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#1056894 by Debs from SiteSell
Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:20 pm
As with any forum anywhere, you need to be aware that you
could get advice that is not sound and can even be detrimental
to your site.

It falls on you to decide whether it is good advice or not ... how do
you know?

1. Follow the Action Guide (AG)
2. If in doubt, follow the Action Guide!

This cannot be stressed enough!

There are well-established older sites that may not appear to be
following the AG; may be doing something advanced, or even something
that has been noted by experts that should not be done.

1. they are usually sites with LOADS of pages (some with even thousands
and thousands of pages)

2. they are testing ... they know the risks; or are trying to achieve something

There may even be posts on these forums with tips and advice by other SBIers ...
the advice should be current (some older threads are really out of date, USE
CAUTION on advice in older threads).

You WILL see advice on these forums, on any forums really, that is not good and
should not be followed ... if in doubt, ask the moderator to review the thread.
Your moderators will review and make note in threads with questionable or
advanced tactics that are not outlined in the AG and therefore not sanctioned.

You should NOT copy something another site is doing that is unknown or not
recommended in the AG until you have the knowledge and expertise to
understand the risks involved. Your small, new site should not be undertaking
advanced techniques anyway ... you need to focus on the foundation of your site
and the Action Guide IF you want to be here for the long term. The AG is
about doing what is good for the long term, not short term gain.

These forums are GREAT! I wish they had been here when I started; I know soooo
many places on my site where I didn't follow the AG the way I should have ... don't
let yourself fall into the same trap I did (I'm now spending tons of time fixing

Use caution ... this is YOUR business, you need to be vigilant in protecting your

Best always,

Debs, Admin

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