one. Either start with the biggest group, or with the one which seems easiest to help.

    A vote will probably end up with the biggest group anyway.
Just make sure every one gets its chance.

    Accidentally, I don't fit in any group according to SBI traffic stats. I get slightly more visits than #1, but don't have enough pages for #2. However, GA render me quite invisible.
Re: name, I quite like Claude's, but also feel with Cath :wink: . I would just slightly change it to: Step Up, or Step It Up.

Kind regards,
#1376823 by Judith from Quarryville
Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:42 am

Rose from Ayelo De Malferit

I love love love this project. Ken, you have created a path and journey for us to follow that is just precision made to succeed....yet it is just me, my computer and all the great teaching materials. It gets lonely at times and live interaction is so important for motivation purposes and seeing things ( that you said all ready many times) in a different light. So I give this project a 10! I think it is crucial to excell together to the next level...

Rose you may find it helpful to join the Come Join the Build Your Business One Goal a Week Challenge!. Here is the link:

Don't feel you have to read all the posts to catch up and just join in as you are comfortable. It is a tremendous help to beat the feeling of being alone on this journey of website building. :wink::D
#1376836 by Mark from Northern Taiwan
Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:41 am
I think it's a great idea!
#1376844 by Susan from Australia
Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:05 am
Yes, this idea excites me and gets a 10 from me :) I think it would create a lot of energy in the forums again and no matter which group you start with the discussions should help everyone.

As for which group to help first, I think from a business perspective this needs to be based on the group that has the highest attrition rate. Maybe they just need some personal, targeted help to keep them moving forward and help them decide to stay.

On the other hand, starting with the group that needs to perfect monetisation and seeing success with them might provide great encouragement for all groups. After all, having a sound, successful monetisation strategy is probably one of the top goals for most people who start working with SBI.
#1376849 by Cath, SiteSell Content Team
Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:44 am
Thanks for all the comments and votes, everyone - it's great to know it has such good support.

And yes, Judy makes a great point - for anyone who feels isolated, or wants some extra encouragement and support (and the occasional kick in the pants when required!), the "One Goal a Week" Challenge is a really great place to be - thanks for raising it, Judy.

So, keep those votes coming, everyone! It's so helpful to have such a good spread of ideas.

#1376868 by ken-admin
Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:43 pm

Wow! I'm delighted to see the traction on this idea.

When we built SBI! and as we work on it week to week, month to month, year to year, the focus is on success, how to build traffic and then convert that into income. Problems are, of course, handled in the forums, which is good but limited in terms of benefitting MANY.

Like I said at the beginning...

The Internet is really just a huge bunch of computers and devices connected by a protocol that lets them talk to each other. Humans use it for many reasons, search and social being the big 2 -- and human behavior is predictable.

That means that there is an optimal, reproducible way to succeed. It's math-like. Execute the variables well and you should get a strong result. That's different from any other form of success...

No one can teach you how to invent the next viral tool. Heck, there's no way to even show you how to blog brilliantly (which is why blogging is a more difficult format to win, with a small "middle-class" - it's more all-or-nothing).

But creating a theme-based content site is a winnable process. In theory, assuming BAM💥, every SBIer should succeed if mistakes are avoided. The level of success is somewhat skill-dependent. Missing skills can be developed, but you have to realize that it's something that needs to be developed.

In short...

Organizing what you already know and love, into an optimally structured site that delivers information that people want, THAT model plays to "how the Net works." Execute well and people react predictably.

"The Study" showed the high levels of success relative to WA. And preliminary results of the upcoming studies shows that the plight of most solopreneurs may be even worse than that of WA users. If that turns out to be accurate, it means that even "some guidance is better than nothing." Most folks try to figure it out on their own, but fail.

This "better than nothing" in no way forgives or condones what WA affiliates do online (fake reviews about SBI!), Nor that WA seems to promote it and seems to accept it as honest marketing - every affiliate program has the right to enforce honest and legal marketing. Fake reviews are neither moral nor legal.

The need for an "all for one and one for all" team approach of SBIers supporting SBI! with REAL reviews, so we can continue to do what we do, getting bettter and better, will always be with us. No one can ever be allowed to choke us with fake reviews of SBI! (searching for reviews is the final step of anyone considering whether to join this community).

Whether your goals for starting a business are big or small, they're important to YOU. That is all that matters (and there are other folks online who are just like you). Share your inspiring reviews of SBI! - see my sig for details, especially the "Cheat Sheet" PDF.

500 reviews should flood out WA...

In comparison, they have THOUSANDS of reviews about WA, written by people for money, most of whom are failing, but who actually expect to make money off those reviews. In reality, only 10 (out of the thousands) can rank on Page 1. Over the years, tons of reviews have accumulated about SBI!, too - and it's all about making money by misleading others.

In contrast, writing an SBI! review is NOT about making money, except indirectly in that it allows us to grow which enables us to do what we do, bigger and better, which in turn enables you to grow your biz bigger and better. It's a positive feedback loop, done the right and honest way.

Bigger and better... together.

Back to the failure of "figuring it out"...

Solopreneurs can try to figure it all out (and "keep up") OR they can work on building a business. But very few of us has the time to do both. A small percentage do, of course - but we now have proof that they vast majority do much better if an entire, global process is laid out before them, including the tools that are needed and a community that speaks the same language.

