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#1377680 by Ian from I'm not sure :)
Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:56 am
Hi Guys & Girls, I have a need to share this with my fellow SBI members as SBI has been one of my most interesting business/personal growth areas of my life, however today I am writing this post with tears in my eyes because this is probably one of the hardest posts I have ever had to make.

Last week I was diagnosed me with Stage 4 Lung Cancer that has now spread to the bones and liver. We are going to go for another scan today to see if it has spread to my brain (I hope not, that would really make it hard for me to type I imagine).

I have to say that it has been a real emotional roller coaster ride as it is non-curable and all they doctors say is that they can do is make the final trip more comfortable and try to increase the quality of life).... yeah, not really the news I was looking for.

For my own mental sanity, I have joined a Cancer Forum so that I can share some of my medical trials & tribulations with others Cancer Survivors & Caregivers to help me navigate this difficult time.

Anyways, I will try and make the best of everything as I always have, but I am at a SBI dilemma that hopefully some of you can help me with?

My questions are: what do I do about my SBI followers & website readers, I don't know whether I should let my readers in on what is happening?

Questions like:

1) I will eventually have no choice but to transfer the site to Linda, so they will know and she can continue running it forward. PS: Drugs can help with physical pain, but hugs & emotional support are AMAZING for the soul...thank God that Linda is here, she is my rock and angel from heaven... xxx

2) Now about the website, do I keep it a secret till the end, or do I mention it now and try to do a smooth transition so Linda can benefit from some of the auto-pilot continual income that I have built?

3) I imagine some of you may all ready know, but being sick like this entails lots of medical/travel expenses etc... I have lost lots of time from my site in the last few months due to being ill.

4) In my message to my reader's, do I mention it that if they want to make a donation to help with some of the medical costs it would surely relieve some of the financial burden...?

5) Do I do some sort of webpage/C2 Content page to keep my readers updated to my LC journey? Or do I just make 1 mention of it in my About Us page?

Hmmmm, life is always full of questions... lol

In closing:

Anyway's, it's 4 am and I couldn't sleep, so I am just hoping some of you with experience can let me know some of the Pros & Cons of how to deal with this?

PPS: Life is a really cool journey, and like a roller coaster ride, "what goes down, will eventually rise again"... :)

Thanks of taking the time to read my long post.

Sincerely, IAN.
#1377691 by Adrian from
Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:07 pm
So sorry to hear this Ian

I cant imagine how difficult it is for you to be dealing with this. Thank God you have someone who loves you to help and share your trials with. I dont think I would be able to handle a diagnosis like this in such a responsible way.

I think telling people about it in your AboutMe page is a good strategy. But beyond that I think the site is a separate entity. It will go on if there is somebody to maintain it who cares about it and wants it to continue.

Eventually all our websites have the potential to outlive us and continue to provide help for generations to come. Even if unaltered your site is your legacy and your love and attention will shine through for decades after you are gone, cancer or not.

#1377693 by Deb from
Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:16 pm
Hi Ian,

I am not even going to try to offer advice about transitioning your site in these circumstances as I really don't think there are any right or wrong answers. Do what feels right to you.

What I did want to say though is that I am very sorry that this is happening to you. I can't help with the drugs but I can send you as many virtual hugs as you need (and a few extra for good measure) and I know there will be many, many more coming your way from all of the people here.

Seems an odd thing to say in the circumstances, but please look after yourself Ian. Time to put yourself first, and any time you need hugs just yell out.
#1377698 by Cathy from Francitas
Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:14 pm
I am so sorry to hear the news. Inexplainably difficult to say the least. You ask some tuff questions. I agree with Debs in there are no right or wrong answers. You have to follow your gut.

I think much depends on the relationship you have with your readers. If it's a one sided conversation Adrian's suggestion may be appropriate (if it feels right)

If you are having tons of two-way conversation on social, then it seems more fitting to spill the beans, introduce Linda and bow out gracefully.
My prayers go out to you and yours,
#1377718 by Susan from Ash Flat
Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:23 pm
Ian, I am so so sorry to hear about this, sending hugs and prayers your way. I can't even imagine what you are going through trying to process all of this and my heart hurts for you.

As for your website, I think what you do/say depends a lot on what you WANT to do/say. Our websites aren't the run-of-the-mill impersonal sites that dominate the internet but are labors of love and almost part of the family. We share our stories on our 'About Me' pages and use our life-experiences to build our businesses.... our visitors almost feel like friends.

So... share whatever you feel comfortable sharing, wherever you feel comfortable sharing it.

As long as Linda intends to keep your website going in the same way you have your visitors will continue on happily and don't necessarily need to know that things might change... but sharing what is going on in your life, and more if it may impact them, can't be wrong, in my opinion anyway.

