This is the place to start. A welcoming message from Ken Evoy (creator of Solo Build It!), including a few pearls, words of wisdom to solopreneurs, and other Ken Notes. (There are also some MUST READ Guidelines. Please read before making your first post. Following them is important for smooth-running, friendly forums.)
IMPORTANT for Solo Build It! for WP users: There is a special set of forums below, just for you ("SBI! FOR WP (DAY 6)"). Use those for their specific topics. Otherwise, the entire forums are for you, too. There's no special forums for WPers since we're all solopreneurs and the topics apply to everyone, regardless of sitebuilder being used (BB2, HTML editor or WordPress).

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Wed Feb 09, 2005 9:24 pm

Every SBIer (SBI! for WP owners are also SBIer's) wants to get the most out of "The Place For Friendly, Business-Building Discussions."

We all want to share what we know, and learn what we don't. Like any community, there are guidelines that permit all to enjoy and advance as much as possible. Here they are...

1) "Friendly and helpful" is the rule of the day. Take the time to write well and communicate clearly. Remember that it's easy to offend by accident when writing.

Choose what and how much you want to contribute. When you have finished, please read your post one last time. Does it say what you wanted? If it's critical, is the criticism fair? Is the tone what you truly want? Are there typos or bad grammar?

You have 30 minutes to edit or delete a post. After that, your posts are like diamonds and we all know that diamonds are forever. :-) You own your post, so be proud of it before you move on to do something else.

Special note: Posts with traffic claims (that I reply to) are usually checked. This type of "spot checking" keeps everyone honest. I don't usually go beyond what has been revealed unless it's something like that is extreme and that people believe (ex., a 90% increase or drop in traffic that is actually 30%, for example, or an outright lie (I hate to even use that word, but it has happened). So... a little exaggeration is human, but a big one is a lie. And lies don't fly at SBI! or SBI! for WP. Keep it honest. :-)

2) Only post a message to one forum. Please don't copy-and-paste a post into more than one forum, in order to get attention. You may not like the attention you get!

3) Post to the correct forum. When your post starts a new thread, please post to the correct forum. You can generally zero in on the right forum by first scanning the major categories and then reviewing the description of each forum in that category. Here is a short listing of all the major categories...

Click on any category to see the forums (and their descriptions) in each. This is quicker than reading the description of every forum on the home page

4) Stay on-topic. When posting to an existing thread, please stay on the main topic of the thread. If you have "something else" to say but that part of your post would be off-topic, split that part off, find the right forum for it, and see if a thread is currently active. If yes, post to that thread. If not, start a new thread.

5a) Please keep a high signal-to-noise ratio. The principle here is that everyone posts ONLY to help-or-be-helped, never to "pitch" other SBIers or SBI! for WP owners. It is a fundamental cultural guideline.

That means "no pitches, please." Blatant self-promotional posts are the best way to get banned. So are posts with affiliate links in them.

Inform and help. If your post has some great content, it's OK to weave in touch of self-promotion for your site. We delete low signal-to-noise (i.e., low content, high self-sell) posts.

Please click here for information on recommending non-SBI! products or services.

Part B of this "no self-promotion" guidelines is...

5b) Use a short, "no-pitch" sig. You may add a one-line tag under your name (i.e., directly in the actual post), short and sweet. But, if you want a longer sig (multi-line or longer phrases), you must use your Forum Profile to create it. This makes it easier to monitor all signatures and keep them compliant with the following guidelines:

Straight text (no formatting such as bold, italics, colors, graphics, emoticons, animations, etc.), laid out as follows...

Recommended Business Signature:
Line 1: Full Name (incl. company name) on first line
Line 2: Slogan on second
Line 3: SBI! or SBI! for WP site home page URL on third

A call to action is not permitted in signatures.

Note, if you prefer to use a non-standard signature, follow these additional guidelines:

URLs a/k/a the link destinations (landing pages) must not "pitch" SBIers or SBI! for WP owners.

Links that are NOT allowed elsewhere in the forums (ex. affiliate links, redirect links, promotional links, parked domains, short URLs, etc.) are also not allowed in your sig. For more info, please see...

You may only link to the home page of any site you own.

Although you don't "own" your Twitter, Facebook, etc. pages, they are "yours." So you may link to them in your sig if they are for one of your SBI! or SBI! for WP sites. Note: A call to action like "Follow me on Twitter!" or other text is not permitted.

