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#1370986 by Surinder from Goodfield
Sat May 13, 2017 8:46 am
Hi Guys

Can anyone quickly guide me if I have done this correct.

My software salon booking company wants me to access my dna settings so that we can add "online booking" to my sbi website.

Here is what he told me to do

"can you ask your web hosting company or whoever has access to the DNS records for [Domain Private] to create an
‘A’ Class Record suggest name it ‘bookings’ or ‘mycolaz’ and point it to the following IP Address:

That way when we publish the links the url will be something like mycolaz.[Domain Private] for example..."

So what I did is go to infinit it and added the following

Subdomain Name bookings
CNAME Provider

IS this correct?

Any help or assistance will help please

#1370988 by George from
Sat May 13, 2017 10:29 am
So what I did is go to infinit it and added the following

Subdomain Name bookings
CNAME Provider

IS this correct?

No, this is not correct. Infin It! only supports "CNAME" record, not "A" record -- which is what your provider (Salon Precision?) is asking for. And SiteSell doesn't give SBIers access to manage the DNS of their domains, so you can't add an A record yourself at all.

I'm sure the moderators will respond if Support can handle this manually for you.

If not, there are ways to work around this.


If your salon software is an online service, chances are your booking service is already available at some temporary address under the service provider's domain (eg If this is the case, it is this address that you enter into Infin It! as the CNAME PROVIDER.


If the above is not the case (eg if this is a software installed on a dedicated server or PC at your salon), then you'll need to use an indirect method, leveraging your existing domain you used to setup your STORE and BLOG Infin It! subdomains (

You'll first go to your external host (BLUEHOST), navigate to their DNS manager, and setup the "A" record mentioned by your salon software company. You'll setup an "A" record mapping like this: =>

Next, you'll setup CNAME mapping in SBI Infin It! to map to the actual address on your SBI domain that you want people to go and book (eg booking.[Domain Private]). In this case your CNAME PROVIDER is

This should do the trick.

To summarize:

1) Find out from SBI support if they can setup A record for you, as you cannot do this yourself in Infin It! (Or wait till a staff or moderator responds here).

2) If above is not possible, inform your salon software company that your website host can only do CNAME mapping, not A record, and find out if there's a sub-domain you can map to. This sub-domain from your salon software company becomes your CNAME PROVIDER in Infin It! (If they offer any solution with a cost, decline it and move to 3)

3) If both options above are not possible, use your existing as an intermediary as described above.
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