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#1387710 by HERMAN from Awendaw
Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:23 pm
I joined SBI! the first time in January, 2003. At that time I was marketing Voice Broadcasting Software and Website Maintenance, Repair and Protection Software. Even though I used the support services, I had the idea that I knew better than them; after all, I worked for a Website Redevelopment Corporation for Professional and Trade Association Websites.

In 2009 <=> early 2010, I was just about to become profitable and was realizing 375<=>450 unique visitors per day-from about 45 different countries; then my 88-year-old Mother became critically ill and even though I had been her '[b]primary caregiver.[/b]' since January 2006, and was working part-time from her home, I realized it was time to step up to the plate. I was the only one with medical experience, having been a 'Combat Medic' and 'Surgical Technician for 2 years in RVN. My experience came in handy for I had to 'bring her back' twice from frequent asthma attacks she had.

So, I had to dismantle my website and devote 24 x 7 care to her; i.e., 'life stuff got in the way.'

After she died in 2011 and I attempted to live with my son, I returned to Houston because of my dependency upon the 'Flagship Hospital for the VA,' Michael DeBakey Medical Center, for my health. Unloading my property from a storage container I realized I had enough 'Paper Trails' to write a book and that's when SBI! came back to my mind.

So, I restarted my site in 2014. This time instead of pulling a domain name 'out-of-the-sky' I actually used the 'brainstormer' software and came up with the name * I then found a nature photographer in Kansas who does a lot of 'wheat-field' and other natural photographs. My Father's heritage is 'Germans-from-Russia' Mennonites, so I had a natural website theme that I could start developing and my 'secondary website theme' will be centered around my RVN Experiences and subsequent battles with Graves Disease and Agent Orange.

This past week I finally got smart-after 73 years-and engaged the SBI! professional coding staff (SiteSell Pros). I had previously used a service out of England and although they did a good job of publishing professionally looking headers for my site, I learned that they were continually trying to convince me to change hosting-development companies, despite the number of times I told them I was committed to SBI!

      My point(s) to all of you
who are just starting off, have become frustrated-perhaps even quit, or who have 'come-back' to the SBI! family for you learned there isn't any better hosting-development company:

1) Trust what the support staff tells you...
2) Don't overlook the Coding Department, they can Really Help...
3) Don't give up-Regardless of what 'Life Issues' get in your way; remember the[b] story of the Tortoise [/b]and visit my site to review the similar story of the 'ponyhunter.'
4) [i]Probably during the first quarter of 2018, I'll be ready to do some 'Value Exchanges,
' so come back and visit my site...
5) Take care of yourself-although retired, I am more excited about my life at age 73 than at any other time with the exception of when my son and daughter were born and when I came home from da'Nam for the last time in May, 1971.
6) Develop a 'WHY' Goal: Although I am living comfortably with my VA/SSA checks, I remember what my daddy used to tell me: "Remember Son, what the government giveth, the government taketh away-even more quickly!" So my 'why' is to replace my government incomes and to remember, that with SBI! I don't have to worry about finding another "J-O-B!" either full or part-time.
7) So Keep in mind, developing an e-commerce site with SBI! is the perfect part-time gig and with all the 'Baby Boomers' that are now retiring and looking for a way to supplement their incomes or who are worried about their SSA and Retirement Incomes, what other retirement vehicle can they commit to and have control over their income(s) levels? Plus, they don't have to leave their apartments or homes and can set their own hours; many days I work on my site until 0300<=>0400 and then sleep from 0500 to 1300 or 1400 or so. Where else and what else can they do that will provide them that type of schedule? BTW, I was born in 1944, making me a WW II baby and was 24 when I was drafted for duty in RVN.
8) I have Finally found my 'Round Tuit' and expect 2018 to be my break-out year; I hope and pray you do the same.[/i]
9) F-I-N-A-L-L-Y: Remember Winston Churchill's first speech to the first graduating class from Oxford after WWII: He came to the speaker's stand with his famous 'half-finished' cigar in his right hand; gesturing to the audience he said, "ladies and gentlement-NEVER GIVE UP!" Then he peered over the audience again and said: "Did you hear me, I said: 'Never Give Up.' Silent again and gesturing one last time with his cigar he said: "Are you listening to me, I said: 'Never-Ever-Under any circumstance should you ever give up!' Then he turned around and walked off the speaker's stand.
10) As Prime Minister Churchill Said: "Never, Ever, under any circumstances should you ever give up!!!"
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#1387711 by Kim from SiteSell Support
Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:43 pm
Hi Herman!

It's nice to see you in the forums. What an uplifting and fantastic post. You certainly have a very interesting and exciting story to tell.

You've found a great group of friendly, knowledgeable and caring SBIers who are here to help if you have any questions or concerns.

I wish you much success on your SBI! journey.

Best regards,
SiteSell Support Team
#1392022 by Victor from Belleoram
Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:38 pm
Hi Herman and good luck

I couldn't help noticing your Germans from Russia Mennonites description.

I'm in Canada but my Grandfather on Dad's side came from that type of situation.
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