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#1369364 by Mark from Northern Taiwan
Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:36 am
Laurel from Bruce County, Canada wrote:Mark do you think I should just send out 4 newsletters instead of ezine? or both somehow? I can not find that grammar error, I checks my side column and it says advice?

I thought ezine and newsletter were the different words for the same thing.

I think that sending out one ezine a month is good, but if you really find it hard to come up with ideas, then seasonal ones might be a good option. You could also send out extra ones if you needed to do inform people of something special.

The grammar error is near the bottom of the homepage:
Advise for Beginner Beekeepers
Beekeeping Philosophy"
#1369365 by Laurel from Bruce County, Canada
Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:58 am
Thanks for reading! That is a good idea as I was wanting to cover more now than what I just sent them but I didn't want to bother people either so I can send out spring advice, summer advice fall and winter advice and slip in any extra goodies, thanks tons
#1369366 by Laurel from Bruce County, Canada
Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:02 am
I am getting such good ideas! Between running everything here, having a two year old full time, lol, my mind gets so mushy...thus wanting to sell this site.... You guys are awesome for taking this extra time to help...
#1369376 by Cath, SiteSell Content Team
Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:04 am
Oh Laurel!

I am soooooooo pleased to hear about your success! That's why I love these forums. It's such a great feeling for the rest of us when we're able to help turn something round. If it would help, once your course(s) are ready, ask us to cast an eye over them. Often, a fresh pair of eyes will see things you don't see yourself.

If it would help, take a look at my [url=[Domain Private]/incubate-chicken-eggs.html]sign-up page for my chickens e-course[/url]. It's a really simple set-up. I don't "do" hard! As you'll see, I provide all the information on my site but I get sign-ups for this all the time. People want info in their inbox, they don't want to have to find it for themselves.

I use Aweber to send out this course, because they have a very simple way of doing it. But you can also do it with Mail Out Manager to avoid any extra cost.

As Ken would say... SIDEBAR...
Susan - about eating chickens - I never eat my own, because I can't bring myself to. I live in rural Italy which has been a very poor area, and people here keep animals for what they can give. So here, yes they do eat their hens once their laying lives are over, and re-stock with new layers the following year. But it's entirely a personal thing.
End of Sidebar!!

Go for it, Laurel! And please keep letting us know how it's going. It's brightened my day hearing your good news! :D:D

#1369400 by Susan from Ash Flat
Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:57 pm
Thanks Laurel and Cath for the info on eating v not-eating the chickens. Sorry to take this off topic but that's another great thing about this forum, nuggets of wisdom and knowledge on just about everything can be found here :D:D

Laurel, you're doing amazing! You've got so much stuff humming along already I just know you're going to be super-successful with this website now :)
#1369442 by Susan from Ash Flat
Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:47 am
Also Cath, just wanted to tell you that I love your chicken site. So friendly and info. packed. Your voice is great :)
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