Do whatever feels right to you, I doubt that's steered you too wrong in the past.

Hope I'm not overstepping here and you didn't ask for any input on your health but I am a huge proponent of natural remedies, alternative practices and an open mind when it comes to our own bodies and their ability to heal.

I am adding a couple of links that may be of interest to you and concern Vitamin C as a cancer fighting agent. I also belong to a Facebook Group which is a wonderful resource for Vitamin C use and also Orthomolecular Medicine (which centers on nutritional supplementation) There is a lot of info. there about fighting cancer and I thought it might be interesting to you. It's a closed group but I believe you can just ask to join. If not and you're interested I could find out for you. ... tem-cells/ ... 083940.htm

This is the FB group: ... malhealth/

I hope you don't mind, these are included with the best of intentions!
#1377719 by Jeff from
Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:34 pm
Hi Ian. I'm sorry for the pain, and the sadness and other emotions, you're experiencing.

If I was in your situation, I'd tell them I was very ill, but probably not go into the details. What I'd do first though is set up a GoFundMe or other funding account. Then invite readers, friends, relatives, etc. to donate there. GFM takes a cut, unfortunately, but this is a way to keep your site about your site, and personal life personal.

I hope your remaining time is filled with the joy of having family and close friends nearby.
#1377727 by Elly from
Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:39 pm
Oh Ian, what a sad post. I am so sorry you and Linda, are having to face this.

It sounds like you've only just received the diagnosis. It's a huge shock. I suspect you're 'all over the place'.

I get that you want to take action, to get things 'sorted'. However, if I were you, I would hold off making any decisions - if you can - for a couple of weeks or so. What you decide in the middle of a crisis may look very different even a few days down the road. You'll probably find that you'll know the answers to your questions.

Take good care of yourself.

#1377735 by Mary from
Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:50 am
Hello Ian

I'm sorry to hear this news. I know you are devastated and so is your entire family. My prayers are for you all. I had read your post a little earlier and wanted to think about what to say to you. The first thing that came to my mind was what Elly mentioned. Wait to make your decisions.

We here, are glad you wanted to and did share this bad news with us. We are intimate here. But, with your website visitors it may be different. If you wanted to make a little announcement when Linda takes over your website I think that would be appropriate. Like Jeff mentioned, you can keep your website business and personal stuff, personal.

Remember when our beloved Mad Guy, Paul Ellis announced his situation. His friends here wanted to hear from him because they cared. Same with you. We care!

I also think the way Jeff suggested setting up your GFM would get more results. Because your family and friends (that includes us) would share your GFM account on socials.

I would think hard about sharing my illness on socials, too. Without going into all the details, I saw the followers of two accounts and their engagements, dwindle down to almost nothing. They both went into detail about their illness because they wanted to help others. I'm sure that hurt them badly. It broke my heart.

The cancer forum was a good place to start. Wish I had known you were up at 4:00 I would have sent you a hug. Because I was, too.

These are my opinions and I wish you well in making the right decisions for you and Linda at this difficult time. I pray for you to have peace and painless days as you continue on your life's journey.

Sending prayers and (((BIG HUGS))).

#1377743 by Mary from Mico
Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:28 am
Oh, Ian and Linda!

I am stupefied.

Ian, you've been so full of life in these forums. Even our children know of you as they love the little guy waving on your right nav (well they're eight years older now, but they still recognize your site).

Search for your site? All I have to type is ALL (to get past Alexa).

Your questions are so excellent. Me? I think that letting some of your visitors in on at least some of the secret is a good one, yet maybe leave off the details so you can introduce and edify Linda. Focus on building a beautiful story of her behind the scenes support, "living the life", and her "know how".

Introduce her to your best customers and long time visitors, especially in your ezine. You do not have to say much about yourself, simply show how she has helped you so much. I agree with Adrian and Sue that sharing negatives can have a negative effect on traffic and trust and I know you do not want that for Linda. "How's this guy going to help me?" "Will he be here when I need him?" We here at SBI want to know, but most buying customers cannot afford to risk losing your advice.

I also think that Adrian is right that you've set up a legacy and that posting some of your story on your About page can be a good idea. It's a great place to pre-promote Linda. Maybe promote Linda now and let her tell some of your story later as she builds it into her own story. I know you'll always be part of the story for her and your website. You are here.

Do talk to Support as they may have practical ideas, too. I trust Ken and co to keep your site intact as needed. They can let you and Linda know what to do to keep your site running while you two are too busy living the rest of your life. Right?! :-)

Waiting to make some decisions might not work with lung cancer. It can kill fast, so focus on the most important things like God and family first. The rest will work itself out as time goes and Elly's right, we shouldn't make important decisions in emotional moments.

