... SOME fabulous-sounding product or resource that could be of use to your online business? Here's the place to share something new that's NOT yet in the HQs yet. ...UPCOMING conferences and get-togethers being held near you? Mentorship threads? (ex., WAHM, 20 something, 50+ and more)?
... BUSINESS for sale? This is the place to buy/sell businesses! :-)
SBI! builds businesses with real value (EQUITY) - there have been sales with valuations in 6 figures here! Please read the Buy/Sell Guidelines in the FAQ first (requires use of the official template).
... If you "heard about it" and it fits one of the above, post it right here!
... NOTE: Please post challenges in the most appropriate forum for your challenge topic. Thanks very much.

Moderator: Antoinette from Bedford

#1371245 by Mary from Mico
Tue May 16, 2017 8:53 pm
Hi Cat,

Please do not over-do this! Especially with the added pressure of your husband's job situation, you're under a lot of pressure. I hope your recovery is fast.

Be careful. We like seeing you here.

#1371270 by Theona from Maple Shade
Wed May 17, 2017 1:41 am
Hello everyone.

My goals for this week are to:

-Complete one page
-Fix breadcrumb code for at least 10 pages

I have been working on a couple of other pages which I managed to publish today. Here they are.

[Domain Private]

[Domain Private]

I'd really appreciate any feedback you guys can offer me.


I'm glad you're back in the forums and I'm sorry to hear about your health issues and your husband's job situation.

I admire your work ethic.
#1371280 by Mary from Mico
Wed May 17, 2017 5:12 am
Hi all,

I'm doing wedding this week, but also leaving a document open to try to do a review of SBI.

That'll be my page this week. :-)

#1371283 by Pamela from soupsofine.com
Wed May 17, 2017 5:26 am
Juri from plainlight.com Congratulations on being named Tortoise of the Month!

You are amazing. Sending you warm wishes for a speedy recovery and a new job for your husband.

Goals for this week:
1. Complete breadcrumbs for all Tier 3 pages
2. Start up a business Instagram account and link to Tailwind
3. Publish a new content page

Have a great week,
#1371513 by Marianne from Mclaren Flat
Fri May 19, 2017 5:44 am
I'm doing wedding this week

Just wanted to say to Mary...
I hope you enjoy the special wedding this week and all goes smoothly.
Have fun..
#1371593 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Sat May 20, 2017 5:38 am


Who was it who shared their amazing 'Social Media' check list?

I need to look it over and see how I can tame this beast I have been working on these past 2 weeks!

My bottom is getting numb for all the time it's spending on the chair :!:

6051a0ffa42079a55c0babf75c8bc92f_-topic-computer-stuff-for-computer-grandma-clipart_490-484.jpeg (71.33 KiB) Viewed 575 times

#1371720 by Pamela from soupsofine.com
Sun May 21, 2017 11:46 pm

Hi, Everyone!

Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
You wrote:

Who was it who shared their amazing 'Social Media' check list?
I hope you received the answer.

Mary from [Domain Private]
I hope the wedding was wonderful!

I haven't seen a call for Accomplished Goals for the Week, but here are mine:
1. Finished Breadcrumbs for Tier 3 pages
2. Edited some text color in a handful of last week's PDFs and reloaded.
3. Set up my Instagram bio, etc.
4. Studied the set of SBI articles in Tips and Techniques providing guidance on successful Instagram posts
5. Started the recommended research of two top competitor's Instagram posts in an effort to write (as the title states) my best possible Instagram post. [urlhttp://sbitips.sitesell.com/how-to-write-best-possible-instagram-post-1.htmlurl]
(I haven't finished, but so far the task has been more fun than I expected.)

Until later, :D
#1371726 by Jim from Helm
Mon May 22, 2017 12:53 am
Finally finished a page [Domain Private]/growth-stock-investing.html (it was raining today so I couldn't mow the grass) and cleaned up some pages.

Next week:
Add affiliate links
Work on top ranked page that does not get the clicks
#1371728 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Mon May 22, 2017 1:23 am
Hi Pamela,
Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
You wrote:
Who was it who shared their amazing 'Social Media' check list?
I hope you received the answer.

