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#1285480 by MJ from South Sutton
Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:30 pm
"The Place For Friendly, Business-Building Discussions."


Welcome to SBI! and to the SBI! forums!

We're glad to have you!

You'll see that we're most of us an awesome group of folks here who want to see you succeed! There's lot of us from all over, different parts of the world, which makes it really cool to learn of different words, phrases, customs, etc that we all share here.

We all make this truly, one of the best forums you could happen upon. You'll even see Dr. Ken Evoy himself here, participating just like the rest of us! (He'll tell you that these forums are one of his most favorite places to be!)

Did you read through the entire Welcome Email that Ken has sent to you? :-)


So a few things…

First, please know that this forum you are currently at is called the Introduce Yourself! Forum.

That basically means you say "Hello!" and we say "Welcome!" :-) By all means, please do have a look around here and see the variety of ways that people introduce themselves here at these forums.

So again, if you haven't yet had a chance to finish reading Ken's Welcome Email to you, the first thing you want to do is head here:

1. Ken's Forum Must-Read Guidelines:

These Guidelines are not here to make you nuts; they are here to ensure that these forums run as smoothly as possible.

2. THEN , if you are new to forums in general, here are tips to help you along the way:

plus a truly inspirational introduction here:


3. Just a few Basics to Get You Started:

I. Tell me when there's a response to my post, please!

Many new members who arrive here, start a introduction post, and then we don't see them again til months later! :-) A simple click on a checkmark at the bottom of your post will set that correct!

a. You can ask for your specific post to notify you when there's a new comment by checking here:


b. OR, you can be sure that all of the threads that you post at will let you know when there's a new post by going into your control panel and clicking here:


c. Now, sometimes there is a thread that you want to follow, however you did not necessarily comment in that thread. Some folks will leave a comment at the thread saying something like, "Bookmarking this thread" or "I don't have a comment, but I wanted to leave one, just so I'm notified of a new post to this thread." No need to do this! (This also bloats the said thread.)

Simply scroll down to the bottom of that thread and look for this (says Subscribe Topic):


Voila, now you'll always be notified of new posts to any thread you want, and without having / if you don't need to leave a comment. :-)

IV. Reporting An Unwelcome Post :cry:

Someone said something really rude/nasty/hurtful/harmful; a member said something I think is dangerous to others' success; a member is breaking the Forum Guidelines with his/her post -- how do I alert the moderators or the admin?

*Look at the dropdown gear icon across from the subject of the post. Select "Report this post* from the dropdown.

Moderators are not always able to catch everything (sick, vacation, travel, etc), so this is a huge help on your part. Thank you!


4. The Importance of First Searching for Your Own Question! :mrgreen:

If you've never been to a forum before, especially an instructional type of forum, here's what happens…

Folks will ask the same questions over and over. Which is totally to be expected! (They are where you were, several months or years ago.) However, again, instead of bloating the forums with the same exact questions, please have a look at each forums FAQ's first.

Typically, they are listed in the Sticky sections at the top of each forum.

You'll find that OFTEN, your question is there, answered, and even expanded upon!

You'll also find helpful questions and answers that you hadn't thought of!


5. What to Expect When Asking A Question Here At These Forums

Ok, so you looked all over for your question, but you don't see your question, nor anything similar when you search!

So it's time for you to post your new question.

Important note...

Please be aware that the SBI! Forums are a privilege and not a right.

I. If You Don't Receive A Response to Your Post

Some folks get pretty frustrated when they don't get an immediate response to their questions.

a. Please know that while a lot of your posts will typically get answered right away, there will be times when you may not get a reply as quickly as you may want or need. There are also times when you receive a reply that might only answer some of your question. Everyone does the best that they can.

b. So even though you may see that 15 people have already viewed your question - they may not know the answer. (They may have the same question, and are checking the thread to see if there are responses yet, like you are.)

Yes, we are definitely here to help and be helped, but of course no one knows every answer to every question.

c. It's also possible that there is someone out there who knows the answer to your question, but hasn't visited the forum in a few days to have seen the thread yet.