Do NOT link to files in your sig (ex., PDF files).

You may use up to the forum's pre-set character count (around 250 characters). The forum software will let you know if you have exceeded the count.

Any exceptions to linking guidelines must be submitted to SiteSell Support for review and approval by a Forum Admin.

While the above is the recommended format, it's the spirit of the guidelines that count. Keep your signature (sig) related to your sites and make sure it is non-promotional.

5c) Trolling the forums is not allowed. (Trolling means hunting for potential customers and then contacting them offline in an attempt to get their business.) SBIers and SBI! for WP owners must be able to participate in the forums without being bothered.

If the Forum Admins receive a notice that someone has been trolling, s/he will get a warning, and potentially lose forum privileges. To report someone, you can contact Support:

6) This is not the place to seek technical support or report a bug. Only SiteSell Support has the tools and specialized system to address those kinds of issues.

If you do post a "support-type" issue in the forums, it will not be sent to SiteSell Support, nor will they reply here. Why? Because it is important to keep the two separate...

a) Send support issues and bug reports to the SiteSell Support Team. No one in the forums, including the moderators and me, is as well plugged-in to get a support issue or bug fixed as the SiteSell Support Team. Here is the "Contact Support" URL...

b) Discussion belongs in the forums. Naturally, if you have a complaint (or a kudo) about Support, there is a forum for that.

Here is what you need to know about SiteSell Support and how to use the forums regarding Support.

Special note: If you don't like the way something works, or think a module should have an extra feature, there are forums for that, too. Find the appropriate spot and post. Support can't do much if you don't like a feature, so don't contact them for that. But others may feel like you, and that kind of information can only help us make SBI! better and better... which is good for all of us.

7) Please respect moderator decisions. The moderators of these forums are the best team of moderators you will ever experience. They are seasoned SBIers or SBI! for WP owners with a spirit of generosity, a love of SBI!/SBI! for WP and these forums. The above guidelines, so critical to the success of these forums, are merely "nice principles" without the moderators. It should go without saying, but a moderator's comments should not be edited.

Moderators give of their time freely and generously, moving posts to the correct spots, editing out promotional links, and so forth. They also help out with answers to questions by SBIers and SBI! for WP owners (they are highly SBI!/SBI! for WP knowledgeable). Please note...

They make many changes to posts each day. If one (or more) of yours is edited or moved, please do not take offence. Instead, learn from it and move ahead. It's not personal. The moderators do give willingly of their time, but it is simply not fair of us to debate or ask for justification for, say, a post moved to a different forum.

So if a mistake is made, just let it be and, as in golf, "play it where it lies." Very few mistakes are made, and the net result of the collective moderator effort is a much better experience, at many levels, for all of us.

Give them a hug and a great big "THANK YOU" every now and then. They deserve it. :-)

8 ) "The Place For Friendly, Success-Focused Discussion." The official byline of the SBI!/SBI! for WP Forums says it all. We are all on the same team, seeking to move forward towards success.

So... no flames/bad language. Nasty posts will be deleted. If it happens repeatedly by the same person despite a warning, that person will be removed from the forums. We live in a world where far too many people's lives are ruined by a very few bad ones. Not here, so if you have ever flamed in another forum, please note..

We will NOT allow negative disruptors to ruin the experience of this near-magical spot where all come in good faith and spirit to both help and be helped.

SBIers and SBI! for WP owners have the expectation of privacy when they post in our forums. SiteSell's forums are private. Posts, or excerpts, from our forums may not be reproduced or disseminated elsewhere without the express permission of the poster and SiteSell as covered in our Terms and Conditions, #5:

As I said in my Welcome Message to you, these forums pull together a great group of people, smart and motivated and doing what it takes to succeed. It is my deep hope that all SBIers and SBI! for WP owners find these forums as comfortable and warm as a favorite pair of old shoes on this journey.

That is the reason for these guidelines.

Please don't become a pebble in those shoes -- follow the guidelines for everyone's betterment.

All the best,



P.S. Also, please see this guideline about recommending 3rd party products... ... 484#105484

P.P.S. Please post in English so that everyone may benefit from your post. While English may not be your mother tongue, it is important to remember "help and be helped." Since all SBIers can understand English, it makes sense to post in the language that everyone can understand and not exclude anyone from any discussion.

P.P.P.S. Please review all stickies and topics in this section of the forums to keep up to date on all forum guidelines.
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