Nope :(


The Past Weeks achievements ...

- As far as work on my online business goes- was able to write a Solo Build It! review and I am in total shock as it appeared on Google's Search Engine results within 2 days of sending it out live. Search today shows the review showing up on page 2, Bing has the review on page 1, page 2 on Yahoo search and Safari page 2 of results. Is this correct :?:
- Been heavily investing my online time in exploring Social Media
- Interacting with new followers, especially on twitter.
- Keeping my 'Buffer' and 'Tailwind' feeds stocked with content to schedule. This is going to be quite an effort to try and keep this filled I think - (hence my question, regarding who it was, who suggested a disciplined weekly plan)
- Making graphics for media posts - of course I spent far too much time playing with Picmonkey, didn't I :roll::!:


Putting up my Goals for the coming week as I might forget and Tootsie is cracking the whip :!:

Tootsie is such a hard task master!
tzMdpbWGT2-14.png (28.33 KiB) Viewed 487 times

- Getting Newsletter ready to publish
- Complete the 2 pages I have to edit that have been sitting on my desktop for 2 weeks :!:
- Select keyword and start to write a new page/ choose images and hold it in 'draft' till completed
- Continue to build my Social Media Online Presence
- Add more content to schedule with Tailwind and Buffer
- Figure out a Weekly Plan of Action regarding this greedy, time gobbling, Social Media Octopus :!::!::!:

Greedy Octopus!
timeinmybelly.png (127.66 KiB) Viewed 487 times

Hope everyone's week was great and looking forward to reading how it went.

I think Cath is back, hope that she had a decent break and is refreshed and raring to go :D

Have a great week everyone.
#1371780 by Cat from glutenfreehomemade.com
Mon May 22, 2017 5:50 pm
Hi Everyone,
I really struggled to accomplish my deeply pared back work schedule this week, while trying to convalesce and dealing with the fall-out from my husband's second job loss, but I did get it done :!:

In addition:

    1. Remodeled and added new breadcrumbs code to two other webpages
    2. Scheduled Hootesuite tweets for the next month for all my websites
    3. Caught up on email and correspondence for GlutenFreeHomemade.com

Dear Mary,
Sending kind thoughts your way for a wonderful wedding outcome. <3

Hi Jackie, Julie, Mary, Theona and Pamela,
Thanks you so much for being there for me! I'm making a come-back, albeit a slow one.

I've been building my online businesses with the goal in mind to make some extra income for when my husband retires in the next 3 to 5 years. Right now, he's up against age discrimination in the work place, which is making us rethink our original retirement strategy. Though he is working hard to secure more work, the reality is "retirement" may have been forced upon us at an earlier date than we had planned.

In the meantime, please be assured I am taking as good care of myself as possible and won't resume my "work ethic" until my body is ready to handle it.

Talk about "Work Ethic"!

Marylyn, Pamela and Theona are ripping!

What I'm up to this week and part of next:

As part of taking care of my-self, we're regrouping by stepping off the high-speed merry-go-round called life for the next week or so, to enjoy the great big beautiful world God created and to bask in the warm sunshine. 8)

During this time, we will work in a photo shoot for an upcoming road trip guide book--we love playing with our cameras! :wink:
#1371811 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Mon May 22, 2017 11:05 pm
Hi Cat,

Wow, that's a lot to contend with. I would say that the time off will be well and truly utilized. Enjoy yourselves thoroughly :!:

Great page, by the way. Left a comment on it as well.

Curious - I see that you use Hootesuite, do you use Buffer as well by any chance? And again, wow, to the months worth of scheduling. Do you use graphics for all those posts/tweets etc?

#1371977 by Mary from Mico
Wed May 24, 2017 5:43 am
Hi Marianne, Debs, Pamela, Cat, and all!

