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#898798 by Jim 1 Nelson from Covington
Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:32 pm
Do you have something you want to offer SBIers? As you know, self promo is not allowed in the forums, but there IS a process to be able to offer your product or service to other SBIers.

Resources HQ lists some of the “best of the best” third party products that you may find useful, that complement the SBI tools. In Resources, there is a section called “By SBIers, For SBIers” which lists “best of the best” offerings by SBIers. If you would like your offering to be available to other SBIers, that is the place. How to do that?...

To be included there, you should contact support with your offering. Support will then forward it to me, and I, usually with other internal SiteSell people, will review it. We may ask for further information if needed. We approve such products on the basis of cost, needs of SBIers, and value/quality. After review, we will let you know if it “made it” into Resources HQ.

If it is included, you may link to the listing in Resources, but you still cannot be promotional about it in the forums. A good practice is to have a (non-promo) link to it in your forum sig. The link should be to the offering in Resources HQ, not a direct link to your site.

If you’re considering developing a product or service for SBIers, you will find this post useful. “Developing an SBI! related product for SBIers”…

As your product is really “third party”, this post applies as well. “When and How to Recommend Third Party Resources”…

SBIers are an amazing group of people and have a lot to offer. “By SBIers, For SBIers” is the place for these offerings.

Best wishes,

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