Sometimes it's good to have no negatives on a sales site. Jeff's idea is a good precaution. It's often best to keep business and personal separate even when we're in good health.

I so support Sue's natural remedies suggestion: ESPECIALLY sunshine, fresh air, exercise (rock that rocking chair and see how hot and oxygenated you can get your blood! hold those back muscles straight and tight), NO white sugar/carbs, plenty of nutrient dense food and good water. I watched my sister die of cancer treatment and they never once told her to stop the sugar….. I asked her explicitly.

I'd add the Banerji Protocols for cancer (homeopaths in India – AWESOME and scientific in their approach and where I'd look first).

You are both included in my prayers and in our family's daily intentions. May God grant you the strength to do what's most necessary before Him and your dear family. I'm already edified by your post and how you're thinking ahead for Linda. Tell Linda I am edified by her care for you and that I look forward to seeing her here.

Thank you again and again for your many helpful posts in these forums. Even in this post you've got helpful ideas for us to consider. I look forward to any posts you are able to make and, when the time comes, I will miss your tenacious and cheerful BAM! Tell Linda that we look forward to hearing from her now and in the future!

[I've edited this now four times. Decisions? Pray first. Do the best you can and you will have done your best.]

Sending hugs and prayers,

Kevin, Mary, and family

MaryF – Who wants to know how MaryO is not 4.0 anymore. Sending prayers your way, too.
#1377747 by Cath, SiteSell Content Team
Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:25 am
Hi, Ian,

I am so terribly sad to read this, and echo others' thoughts for you and for your family.

You've had some excellent advice here, and I'm not going to repeat it. I would say, though, that whatever decisions you make about your business, think about how they may impact on your time with your family and loved ones, and on your own levels of energy. You come first. Everything else can be dealt with in due course.

One further thing I'd say too is, please let Linda know that we in the forums are here for her. They're not only a place for business discussions. They're a place where we share, when the time is right, personal achievements and individual sadnesses.

We will be here whether she needs the business, the personal, or both, and we will be here at any time of the day or night -- there is always someone up and about on the forums.

I send you my thoughts and as many virtual hugs as can possibly fit into the internet ether.

#1377754 by Ian from I'm not sure :)
Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:29 am
To all of the SBI's that responded to this post like Adrian, Deb, Dee, Cathy, Debs, Jacki, Susan, Jeff, Elly, Mary, Mary, and Cath...

It constantly amazes me at the amount of wisdom and generosity that you find in these forums, as the people here are truly giving of their experience and insights. Thanks a million for taking the time to give me different perspectives that I could not possibly see at this time of my life.

--- Now back to the post (in no specific order) ---

Some of the things that I was able to pick up even after reading the thread a 2nd time (it's hard to read though tears...), is that there is No Rush.... (just so happens to be the name of our houseboat).

1) I do have a newsletter going out this weekend, and was trying to see if I should include this in there. I have since decided to "breathe through the nose, and relax, than think first". Thanks SBI... :)

2) Even if I did do a "donation page" it should be on a GoFundMe page as to separate the business side from the personal side... I now realize that I will spend my time "edifying Linda" on how to take over the website (and add her twist to it). Thanks SBI :)

3) I had to use the dictionary to find out the full meaning of "edify" and think that I need to produce a small "game plan" on how to get Linda up to speed on eventually running the site (on a minimum level), and also to integrate her more in the coming future that she can put "her special WOMAN'S twist" and even out the balance on this "male opinionated/dominated" site.... lol

4) I have now heard of different ways to treat this with traditional medicine, but I am also open to reading and seeing how NON-traditional treatments and am starting to look into different options.

5) I have found out that time (stop, sleep, and think) does seem to take out a lot of the bumps & potholes in road of life. So I do need to spend some time for myself, and plan a successful transition to Linda so that she can truly & easily benefit from All About Houseboats.

6) I do appreciate the facts about sharing too much on social media sites about our personal/medical side, it can have a negative effect on our reader's (even if we do it to keep them informed).

7) And then there is always SBI Support & the SiteSell Pros that can really pull through in situations like these to help transition a site from one spouse to another. There is so much that needs to be done, but first things first.

--- In closing ---

You have all added to my day being brighter, and helped me tremendously in realizing that we are all interconnected in this world by one way or another.

Already, I know that I have done the RIGHT THING by sharing my personal side of my life with such an amazing group of individuals.

Many thanks, and what a coincidence, it is now again 4:30 am and I think I am sleepy enough to go back to bed.
#1377758 by Mary from
Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:38 pm
Good morning, Ian!

What a beautiful post. Thank you. Keep us updated and please post your GFM info here when it becomes available so we can help you promote it. If there is anything that comes to your mind that we can help you with, please post that here.

Please know we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


Thank you!

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