Wealthy Affiliate's 87% Invisibility rate seems to be better than the general solopreneur population, which looks like it will come in at well over 90%. Our 37% rate is, in the overall scheme of things, amazingly good.

But let's put aside the overall, unspoken sad state of soloprenership. While I personally care about that at a philosophical level, we have to set that aside. It's not OUR problem - other vendors who know how dismally their clients are doing, THEY have to deal with that, as they best see fit.

We have to do what WE best see fit for SBIers. So, in that light...

37% is more than 1 out of 3.

Aside from obvious reasons, though (ex., not working on it, just starting out, etc.), why would anyone fail at a winnable project? And at the opposite end of the 4 groups (high traffic, poor income), why would people not be able to convert high traffic into higher and higher levels of $-per-visitor?

THAT is a way of thinking that we've not applied to SBI! before, not in a globally analyzed manner.

It's important because, thinking high-level, there are two ways to succeed....

1) Do what is needed to win, correctly.

2) Avoid the mistakes that limit you to the unsatisfatory level that you are at.

Those 2 SOUND like 2 ways of saying the same thing, but they're not. You may THINK you are in the first group, yet be unable to see that you are in the second. And as we move up to the more successful groups, I'd change that sentence to...

"You may THINK you are in the first group, yet be unable to see WHEN you fall into the second.

Here's what I mean by that...

The lower the group that you are in (Group 1 - "No traffic), the more likely you are NOT "avoiding the mistakes that limit you to the unsatisfatory level that you are at." I don't know what we'll find but SBIers have often described how they'd race through the first 5 DAYs to "really" get started. I suspect we'll find major problems in DAYS 2-5.

As we get closer to the 4th group (high traffic, poor income), you have done a lot right, but are most likely not "doing what is needed to win, correctly." Again, I'm not sure what we'll find. Is it possible that you've not done DAY 4 well? Yes, and that would partially wreck my theory. ;-)

But (in Group 4) I suspect we'll find subtle-but-important mindset issues. Working with Nori to push her thinking helped us improve SBI! in many ways, most important of which was the "Business Mindset" concept.

Most of the solopreneur world thinks, "site that makes money." That's extremely limting.

A business mindset re-orients you. Things don't happen - a website does not make money. YOU do, if you actively try to understand your visitors and what they need. I suspect that we'll find answers at this level of thinking, although I allow for the possiblity of fundamental errors in DAY 4.

The reason I think that's unlikely? If you are able to do EVERYTHING else right, are you likely to have blown DAY 4 so badly that you can't find higher-paying levels of monetization? Possible. Not likely.

We'll see. And that's what I find so exciting about this. It can't be analyzed with the data in our db. We need to put a "face" to a problem (i.e., the 5 chosen sites) AND analyze a wider group to develop REASONS, not theories.

The 5 sample sites get some direct benefit, yes, but ALL in that group will learn well since they also serve as examples of the lessons learned. Nothing drives points home better than real-life examples.


It's going to be a completely new way of thinking for SBI!, and indeed for SBIers. To push SBIers "to the left" (i.e., into the higher groups) requires a global approach to each group. We'll find and fix/optimize where folks are going wrong. Speaking of groups...

Your feedback struck me about how group-focused the feedback was. I would normally take several years to reply to such high-grade commentary, but this is vacation. Please keep feeding back any thoughts you may have...

I can see that the Team is equally excited in our group Skype conversations. And please know that, although I'm not replying to some really excellent comments, that I've aborbed it all, and am excited by YOUR excitement.

Heck, I didn't mean to write THIS much. The family is ready to go out, it seems. So I'll leave it there, with this thought...

This new way of approaching success, finding major ways to diagnose/eliminate the reasons/patterns of failure... it turns what we normally do on its head. If we can not only enable success but ALSO reduce failure significantly, that's going to result in a significant bump UP for all.

We're entering uncharted waters!⛵️

Thank you, again, for all the high-value commentary!

All the best,

P.S. Re the name, Claude's "Up It!" seems to have the most support although this may be a phrase, judging from a couple of replies, with unintended British meaning. And I kindof get that - it reminds me a bit of "Up yours." ;-) Perhaps a UK SBIer would care to elaborate?

Juri's "Step Up" or "Step It Up" sound reasonable. Open to ideas...

What's the name of this series of webinars. The "Up It! Webinars?" The "Step It Up Webinars"?
#1376871 by Catherine from englishhints.com
Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:42 pm
I'm American, but I feel a little more comfortable with "Step it up! "Up it" seems to have some connection I can't trace with something insulting or risque. I could live with either. Just saying...
#1376880 by LUIS from Vails Gate
Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:16 am
Name ideas ... although I do like UPIT!, I can now see it is too close to its derogatory cousin :evil:

brainstormed a little about distress or assistance needed type of codes,
like 911, 511 or 411 ... but found they're more of a North American system soo... since a more international approach is probably better ... the universal distress is SOS so ...

SOSit! ...SOSIT!

Considered "help I've fallen off of me barstool and can't get upIT" but I guess that won't work huh!? :D
#1376889 by Mark from Northern Taiwan
Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:54 am
I like Step Up. It feels very positive.
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