Thank you so much for your good wishes for the wedding. It was super nice with many great moments. Whew! We've had our first and I'm wondering why I was worried. I'm only just now getting back to the internet. Still putting things away – must turn to thank yous and photos next – when they return from Ireland. :-)

Pamela!!! I am so glad you've finished your breadcrumbs! I'm still only 1/3 finished at best. I've been at this since December – or so it seems…. Congratulations!

Cat – I am so sorry to read of your husband's age discrimination case. I remember when my Dad faced that in the mid 1980s. It turned out good for him, so I'm sending a prayer that this turns out well for both of you, too.


Me? This week? I've updated one page already; yet also want to post the SBI review that I drafted last week, so that's my priority this week.

Other than that, we're focusing on family till we're all back to busy with life.

#1372364 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Mon May 29, 2017 5:19 am
It's Monday down here in Awestalya Mate, so I'm posting my achievements for the past week and the goals for the coming one.


Managed to get my May Newsletter out http://www.family-getaways-melbourne.com/Melbourne_Getaways-melbourne-news-may-2017.html

June's newsletter is going to focus on Winter in Melbourne. Hopefully there will be a new T3 melbourne winter 146 110 1327

There is plenty to do in Melbourne in Winter, so content won't be a problem. I have already made up a Melbourne Winter Pinterest Board https://au.pinterest.com/travelmelbourne/melbourne-winter/ and populated it with some good pins ( I think anyway :D )

I will have more of my own pins to add, once the page is up, that I can use when I promote the page on Social Media.

Talking of Social Media ...

I have invested my time heavily this week into building new traffic to my website, using Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Facebook and Instagram.

I've gathered some statistics and from what I can see, my efforts are beginning to show positive results.

The site's traffic at this time of the year usually falls away, however it appears to be increasing.

May Traffic from 2008 - 2017

May Traffic from 2008 - 2017
2008-2017-01.jpg (116.38 KiB) Viewed 372 times

What a difference a day makes :D

Traffic change from previous day - note the increase!
May-29th-2017-02.jpg (36.06 KiB) Viewed 372 times

Total Visits - 16,333 on the 29th May
Total Visits - 15,763 on the 28th May

Not the figures Jacki pulls but I'm working on it :D

Increase of 570 in the 24 hours.
I like that. The only thing I'm doing differently is spending a heck of a lot more time and effort in the Social Media arena.

If I am reading these statistics correctly I would expect that if I am able to keep this sort of activity up, or at least refine it into an ongoing daily strategy, then I would expect the figures to increase.

I'll watch to see how my Twitter Following increases over the next couple of months. At the moment it is ...

Twitter Following 29th May 2017
twitter-following-29thMay-2017.png (47.7 KiB) Viewed 372 times

I'm not following everyone who is following me. I'm noticing where my followers are coming from and what sort of follower I am attracting. Appears to be a demographic I am not used to (more professional B2B and Social Media followers), however, all these folk love to travel. I am working on the presumption that some of them will, even if they are not at the moment, be interested in Melbourne as a destination to travel to :roll::D:shock::lol::lol::lol:

Here's hoping that I'm doing this right :lol::lol::lol: It's like wandering around in the desert, talking to yourself most of the time.

Using Tailwind and Buffer to schedule my post and tweets and pinning. Really does help. I'm slowly gathering 'Evergreen Content' to push constantly. I would think in 2 months, that I would have content continually going out that I can TWEEK if necessary, that way freeing up my time considerably.

Never ending, this business of Online Businessing :roll::shock::D


Never got an answer to the question regarding a Social Media Weekly/Daily Plan of Action.

I'll have to eventually come up with my own plan I think :( When I work out what works and what doesn't :!:


Goals for this coming week

- Write up Melbourne Winter T2 page and publish it
- Market it through my chosen Social Media platforms
- Keep on top of Scheduling Pins, Posts and Tweets adding new content into the funnels
- If I have the time, review 1/2/3 pages and clean them up

That's it for now. I'm off to have a cuppa and some time away from the computer.

I have to make my bed but I don't really know why!

Make your bed Maz!
ks783.jpg (48.35 KiB) Viewed 372 times

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