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#94276 by ken-admin
Mon Dec 19, 2005 12:56 pm

Troy wrote (in Teens and Twenties thread)...

Troy wrote:Headed to Costa Rica huh? Is it one of those study abroad programs or just going out there on your own? Either way sounds like a nice way to spend the cold winter months :) .

Heh, there should be a whole seperate thread somewhere of 'How I Found SBI', it would certainly be interesting to hear how everyone discovered SBI :) . I actually found SBI while looking for something totally different, an actual legitimate listing of wholesale suppliers that small businesspeople could use. I was trying to gather resources to recommend to people to help get them going on the right foot with their online stores. I actually even found it at Worldwide Brands.

More importantly, while reading through some of their back issues of newsletters I came across a more or less offhand reference to SBI. It looked mildly interesting so I shift-clicked it into a new window to look at later.

Troy, brilliant idea!

I'd love to hear how folks found SBI!.

What's YOUR story? Where were YOU when you first heard about SBI!. :-)

All the best,
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#94294 by christina from Alfá
Mon Dec 19, 2005 1:59 pm
My short story is that I was searching for Business/grq scams in order to avoid them and I came accross a site that had sitesell as NOT being one of them, I really don't remember where.
I did not even bookmarked it back then, but I remembered the name. I started by reading the free ebooks, I registered as an affiliate, then I bought all the rest (mwss,mwks,mwws etc) and finally got SBI.

#94306 by Ann from Passadumkeag
Mon Dec 19, 2005 2:34 pm
I first came across SBI last year, when I was looking for ways to get into ebay (having read about all those folks who made it big through eBay).

As you'd expect, the search for ebay-related stuff opened up the world of ecommerce, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, etc. (which came in full force with all the hype, noise, scams, etc. etc.)

I came across Sitesell through one of the affiliate marketing gurus (I don't remember who). I liked what I read, I liked Ken's message, the sincerity, the solid results, and more. I bookmarked it, but didn't buy it immediately (since it wasn't exactly what I was originally searching for).

Still, I kept on researching and researching...until I got so tired with all the hype and gurus who only wanted me to buy more stuff. :x I even bought into one of those $999 - $3,000 emarketing courses. I took a hard look at these and gave up - demanded refund - (as they are all about selling me more stuff).

I was getting tired of researching (and the hype of internet marketing), wanted to give up doing business through the net all together. But thank God, I remembered Sitesell and decided to read its case studies (and more case studies) and then its free books and soon, I'm hooked. :lol:

There was no turning back. I stopped reading all the daily guru emails (which were totally stressing me out), and only read Ken's. I gave up the idea of selling in eBay (maybe that'll come later).

But thanks to Ken and Sitesell, I've discovered new things that I'm truly passionate about...and I'm slowly turning those into SBI sites. :D

Yup, I guess you can say that all the hype (from the other internet gurus) pushed me to SBI. It served as a peaceful refuge, where I can totally focus on what I want instead of worrying about the 'next big thing' in internet marketing (which luckily it provides, anyway...and that's a big bonus!).

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#94310 by B from Altmünster
Mon Dec 19, 2005 3:03 pm
My story is really boring. It's not even a story, only a name. Allan Gardyne. Became an affiliate, immediately realised this is It! and here I am :D .

I signed up as an affiliate just as I became really disillusioned with the GRQ idea that was my first glimpse of the internet. This was about 6 weeks after buying my first computer and first time ever connecting to the Net. Writers newsletters, that was all I was reading. No thoughts of internet marketing.

Actually, I remember stumbling across the the main SBI page once before I came across Allan, but I didn't have a clue what it was talking about. I didn't know the difference between a website and a webpage and a blog and what a server is or a pop up or anything.

I remember kind of hanging around, like something was telling me that this was something good, but I just couldn't understand what it was all about...

Must have been just after I stumbled over this free GRQ course that started from absolutely zero. Over the next weeks it tought me just enough about what is involved in becoming successful to realise that I wouldn't be. That it would take me years to learn all the technical stuff. Like how to design a darn template to start with, how to submit to SEs and how to make a site map to submit to Google and how to work out how many keywords on a page and where and, and, and. And I would have to buy this amazing tool and then that and then that and another amazing ebook...

Hmmm, this is becoming a story, isn't it?

Well, I never fell for the GRQ thing. Didn't spend a cent. It was pretty obvious that it wouldn't work. But learning how it is supposed to work made me understand what SBI offers. When I came across it again I got really excited. I still waited for a few days, thinking may be I'm just falling prey to the supersmartest marketer of all. Then I figured so what, I may as well learn from the best :D

And then, once I had it I realised that I hadn't understood what it offered. I had understood maybe 20% of it, and that alone had seemed well worth the price. Every new module that I came to use was just absolutely amazing. To me anyway. And just when I think I've seen the lot you throw in a few more...

