This is the place to start. A welcoming message from Ken Evoy (creator of Solo Build It!), including a few pearls, words of wisdom to solopreneurs, and other Ken Notes. (There are also some MUST READ Guidelines. Please read before making your first post. Following them is important for smooth-running, friendly forums.)
IMPORTANT for Solo Build It! for WP users: There is a special set of forums below, just for you ("SBI! FOR WP (DAY 6)"). Use those for their specific topics. Otherwise, the entire forums are for you, too. There's no special forums for WPers since we're all solopreneurs and the topics apply to everyone, regardless of sitebuilder being used (BB2, HTML editor or WordPress).

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#332 by ken-admin
Wed Feb 09, 2005 9:25 pm
[Note: This post has been updated with the launch of SBI! for WP August 2015]


I'm delighted to welcome you to the Solo Build It! Forums. You'll find a great group here, smart and motivated and doing what it takes to succeed. It's my profound hope that these forums help us all to help each other and to reach our goals.

I'd love to see the Solo Build It! Forums become as comfortable as a favorite pair of old shoes... a warm, friendly spot where friends come to help others. And, just as important, a place where "the helped" return later to pay the favor forward by helping someone else.

You cannot "join" or register for these forums. Only SBI! and SBI! for WP members may post.

There is no anonymity. Your username is created for you automatically, as follows...

For those using SBI!:
"FIRST NAME from YOUR SBI-DOMAIN." If you have more than one domain (approx. 40% of SBIers do), we choose the domain with the most pages. If you have not yet registered a domain, then your username will appear as "FIRST NAME from [NO DOMAIN YET]-A NEARBY CITY."

Want to change the FIRST NAME part of your username? Go to your "My Account" area and change "First name."

Some folks are intimidated by forums. But we're all friends here and these forums are really simple to use. We've organized forum topics according to feedback from SBI! and SBI! for WP members over the years.

To start a new thread in any forum, just click into that forum and then click on the New Topic button.

To reply to a post, click into a thread and click on the Post Reply button.

When to REPLY, as opposed to when to START a new thread? Create a new topic only when none of the existing threads in any forum fits the content of your post.

A few guidelines to help things run smoothly and friendly...

1) Read the FAQ

It's a great orientation that will bring you quickly up-to-speed on using these forums (if this is new to you).

2) Do a search

As the forums grow, you'll often find that your question has already been asked and answered. Do a search for your question before asking, especially if it seems to you "that someone has probably asked this in the past." Search for posts, not topics, and use "all words."

Searching is important. Spend some time figuring out how to search, including using Advanced Search, and you'll get the best out of these forums. For example...

You'll notice that some folks just rise to the top and post consistently great material. You can do a search for all posts by that person, either through the search tool above, or by clicking on a poster's "profile" (click on their username-link). Once you are at that person's profile, click on the "Find all posts by...." link.

3) Please help things runs smoothly. Read the Guidelines.

This way, everyone gets the most out of the forums. Some other forums are notorious for poor behavior. This is a friendly place, but we are also serious about learning and moving forward, constantly forward, toward success. It only takes a few to ruin it for everyone. So...

If behavior deleterious to these forums is repeatedly due to the same person, that person will be banned from the forums (after warnings that have no effect). We do not want to kick anyone out. It takes seriously inappropriate/"trollish" behavior that the moderators have been unable to control. And finally, I have to approve the moderators' decision.

We do this even though these people, unable to accept "authority" (even the most benign form intended for the good of all) feel the need to spread defamatory lies about us online. Please do not reply when you see them - it only leads to more of the same. It's "bait," not "debate." While lawsuits would win, they would take years and would only result in even more vengeance, many more popping up under false names.

On the happier side, we bear all this for the outcome that results from our policy that we won't bear them HERE...

This process of education and "firing the very few" (avg = less than 1 per year), along with the natural determination and vision of folks who aren't looking for GRQ, people who are ready to work to achieve a BIG "life goal" (i.e., SBIers!), has resulted in the tremendous culture that you'll find here...

Welcome to The Place For Friendly, Business-Building Discussions!

Enjoy. Learn. Help and be helped. And remember...

Pay it forward.

All the best,


Founder, SiteSell Inc.
#886806 by Jim 1 Nelson from Covington
Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:55 pm

Ken's original post (pre-update) above was made shortly after these forums opened. He said...

I'd love to see SBI! Forums become as comfortable as a favorite pair of old shoes... a warm, friendly spot where friends come to help others. And, just as important, a place where "the helped" return later to pay the favor forward by helping someone else.

Ah, the forums have certainly become what Ken wished. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

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