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#1369266 by Timothy from Glen Hope
Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:57 am
I made this new page and thought 'I am the man.' Then I realized I'm 5 years late. Someone else, surely did this a long time ago. What am I thinking? I could do something better than the last guy? After some research It occurred to me that 'yeah, maybe I could, If I tried.'

Here is what happened to me. I'm following this forum thread about image size and placement and making it bigger. Then I discovered a jQuery plugin called 'BookBlock.' And thought this could be big, if It were more modern. I wondered if it I could make it website and mobile app responsive. I thought 'yeah, It just needs a little work.'

There I was again, making a digital tool that nobody knew about. It's called 'Bookblock Tutorial, responsive jQuery plugin.' I made a bookblock tutorial with instructions on how to integrate the source code into your website. Here it is: "[Domain Private]/bookblock-tutorial.html"

I would appreciate some critique of this page. Cause I know it could be improved, Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

#1369269 by Jacki from Macleod
Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:45 am
Timothy from Glen Hope wrote:I would appreciate some critique of this page. Cause I know it could be improved,
Great page - but what is it? I would dumb it down a bit, and make it so that your visitor says, oh I have to have that! What's in it for the visitor?
#1369273 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:20 am
Timothy from [Domain Private],

Sorry Tim, I had to go look up what 'BookBlock.' actually was :roll::roll::roll::?:shock:

Oh, so that's what it is.

Now why do I want to add that function to my site :?:


PS: Clever how you did that page flipping 'thing' :D

I didn't realize that those were the arrows I needed to click onto to do the 'fipping' :D Sorry bit slow today :(


I read now that
Or use as an image gallery.

Tim, more Me rather than You

What's in it for me needs to be more highlighted. :D
#1369395 by Timothy from Glen Hope
Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:21 pm
Jacki, Marylyn thank you for your input. I reworked the page a little bit. Less 'I' and more 'you.' I added a couple paragraphs telling about what it's for. But am still not convinced I got it right.

Me thinks I am approaching the tutorial from the wrong angle. Like Jacki says maybe I should dumb it down. I'm sure she means for me to look at it more from a users point of view. :wink: Not to use less intelligence.

My first impression when I visit the page is spot on for what I wanted. Finally a tutorial for uploading this tool. However I did not get the impression that what I am looking at is a cool tool that looks like a book. So today I think I'll try to get the look and feel of the page smarter looking.

I'm thinking a graphic design the shows the book aspect more clearly. Like a mobile responsive container surrounding the plugin. That would be cool. Make the book area actually look like a book. That would be novel.

#1369399 by Jacki from Macleod
Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:55 pm
Ah, that makes it a bit clearer. As soon as I see jquery and plug in, my brain freezes up!

PS: I figured out what the arrows were for, but they only flip one way, and won't go back. Some tweaking needed, maybe?
#1369411 by Leslie from High River
Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:03 pm
Hi Tim. Very cool thing.

To make this page better I think you need to start with a short explanation of what it is. IOW don't bury that after telling me how to download and modify the app.

Then say this is an example of how it works... take me step by step - tell me about the arrows below the "book". Tell me to click them to see how the pages turn. By the way It worked back and forth for me when I tried it so you might have modified it or maybe Jacki has a glitch.

Then ask me if I want it and give me directions on how to download and modify it so that it's responsive.


#1369428 by Elizabeth from Chatham, Kent UK
Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:10 pm
Hi Tim

I'm not sure what a book builder is I'm afraid and I don't know if I need one or how I could use it.

I wonder if you could do some photos or short video demonstration of how it would benefit?

Unless your site is 'techy' and people know what they're looking at when they come to your site, then ignore me.

It looks very cool to be able to make an Mobile App.


#1369438 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:02 am
Finishing the week today. Need to focus on personal stuff going on now.

Managed to get all the Tier 2 pages finally re-written. Let's hope that they all are 'Ken' worthy now. Learnt a heck of a lot during these past weeks and I am sure that the information now provided, will be of more value to a visitor than what was there in the past :roll:



I don't know how many times I read a sentence like this on a majority of the older pages ...

Melbourne is such a great city, with so much to see and do


I think, on one page, I said that 3 or was that 4 times :!::!::!:

I almost fell asleep reading some others

Cleaned up a few of the intro pages that lead to C2 submissions. Hopefully these will re-activate :)

Managed to do a little Social Media study and have bookmarked more articles to read. Probably do this today and over the weekend rather than do prac' work on the site.

These articles look really interesting to read ...


and last but not least ...

All written by Mike Allton

I hope to pick up some great tips etc and work out a follow through action or set of actions that will work for my 'Online Business'


To those who know the story of my Brother and his struggle with Cancer,

My little Brother is in his final stages with his wonderful wife by his side. He is in a deeply induced coma and is not in pain anymore.

Now we all wait to hear the final word.

Very sad and heartbreaking but he is no longer suffering. Lying there very peaceful in that place somewhere between here and where he is traveling to. His final adventure.


#1369453 by Pamela from soupsofine.com
Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:36 am
Marylyn from family-getaways-Melbourne.com

I'm sorry to hear that your brother is in a drug-induced coma, but it sounds like a wonderful blessing for him. Wishing you and your family comfort and peace.

Jacki from drought-resistant-plants.com
I just signed up for your newsletter and pinned a couple of your site's images to my Patio Pinterest board. I also downloaded your SucculentID app. The images in your photo gallery have beautiful colors. Now I need to plant some succulents!

#1369456 by Mary from Mico
Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:37 am
Oh, Marylyn.

I am so sorry for your brother and all of you. Do keep sending nice notes that your sister-in-law can read to him or get on Skype to talk to him. They say that the hearing is the last to go. Let him know that God loves him dearly!

Sending hugs and prayers,

#1369470 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:10 pm
Thank you everyone :(

Sadly, my little brother lost his battle tonight. He passed away peacefully in a deep sleep. He will be missed terribly, the potential of him still lingers in the air. Gotta ask, "What's it all about, Alfie?"

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