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#1392079 by Dee from Cape Cod
Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:34 pm

Hi Sam -


Samuel from [NO DOMAIN YET]-[West Norwood] wrote:Finding it quite bewildering with so many places to visit on this site. I'm sure I'll find my way around in time

We've all had that feeling at one time or another. I can assure you, though, you absolutely will find your way around, and it'll get easier as time goes on. :wink:

If you haven't done this already, you might want to watch/read the Action Guide all the way through ... not to actually do any of the steps, but to get a sense of the "big picture". Having a general idea where the whole process was heading made it easier for me to wrap my head around each individual step in the process. Hopefully it'll work that way for you, too!

As you're working through the Action Guide steps, take it slowly and don't skip over anything. When you get to a step or a concept you don't fully understand (it happens to all of us!), don't hesitate to come to the forums. We have a great community of experienced SBIers here who are happy to help whenever possible.

I wish you lots of fun and success with your new online business! Enjoy the adventure!!

Best Regards,

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