So please give it time.

d. There is also a time when no matter how long you give it, it most likely won't be responded to. This is typically because your post is in the incorrect forum or thread.

(This non-response may also happen if you hijack a thread, meaning, an interruption being made by a question that is asked in the middle of a thread that someone else started.)

This is because as per the Forum Guidelines, we all try our hardest to keep these forums as neat and organized as possible. This helps with making it easier / more efficient for everyone to find the information that they need here. So be sure to check that you've posted in the appropriate forum.

And don't worry if you accidentally or unknowingly post at a forum that doesn't fit. A moderator will come along sooner or later and move it for you. :)

So here's your reminder to check your posts at the "View Your Posts" section, just in case your post was moved!

II. Bumping A Post

Some of the forums here move very quickly, garnering lots of posts each day. This will push down the previous posts, and eventually knock them back pages and pages into obscurity.

If you have a post or thread started and you still feel that you need (or want) more feedback, opinions, or comments -- but you find that your thread or post has been 'buried' onto the pages before it -- simply 'bump' your post.

If you are not familiar with this forum term, it means that you draw attention to your post/thread again by posting something new to the bottom of that thread. Doing this will push your thread back up to the top of the most recent posts.

This way, people who haven't seen your post before will now see it this time around and perhaps can help.

You only need to say something like, "I'm bumping this post to see if anyone else has feedback"... Or you can restate the question(s) that haven't been answered ... Or you can ask for clarification on an answer that was posted.


6. Awesome Immediate Resources You Can't and Mustn't Ignore

You don't want to miss these resources, so be sure to visit them at least once per week! Lots of gold and jewels there!

I. Tips and Techniques (TNT) Headquarters

II. Resources HQ

III. Ken Swears by... Search It!

Search It!

And he isn't alone. It is an awesome tool!

7. Please Note Especially

Please do not mistake this entire post for the Forum Guidelines. As noted above, the forum guidelines are here:

However, here are some top aspects to please be mindful of:

I. Please Keep Forums Positive

No, this isn't the Stepford Forums, and yes, there are places to vent here amongst our business brethren and sisters (sistern?), but please let's not get nasty! Let's also remember that this is a family-oriented forum where teens also visit. With that in mind, please have a look at this post:

II. Bad Forum Advice and How It's Handled

III. *No pitches in sigs

We members come here to get away from all the distractions of being sold to day in and day out.

So please be sure not to use words in your forum signature that will distract and call another member to your website:

IV. Affiliate Links/Product Mentioning

Most of us are here to earn money. A small number of folks hope that they can simply stick an affiliate link to their posts and or signatures and grab commissions from us forum members. Not cool. (And what if it's a terrible product that leads a new member off into something business-damaging?)

Moderators are pretty cool around here, but it doesn't make them happy to remove sneaky affiliate links.

Read more here to be clear:



8. Want to start a poll?

Sure, just ask!

You can simply ask the moderator of that specific forum to help set it up for you. :-)


9. Lastly, how to get quick service to other questions or challenges

*SiteSell Support:

Support FAQ:


10. No Need to Shy Away!

I know I said lastly was #8 above, but this one is also important to leave you with:

Some folks keep very quiet at these forums because they don't want to appear foolish, or fear that they have nothing 'worthy' to add, while some don't want us to see their incomplete sites yet, etc etc...

Most of us have heard in school that "there's no such thing as a stupid question". And so it's true here, too. Your question can always help someone else - and so will the answer(s)! :lol:

We welcome your posts!

So please know that No Superpowers Are Required Here: :D


So, again, WELCOME to SBI!, The Amazing Action Guide success blueprints, and the Awesome folks here who make this forum what it is "The Place For Friendly, Success-Focused Discussion".

So click this link here, and start typing to Introduce Yourself! :)

And remember - if you've any questions - just ask! We're always happy to help you!

Best wishes to you!
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#1308991 by MJ from South Sutton
Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:54 pm
Remember- if you've any questions - just ask! We're always happy to help you!
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