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IMPORTANT for Solo Build It! for WP users: There is a special set of forums below, just for you ("SBI! FOR WP (DAY 6)"). Use those for their specific topics. Otherwise, the entire forums are for you, too. There's no special forums for WPers since we're all solopreneurs and the topics apply to everyone, regardless of sitebuilder being used (BB2, HTML editor or WordPress).

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Sun Jun 19, 2005 5:40 pm
June 19, 2005

You will see, towards the top of some forums, a thread labelled "FAQ." This thread contains posts that have answered questions that are asked frequently in the forums.

We choose an especially good answer, or create a new one, for each FAQ. So it's a great place to start. If it occurs to you that others may have had the same question, it just might be in the FAQ of the relevant forum.

I hope it accelerates your forum experience. :-)

All the best,

P.S. January 5, 2015: The Forum FAQs have grown tremendously. They have become a terrific repository of great answers to the most frequently asked questions in these forums, as well as just great all-round ideas/wisdom.

So we've collected them all in one location, to serve as a convenient starting point...

And if you have a question that is more "SiteSell-Support-appropriate," please do see the updated and expanded Support FAQ in SiteSell Support...
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