I'm so looking forward to the upcoming releases...

#94331 by Michelle from Terence Bay
Mon Dec 19, 2005 4:57 pm
This is a fun thread!

My SBI! journey really begins about 3 years back...long before I even owned a computer. I attended a "Millionaire Minds Intensive" weekend seminar. Put on by Harv Eker to examine the "psychology of wealth." It was during the brainstorming on ways of creating passive income that I first heard the term "internet marketing", which I dismissed as something reserved for "business folk"...surely not me who had to book computer time at the local library in one hour chunks if I wanted to surf the net. Boy does an hour go by fast online!

But the idea of passive income stuck. Creating something that would make money whether I was putting in physical energy or not at any given time. And the concept of a book for people about how to do their hair took hold in my mind and wouldn't let go. When I finally did get a computer, it was on a goal-setting forum that I'd been visiting where one of the members contacted me privately to tell me about SBI! and how it could work for me. I had spent some time exploring other people's ideas on how to market my having an ezine, and had been gathering links and snippets of instructions. All the information melded into a big confusing mish-mash of stuff on my computer and I was no closer to having a starting point.

When I surfed onto the SiteSell site, and all the information was just laid out there for me, it was a great relief. Finally, I could focus. I downloaded the Action Guide and started reading right away. And the woman who referred me sent me her password and username so I could visit her Site Central and get an idea of how things were set up. I was soooo trepidacious! Didn't want to click on anything, afraid I'd cause some irreperable damage. LOL!

A few days after I purchased SBI! and started building my pages, the forum opened and a flood of maverick souls from around the globe with their unique site concepts and experiences, came together. Amazing timing! I hate to think of what my site would be like without this forum.

Now my mom has started a website on her passion (sailing) and my husband and I are contemplating 1 or 2...or 3 more. Yes...he likes seeing that money roll in. :D

#94335 by Sally from Jamesport
Mon Dec 19, 2005 5:22 pm
My story sounds pretty close to the ones already posted but here it is. I believe the first time I heard of SBI was through Alan Gardayne as well but I am not exactly positive of that. I came accross Alan and another site called Successnet by Michael Angier about the same time.

Then one day The 5Piller club was introduced into my mailbox. I had signed up for the affiliate club before I even knew what affiliate clubs were. To be honest the emails were soo long and I was so new to the whole internet marketing that I set them aside for later reading. I remember getting the first newsletter that said Introducing the 5Piller Club. I still have it on disc somewhere I think 8)

In all the time I kept getting the emails from the 5Pillar club I kept trying other options. (silly me) I have dabbled in ebay auctions, tried other marketing free sites, had an angelfire site that never got off the ground. Even had a yahoo store that sold a total of 3 items. I got suckered inot a web hosting site with credit card machine and all kiinds of stuff I didnt understand and realized right away it was going to cost me a small fortune to begin this free site.

And all the while I kept getting those little emails from the 5Pillar Club telling me I had dedicated rr urls. I think I was afraid to check them out. Seemed like so much to take in. But finally I decided it was time to give them a look. Boy could I kick myself for not going their first.

Sometimes the best is right under your nose and you don't even see it. Even after a few tentative peeking in and leaving and reading all of the SBI sites. I think my first purchase was the Make Your Conten Pre Sell. I just kept reading (and still am) all of the information. There is just so much of it.

Finally last year at Christmas I took the plunge and bought my first sight. Even then I had so much to learn. Thank you Ken and SBI team for giviing so much. This is by far the best business program available. No hype, no GRQ, just honest to goodness pull up your sleeves and make it happen!

Glad I finally joined.


[Domain Private] where things are bloomin right along!

#94344 by Ken from Raymore
Mon Dec 19, 2005 5:49 pm
I think it was in the fall of 99 I was in my backyard splitting firewood for the winter. At lunchtime I came in for some soup and a sandwich. I sat down to eat in front of the television and an infomercial was on talking about the fortunes being made in affiliate marketing, whatever that was. There was a free seminar coming to a city near me which would totally explain the whole concept.

I phoned the toll free number and booked a spot for myself and a friend. The next month we travelled to the daylong seminar to learn about this new idea. The speaker was one of those guys who could fire up a room in no time flat. Pretty soon he had everyone in the room (about 200 people) all excited about GRQ with affiliate marketing.

Near the end of the seminar he told us that they could teach us everything we needed to know and it would only cost about $3000 for the weekend course. But they could only take about 10 people from this room. People were trampling each other to get to the back of the room to sign up.

Fortunately I didn't have the $3000 to spend so I went home and started searching on the new computer I had bought a few months before. I'm pretty sure I ended up on Alan Gardyne's site just about right away and the names that kept coming up were Ken Evoy and Cory Rudl. Being very cash poor at the time, Ken's site seemed to provide the most information at the best price. Most of it was free. I took as many of the free courses I could and signed up for the 5 Pillar Program. I then bought MYSS and MYKS.

