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#1373836 by David from California
Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:21 pm
Moderator, move this post wherever, I couldn't figure out where it fit in.

I couldn't find a recent thread Google translator. I used to have it but it seemed to slow down loading.

Now I have installed it again but put the code where it will load toward the end.

What is your experience with Google Translator? Any increase in traffic from other languages?
#1373848 by Stephen from Monroeville
Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:29 pm
Hi David

Google translator
i haven't used google translator code on my sites yet ... i don't think that would increase traffic though (because it wouldn't make the site get indexed in other languages) .. it may be useful for a few people who want the page translated who arrived at the English site

I have friends who speak in other languages and they usually laugh at what google translator does ... it seems good for single words but not so good for sentences

Building traffic in other languages
But on a separate point about building traffic in other languages .. I've had success in this .. This method is getting each page translated

... a few years ago I put part of a site into Spanish and it increased well .... and now about 20 percent of the visitors are from spanish speaking countries .. and also the` ads pay well as many are Spanish speakers from the USA ...

I think Spanish is a good language to consider ... I also tried French and Dutch .. Spanish waw the best for that particular site

I found it easier to rank in other languages due to lower competition

In future I'd like to try and hit the Chinese market .. anyone have a Chinese website ?

By the way .. the cheapest places for translators I found are from upwork
#1373993 by David from California
Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:30 am
Hi Stephen,

Thanks for replying. I am mainly thinking about Spanish, too. Basically, as you said, so that a Spanish speaker can get some idea of what the site is about - lots of photos, so it holds attention that way.

Fortunately, I am fluent in Spanish and have worked as a translator. Unfortunately, I don't have time to translate 2000 pages.

I really don't think at this point that it would be the best use of my time, so I'll put something in the head about "Please excuse the awful computer translation". Hopefully that will get translated correctly LOL

It would be nice to get an increase in traffic by doing this simple step.

One of my (and others') biggest concerns is that GT also translates the links. So a link to would get translated and not make much sense.

I'll see how it goes and hopefully someone will have some firsthand experience to share here.
#1374718 by David from California
Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:09 pm
I had the GT on for short time but it seemed to mess up my C2 submissions. I tried submitting just by chance and got an error message something like "Google translator not found on this page" and couldn't submit the C2. So I immediately took it off and haven't had time to figure out why that was happening.
#1374727 by Gerhild from Just like Oma
Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:00 am
Yes, I've used the GT code for a little while, but when I looked at the translations, (since I can speak both German and English) I realized that often the translation said the exact opposite of what it was supposed to. I removed the code immediately.

Yes, I would like to have our ministry site in three languages right now, German (which is what it's in), Portuguese, and English (which I could do, but don't have the time.) Having native translators is so important. There's not one translation program I've come across that really does a 'perfect' or 'close to perfect' rendering of the original language. And having a site with 'mixed messages' doesn't sound very professional :?

Looking for 'perfection' too ... :lol:

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