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#1378886 by Bill from Away
Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:18 pm
Being in rural Canada, internet is a service we don't take for granted, and one that we don't have much availability of.

Recently we moved to Xplornet satellite internet from Bell wireless. Xplornet is providing a faster up and down time and much greater bandwidth than Bell for where we are geographically, due to distance from the Bell tower.

Since the change to Xplornet I am having a devil of a time approving new C2's. Now, every time I OK a new C2, I get an error message saying that SBI is too busy at the moment, check back later, and I'm booted out. I have to re-enter SBI, go back to my C2 library, and carry on with working on my site until I try to approve another C2. Then the cycle repeats. I sometimes get 10+ C2's a day, and the already glacial process of the SBI C2 system grinds even more slowly due to this complexity.

I understand about system latency, and that the Xplornet process takes 600+ milliseconds to connect, and regular internet takes 75 milliseconds to connect, and that's, I'm told, why I keep getting booted out and the error message.

However, on the advice of SBI techs, if I intersperse a VPN in the process, I can then approve C2's with no problem. Adding another step between my computer and SBI's servers solves the problem... weird, or what.

However, when the VPN is on, I can approve a new C2. However, when I am opening comments to view the backstory and/or approve a new comment, with the VPN running, I cannot open the comment in a new window. While VPN is running I cannot access my email accounts, I cannot open Google to check up something to do with a new or old C2, in short, the cost of getting C2's through without an error message via the VPN is prohibitive in function. It's a work around that doesn't work for me.

And... with the VPN running, if a new C2 has images added by the visitor, they don't appear. I get a broken image icon instead of the photo. If I look at a new that same C2 with image outside of VPN, the images appear.

Without the VPN and with Xplornet as my ISP I can build and publish new pages, I can modify and rebuild existing pages, I can change and approve as many comments as I like. It's only when I try to approve a new C2 that I have a problem. Does this make sense?

I cannot believe I'm the only SBI user that's accessing SBI via Xplornet satellite?? Am I?? Are you having any issues? Please let me know I'm not alone. I'd sure appreciate it.


#1378890 by Jacki from Macleod
Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:49 pm
Bill, Xplornet is my ISP, and a while ago I had so many issues, and both X and SBI! denied responsibility. It was apparently the timeout setting between when the message left my computer, went up the line to my satellite dish, up into the sky to the satellite, then down to Edmontons array. Eventually, it was fixed (no idea how or by whom) and the three weeks of no access to Site Central, or anything other than the forums was over. Sorry for your issue - my advice? Keep being the squeaky wheel! :shock:
#1378903 by Bill from Away
Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:24 am
Jacki, thanks for that. Good to know that I'm not alone in this. I'm not happy with how it's unfolding so far, but I will keep squeakin', for sure.

Have a good one!

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