At this time, SBI was still being developed and tested. But Ken was sure teasing us about it and I could hardly wait. I got on a waiting list and checked my email constantly looking for the launch announcement. The minute it came I bought our first site [Domain Private] which was registered exactly ago 5 years today. We now have 4 SBI sites although only the one has a decent amount of content at this time. We are slowly working at it though.

#94353 by Audrey from Kimberly
Mon Dec 19, 2005 6:24 pm
I went to a workshop for self-publishing authors. I hadn't planned to go because I thought that self-publishing was much too hard, but I sat next to tteh presenter at a pot luck dinner and he was one of those can-do people who just answered every one of my objections, although by the time I got home I couldn't remember one of the details. I just had this sense of "This is possible."

It was only as I walked across the field to the school that I realized I was already a self-publishing author because I put out a newsletter for Grade one (first grade to Americans) parents.

At the end of the presentation, Paul Blakey, the workshop leader, had information about Sitesell. I was on the verge of publishing an alphabet book and in the back of my mind knew that "all writers need a Web site." One of my first editing clients had just put up a site of about 5 pages that cost her $2000. The price of SBI was certainly right. On top of that, Paul made the point about traffic and how SBI helped you get traffic. He shared his own google rankings and I was hooked.

Going through the first DAYS sortetd out for me that instead of setting up a site to sell THE BOOK, I should set up a site to sell my editing services. I had just begun editing and realized that since I live in a relatively remote place I could attract clietns from around the world on the Net.

The rest, they say, is history.

Except for that alphabet book. My new deadline is December 28, years past my original date. But the way of the toroise is true for excellent writing and the research has been fascinating. I may very well use the book for my second site since I know now that diluting a site with too much extraneous stuff isn't a good idea.

#94366 by Matthew Santi from Edmonds_deleted_1
Mon Dec 19, 2005 7:16 pm
Well, great forum idea! Cool. Yea well, I'll admit it. I signed up for SBI I think about a year ago and played around with it as if SBI were a toy. So, then of course, I thought in my head this isn't working and asked for a refund! Now who does that?!? This guy (how do you point at something on the computer?).

I even bought a package from some other guy that included something like 10,000 articles that were available for reprinting on the web. Then all I had to do was slap adsense on and see the bucks roll in. Boy was I wrong!

Then over the summer I dropped a few grand into another online business that completely bombed. My focus was totally in the wrong direction. I was in instant gratification, self serving, got to have it now, get rich quick mode. Most of those Internet Marketers are great at stirring all of your emotions on a sales page!

So then, the last two months, I remembered SiteSell and went back to the idea. Just what if it would work? Just what would happen if I put the brain into formula? Hey and voila, the magic begins. And to finish this little saga on a very positive note, instead of asking for refunds like in the past, I have bought two SBI subscriptions for two ideas brewing in my head.

#94392 by Lesley Pinkett from East Devon
Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:56 pm
I used to subscribe to a printed newsletter which, about 18 months ago, had an article about making money using affiliations.

I'd never heard of this before but as my husband was already running a website for someone he was interested in adding to his income. He lets me do research and find all the links and then reads and gives an opinion. :?

I did some Googling for "affilitate" and came across Alan Gardyne's site and another one, can't remember the name.

Various clicks later I landed on Site Sell.

As someone else has already said I liked all the free stuff that's there. I downloaded the Affiliate Masters course, printed it out to read while I was travelling on the train and I was hooked.

I knew that this system would work.

I bought my first site in July 2004, about a month after I first came across Site Sell. I was very, very impressed with Judd's offer to phone me and answer my questions, that email sold me and I went ahead and bought the site anyway.

With hind sight I wished I'd taken Judd up on his offer because he's a very experienced SBIer but it wasn't that long afterwards that the forums opened, so I had plenty of help from everyone else.

My first site wasn't a tremendous success, but my second is building nicely and I've got several other ideas in the pipeline.

Lesley in Devon

#94407 by Chris from Falling Rock
Mon Dec 19, 2005 9:56 pm
I came across Site Build it several years ago and did not know it. I had subscribed to a "Big" Internet Guru's E-books who shall remain nameless. He has a recent book dealing with many streams of income.

Several months after buying the e-books a member of his staff calls and talks about helping us build a website if we were serious about becoming successful. He told us that after six to eight months the website would be bringing in an income, guaranteed. He suggested if we wanted to see an example of what the website would be like, go to [Domain Private] . He proceeded to tell us the story of Nori but never mentioned Site Build It.

