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#105484 by ken-admin
Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:12 am
Hi to all,

Recommending new potential resources that would integrate well with SBI! is generally only permitted and entrusted to SBI! contributors who have made 200+ posts and who have developed a deserved sense of trust in the community.

Such posts should include cost (time AND money), who it's for (if not for everyone), how a product ADDS to SBI!, and therefore the additional benefits to be obtained. In other words, there should be a great ROI.

If the subsequent discussion is positive in the thread and if we really like the recommendation, it might even make the jump into SBI! Resources HQ...

Note that even with 200+ posts, you cannot recommend your own products, without prior approval through support (more info here). This is also the way you would go about getting your own product into Resources HQ.

What if you don't have 200+ posts and you have a burningly
good resource that SBIers should know about? Contact
SiteSell Support...

Refer them to this URL and let them know that you would like
to inform SBIers about a third party product or resource that you
believe is important for SBIers. Provide its name, the
above info about it, and the URL. They will refer it to the
person at SiteSell responsible for assessing possible new
additions to the SBI! Resources HQ.

There are several possible locations for such recommendations, requests for evaluations, discussions...

ADVANCED SITEBUILDING > Graphics, Images, Photos & Related Tools

ADVANCED SITEBUILDING > Integrating 3rd Party Resources

THE SBI! CAFÉ > Have You Heard About...



All the best,

P.S. It goes without saying, but I'll mention it anyway, no affiliate links. These forums are pure "help and be helped" oasis with 100% signal to noise ratio. For more info...

Bottom line...

SBIers are here to push C Image T Image P Image M forward, not to be pitched. Even trusted members of these forums must never "pitch the community."

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