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#96108 by ken-admin
Tue Dec 27, 2005 7:35 pm
December 27, 2005

Hi to all,

I'm starting this new thread in this Welcome Forum. It lists a very small number of threads that stand out as "all-time classics." I'll be adding to this slowly, very selectively.

The first two are...


Stay At Home Mums

The forums at their best, each post from a contributing stay-at-home-mom seemed to raise the bar higher than the previous. The thread soars to amazing heights. The net outcome?

A brand new site dedicated to work-at-home-moms ( ) and a WAHM Masters Course (being developed). If you are a stay-at-home-mom, or if you market to them, this thread is a must-read.


How I Found SBI!

People remember "where they were" when significant events in history occur. It seems that SBIers remember the day "the light went on." That in itself speaks volumes.

Some themes, such as the noise of GRQ pushing pre-SBIers to Sitesell, recur. This is especially valuable for any SiteSell affiliate who wants to earn income by PREselling SBI! to friends, family, as well as readers or visitors. I'll be doing an article on it shortly.


I'd love to include other threads such as the wonderful, current "Season's Greetings" from SBIers to Sitesell, for which I'll always be grateful. While it is personally gratifying, they have less value to SBIers themselves.

Others come to mind, too, but I have to be super-choosy.

Your time is precious. So for a thread to make the "hall-of-fame," most of all of that thread has to be original, contain tremendous lessons that are enduring, and be conducted at an even higher-than-usual tone.

I'm sure the above two are not the only ones that deserve inclusion. If you have candidates for the Hall, please start a thread in the Water Cooler and we'll see if any of them generate support from others.

To make the "Hall of Fame," it really, REALLY has to stand out. :-)

All the best,
#117767 by ken-admin
Tue Mar 07, 2006 5:25 pm
This one was written quite a while back. I happened to be in a Webmaster forum the other day and read a post that, once again, missed the entire point of SBI!. It reminded me of a post by Tony from [Domain Private]...

The myth is that "SBI! is for beginners." Maybe Webmasters feel a need to believe that, I don't know why. Maybe they have an innate need to make it harder than it needs to be. But Tony's post states, brilliantly...

Why a scientist and Experienced Programmer Chose SBI...

All the best,
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#117770 by ken-admin
Tue Mar 07, 2006 5:30 pm
Many newer SBIers may wonder where our mascot, the tortoise, came from. Here it is...

Colin's response was terrific...

All the best,
#168021 by ken-admin
Wed Aug 16, 2006 12:37 pm
The iDesign Too contest...

... shines as a testimonial to SBIers. An amazing thread with hundreds of Look and Feels submitted, tremendous and cooperative conversations, and flat-out hard work by all who participated.

The Net result? Some fame and fortune for the winners? Of course! :-)

But making SBI! better? Priceless for all.

This thread is a great example of the SBI! community at its best.

All the best,
#189568 by ken-admin
Wed Oct 18, 2006 5:23 pm
This thread is in remembrance of Philip, a testimony to the SBI! community, and a never-ending reminder of what we are all trying to achieve, at many levels.

I found this thread early, would read it some more when I saw it on my RSS feed, and was overwhelmed when the news came. I never posted to it, never wanted to ripple the magic that unfolded on its own.

The thread, which started out "I have to sell," took an incredible turn. Philip passed away, yes -- no fairy-tale ending. But the positive, forward-going plans of those who supported Philip towards the end gives us all hope that one day, all forms of cancer will be beaten.

Rest well, Philip. To everyone who contributed... you are amazing people. I am constantly amazed at what happens in these forums.

#231920 by ken-admin
Fri Feb 16, 2007 12:11 am
This one has resurfaced, and made me laugh all over again. I figured it deserves a HALL OF FAME mention to make it a little easier for future SBIers to stumble upon again.

If you need a laugh, and we all do, give this one a read.

SBIers are very, very funny people. :-)

All the best,
#231923 by ken-admin
Fri Feb 16, 2007 12:38 am
I didn't think a thread could ever beat the iDesign Too contest...