To prove our seriousness about becoming successful the Staff Member wanted us to put $2500 on a credit card (OPM) to the Guru’s company that we would start paying off immediately, then finish after our website started making money. We were totally blown away with Nori’s site but could not in good conscious put $2500 on a credit card. That would be OMIOPH. (our money in other peoples hands)

Needless to say we did not do business with the Guru. This past summer while searching for an internet business I came across Site Build It after one search led to a site that led to a site………

Fortunately I paid regular price and will be able to expand to multiple sites to have “Multiple Streams on Incomeâ€
#94412 by Leon from Atchison
Mon Dec 19, 2005 10:28 pm
I'm a big Robert Kiyosaki fan - the guy that teaches you to think like the rich, and not like the middle class and poor (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

Anyways, he mentioned in one of his books that he went to Toastmasters to gain confidence and public speaking skills. So I thought, "Well, if its good enough for this multi millionaire, I'm sure I can give it a go". So I signed up for Toastmasters to gain confidence and improve my public speaking skills.

It was around my third speaking assignment in Toastmasters when I decided I want to speak on this topic of financial education (the aim of Robert Kiyosaki's books) and the rat race.

So I did what any respectable Net user would do, I googled 'rat race' (without the quotes) for material for this assignment. A further query was 'getting out of the rat race' (as 'rat race', by itself, is also the name of a movie), which led me to a forum. In this specific forum one member asked what a typical day looked like for the 'experienced' AM'ers now that they're out of the rat race. I can't remember what forum it were, but I still have a mental picture of the forum: life on an exotic beach (maybe this was influenced by the answers to the forum post ;) )

AM? What was that (by this time my search for rat race has gone of on a tangent as so often happens)? So I googled it again 'what is AM'. Got a definition which seemed to fit: 'affiliate marketing'. I googled that and came across Sitesell's affiliate marketing domain page. Less than a week later I was the proud owner of an SBI package (with three months bonus subscription). This was around September 2004 (maybe someone can enlighten me as to when this special actually ran).

For a torturous two months I read the Action Guide and did brainstorming once a week through a friend's internet connection (it was the days of the old SBI Manager and our firewall at work didn't want to allow the it through and I didn't have access from home). Then, as I went to my parents for the Christmas holiday, I finally registered my scratchpad domain - [Domain Private]

By that stage I had found a topic that I thought I'd be reasonably interested in that seemed to be somewhat profitable. And as I was anxious to start, I told myself "lets just get started, even if it isn't wildly profitable, I can use this as a scratchpad to learn what works and what doesn't, and then do it better sometime in the future".

Well, it's now been a year and my scratch pad ain't doing too bad :)


#94421 by Michael D from Tyndall
Mon Dec 19, 2005 11:16 pm
I was looking for rocks when I found SBI!

Yup, rocks.

In the winter of 2004 my business collapsed and I was looking for something to do. A friend of mine told me one day when we were having a few beers about how he sold gems and crystals at a flea market here in Vancouver. He did quite well, but got out of it. I thought " hmm, I can do that on the weekend" so I went to the net and started looking around.

I remember coming across a website for a gift store somewhere in the US. They sold lots of things and I remember as I was going through the products on the site it kept taking me to another site. I thought " what's this?". That's when I discovered you can sell other's products on your site, or affiliate marketing.

So I thought since I like to spend time on the net maybe I should maybe I should investigate this affiliate marketing thing further. That's when Site Build it! found me.

I found Judd's sites. That didn't sell me. I read all the case studies. That didn't sell me, even though it all made logical sense to me. I read everything I could find about Ken Evoy. That didn't sell me, but it continued to make sense. I read everything I could find about Site Build it! and Sitesell which still didn't sell me even though it kept making more and more sense to me.

I downloaded, I think it was the free trial action guide which I think has changed now. I also subscribed to the 10 day email course which didn't sell me either although by this time the philosophy behind it made perfect sense to me. It wasn't until I did the excercises in the email course that I finally said "enough, I'm buying it!", and I did and I've never once regretted it.

All I do know is look forward.

I never did find those rocks.


#94425 by Larry Chamberlain from LONDON
Mon Dec 19, 2005 11:40 pm
My path to SBI was a pretty common one I guess.

The Affiliate Masters Course. What I was searching for when it found me I can’t remember. But it was free, and I liked that ;)

Naturally the pre-selling of SBI within the course tempted me to check it out which I did many times over. Should I? Shouldn’t I? I liked the sound of it, but it cost a bit of money honey.

I did end up buying MYSS and was even more impressed. I didn’t know what to expect from an ebook, I had nothing to compare it with, but somehow I knew that MYSS overdelivered.

But I still did not have a site. So I checked out hosting etc. I’d have to learn HTML – oh dear. And how to FTP, didn’t like the sound of that (and still don’t!)

And so . . . back to that SBI page. :)

Hooked, happily hooked, ever since ;)

All the best to you.
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