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Sun Dec 25, 2005 6:43 pm
This is timeless advice that will remain for many years to come, use it as your lifeline as you build your online business.

(To current SBIers, if you see anyone distracted by the noise and wandering "off-focus," please refer them here.)


This post is for new SBIers who are just getting started! It's inspired by a post I made to someone who was wandering off in various directions, confused.


Once we buy something, we immediately tend to look around to see if there is something better ("Grass is Greener" + "Buyer's Remorse" syndromes). When it comes to SBI!, there is nothing even close.

But you may not quite realize that yet. And it's just so darn easy to wonder/wander about "this idea from that guru" or "that sexy new get-rich-quick deal" that sounds so fantastic.

And then, of course, there is "FOMO" Syndrome (aka "Fear Of Missing Out"). If "Grass is Greener" doesn't get you, FOMO will! There's only one big problem...

Solopreneurs don't have the time to spend on low-yield chasing.

You spent a lot of time searching for the "perfect this" or the "just-right that." That's done -- you found SBI!. If you continue to search, you are no longer investing time - you are treadmilling on a never-ending quest-machine...

You found SBI!. Commit to it...

A clean, clear, focused start is so important for ANY business. That's why this post is my single most important piece of advice for all new SBI! owners.

It applies to everyone, actually. It's just that beginners
are most susceptible to worries and distractions.

Of everything I've ever written, this is the most important wisdom I can impart. Take the following "on faith" and you will do much, much better.

SBI! works... if YOU do it and work it. All you have to do is get "The Two F's" right...

1) FOCUS: Put On Your SBI! Blinders

You don't need anything else. Ignore the noise on the Net. You are in the right place.

The Action Guide is an info-spine. It leads you through the flawless, always up-to-date process of C Image T Image P Image M. It also sends you (if needed) to...

  • "the right article" in the TNT HQ (optional - follow if article is of particular relevance for you)
  • third-party services that are "off-core" to C Image T Image P Image M (it does this via the SBI! Resources HQ, which recommends best-of-breed third party resources that plug-and-play into SBI! - we receive no commission, instead often secure a discount for you -- this HQ takes only YOUR best interests into account).

So, everything, and I mean everything, you need is here...

Put on the blinders - focus 100% of your valuable time on what matters most...

2) FOLLOW the Action Guide

Follow it steadily, carefully, all the way through.

If you were to ask the Top 1% SBI! owners of what you must do to make your SBI!-driven business the success you hope for today, I guarantee you...

"Follow the Action Guide" would be the single most frequent piece of advice they'd give you.

Progress steadily through the Action Guide, forgetting the way you USED to work (repeating the same old way will only get the same old results).

Gratification won't be "instant." There may even be setbacks. What to do?

Relax. Breathe. Double-down on FOCUS & FOLLOW.

Nothing is nirvana, SBI! included.

When something goes wrong, and it will...

Relax. Breathe. Double-down on BAM.💥

Then move forward.

That is what the successful tortoise does.🐢

Wishing you the success you deserve,

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