I was wrong. The iVideo Contest staggers the imagination...

130 pages, 140+ video submissions, insightful and creative discussion (we are still mining it for articles in TNT!).

I will, I think, always shake my head in amazement when I think about this thread.

All the best,
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#231927 by ken-admin
Fri Feb 16, 2007 12:45 am
This one is personal and means the world to me...

I've blogged about it... ... ise_m.html

I've blubbered about it... ... 423#218423

And of course, I really enjoy it, every day... ... 771#218771

I'll always be grateful... and amazed at SBIers. What a gesture, incredible.

All the best,
#266831 by ken-admin
Sat May 19, 2007 6:47 pm
This thread is perhaps the most cerebral, well-thought-out thread ever in the forums. I guess "money" tends to bring out the best in us... ;-)

Can SBI! Help You Turn Traffic Into Money Even Better?

Truly magnificent, the information gathered from all these super contributions (you'll find my periodic summary replies at several spots in the thread) will point the way more clearly for SBIers to convert all that traffic into money.

Most non-SBIers never have to worry about that final step -- they don't get the traffic. But this is a topic that we want to do better. So we'll be working hard to show you how to monetize as high a percentage of your visitors for as much $, fairly, as possible.

All the best,
#316379 by ken-admin
Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:56 pm
Where else would you see a thread like this one...

Wow! 43 reasons and then some to use SBI to build your site!

Paul, thanks for starting this one! It's one that future SBIers will get a lot out of! And your conclusion was superb... ... 014#310014

All the best,
#370309 by ken-admin
Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:26 pm
It all started with these words from Louann...

"I'm very new, very green and am not an expert." ... 669#289669

Since then, it's grown into a multi-threaded thread that's helped many SBIers get more out of their MKLs. It's been turned into a TNT article... ... 669#289669

And it just keeps growing and growing, occasionally summarizing along the way, such as at... ... 477#369477

... which includes more ideas and strategies.

Truly, this is an example of the forums at their best! :-)

All the best,
#379121 by ken-admin
Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:48 pm

Hundreds of Network Marketers opened their hearts and minds to the true story of MLM. This is perhaps the only place in the world where you get an accurate snapshot of the average ground level experience of MLM.

We all love to talk about success. But where would you find people who, without malice, report failure so candidly, each in their own way.

An invaluable education...

It is the foundation upon which we build a new and much better way to...

InterNETwork Marketing.

All the best,
#522867 by ken-admin
Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:18 pm
This one started with a simple observation followed by a simple enough question during October, 2008...

"What does SBI! mean to you in today's uncertain $ climate?"

For a summary of some inspirational posts, please see... ... 862#522862

A truly classic display of what SBI! and SBIers are all about, when the chips are down!

All the best,
#572998 by ken-admin
Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:32 pm
In just one year (January 2008 to January 2009), this has grown into one of the largest, most popular threads in the forums.

For anyone over 50, drop by and say hello... before you forget. ;-)

Seriously, it's a tremendous spot where we "Baby Boomers" meet and far surpass what I originally had foreseen when starting this thread after it became obvious to us all that the 50+ community here is vibrant, active, and moving ahead with life and SBI! full speed ahead...

Drop by and say hello. :-)

All the best,
#860797 by ken-admin
Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:46 am

It's been quite a while since I've added a thread to the Hall of Fame.

So I asked for suggestions over at this post...

MaryAnn replied with this suggestion...

The Twitter-Spammer, The NY Cab Driver, And YOU

MaryAnn wrote:Reasons... First, the depth of thought. And the sincerity of the posts. And the fact that we heard from people we don't often hear from AND that those posts were genuinely outstanding.

Derek's post so succinctly captured SBI: . I've re-read it several times now, and there is just not a single word that could be changed. That IS SBI.

I agree, MaryAnn. It's likely the shortest thread in the Hall. But the material is primo, the subject material important. The initial post started off as an innocent Sunday ramble. It ended up with your future, and how to take back control of it.

Thanks for calling it out, MaryAnn!

All the best,

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