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#1375134 by Samson from Lagos Nigeria
Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:31 am
I want a affilitiate tracking script / software I can use to manage my portacabin affiliate program.

I want to offer a simple 2-tier affiliate program.

level 1: 5% of sale price
level 2: 2% of sale price

I will pay affiliates by direct bank transfer. And I want to be able to cross-off payments that have been made so affiliates are not paid twice for the same sale

There will also be a product page that list all the products and their prices.

I should be able to create product categories and product pages for each product in each category.

When the customer clicks the order button, he will be taken to the checkout page where he can see the order and checkout.

After clicking checkout, he will be taken to a page where he will see the company's account number to pay for the product.

Customers pay for the product by bank transfer or offline cheque.

The admin should be able to approve a sale. When the customer pays for the product, the admin approves the sale and associated commission is posted to the affiliates involved.

We offer discount for certain purchases when negotiated by potential customers. When we offer a customer discount, the admin should be able to remove the value of the discount from the price of the product before posting the commission percent to affiliates.

Which affiliate tracking script do you recommend I use?

Which one are you using if you have a self-hosted affiliate program?

I need a reliable software with good customer support.

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