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#685309 by Jim 1 Nelson from Covington
Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:28 pm
SiteSell offers the following service to help those SBIers who choose to look for help with their sites(s)

SiteSell Pros, for those who need some short-term one-on-one help by an experienced and/or successful SBIer...

The program is completely organized, coordinated, and quality-controlled by SiteSell. And we have the usual QC/customer feedback systems in place.

Of course, any SBIer can use the forums to find non-official coaching or services (these are forums open to all SBIers, after all). But...

...SBIers can NOT use the forums to complain if things go wrong (even for items listed in Resources HQ) because 1) SiteSell is not in any way responsible and 2) we do not want to be in the middle of what always turns into an I-said-he-said argument that drags on and on, and always becomes malicious. This was a private contract. HOWEVER...

...those who do feel abused by any non-official service provider do need an outlet to let SiteSell know. That outlet is SiteSell support...

SiteSell will investigate both sides of the story. Note that specific details not generic complaints must be sent. Too many complaints will result in banning of these services by that SBIer. "Too many" depends on quality and quantity.

On a related note...

SBIers who use "sbi" "site build it" "sitesell", etc. in a domain name or otherwise imply some sort of acceptance or endorsement by SBI!, MUST FIRST seek SiteSell's permission to do so, including a statement why they want to. It may be refused, but even if accepted, it does not constitute an endorsement and is subject to revocation. Those who do this are held to a higher standard even if not "official."

In conclusion, SiteSell offers SiteSell Pros, and stands behind their offerings. If you contract services from other SBIers, SiteSell will investigate if needed, but that contract is between you and the person offering the services. Any disputes do not belong in the forums.

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