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#1365434 by John from Bedrock yabadabadoooo
Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:37 pm
I bought this site just over a year ago from another SBIer (See here for original post https://forums.sitesell.com/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=219238&p=1343948#p1343948). The only thing mentioned in that post I didn't get from seller was access to facebook page but only had 31 likes and wasn't worth pursuing.

For various reasons I haven't had time to work on it and it's been untouched since I bought it. Haven't even changed the google/amazon IDs so seller is still getting the income! I have lots of other sites and this one is no longer one I wish to spend time on updating, although I still think it has lots of potential for growth given the right owner. I've been sitting on it hoping my daughter would take it over but she's busy with her own enterprises.

1. I certify that all claims be the truth and in writing, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (For example, if claiming 100 visitors per day, include how many come via the Search Engines).

2. I certify that all content is original and created by the owner.

i) If that is not the case, please explain in detail.
All content was created by previous owner (see https://forums.sitesell.com/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=219238&p=1343948#p1343948)

ii) If you don't know, ADD a declaration that you do not know if the content is original and that the buyer, therefore, is buying it "as is" and s/he assumes all risks that the content may contain non-original material, in whole or in part.

3. I certify that the site for sale is over 6 months old and has more than 40 pages.
Site is 6 years old and has 100 pages excluding C2 and admin pages.

4. How old is the site? When is renewal due?
6 years old. On monthly renewals

5. How many pages are there?
100 pages excluding C2 and admin pages.

6. Traffic
i) How much traffic?


ii) How much is from the Search Engines ?
The vast majority

iii) Was it hit by any of the Panda algos?
iiii) Was it hit by any of the Penguin algos?
iv) Did any traffic return after?
See original post at https://forums.sitesell.com/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=219238&p=1343948#p1343948

7. Is the site built with SiteBuilder's block system (BB2), SBI! uploaded, WordPress, or other sitebuilder?
Block Builder not sure if it's BB1 or BB2 - I upload my own so don't know how to tell the difference.

8. Are the rights to all images included?
8a. What is the source of the images on the site being sold?
Paid sources or previous owners personal photos (Personal photos were included when I bought site)
8b. Did you take all the photos yourself that are used on the site being sold?
8c. Do you hold the copyright for all the images on the site being sold?
Paid sources
8d. If you purchased any of the images used on the site being sold, who did you buy them from and is the license to use those images transferable to a new site owner?
Royalty paid for all images

9. What are the Search Engine rankings (please note by which Search Engine and what tool you used to determine rankings)?
i) How many pages are indexed, as indicated by the numbers in Search Engine HQ?
Google-75 pages, Yahoo 89 pages and Bing 90 pages
ii) How many are ranked #1, #2 or #3 (please note rankings by Search Engine),
2 Google. 3 Bing

iii) How many more are in the top 10(please note rankings by Search Engine)?
2 Google. 3 Bing

10. What is the Link Popularity of the site?
Don't know

11. How many inbound or back links does the site have?
Don't know

12. Is there any part of the site that is NOT included?

13. What monetization models are in use on the site?
Google & Amazon

14. What is the monthly/annual income?
According to previous owner between $150 and $200 annually.
As stated in opening paragrapgh I haven't changed Amazon or Goole IDs since I purchased site so can't verify but have no reason to doubt it

15. What is the asking price for the site?
All offers considered

16. Is there any additional information about the site to share? For example...

i) Are there any parked domain names with a related site name? If so, are they being sold with the site?
ii) Is there a regular newsletter or ezine? If so, how often is it sent out? How many subscribers are there? If there is a free gift offered with the ezine sign up, does that gift remain with the site? Nothing

iii) Has the site suffered any substantial (10% or more) loss of traffic that has not recovered? If so, please provide details.
Not that I know off
iv) Has the site suffered any loss of income or income provider (merchant) due to failure to comply with the terms and conditions of said income provider (merchant)? No
If so, please provide details.

In conclusion...

I, the seller, hereby warrant that the above statements are the entire truth, that I have the sole right to sell the above-mentioned site, and that I will not build another one that competes with this one for at least 2 years.

I will not solicit visitors, subscribers or any other persons who follow or communicate with me in connection with this site in any way.

Furthermore, the appearance of this post in the SBI! forums in no way implies SiteSell's endorsement. SiteSell has not verified any of the above statements.

Name: John Paterson

Date: 21 Feb 2017

URL of Site Being Sold: [url][Domain Private]/[/b]

URL to your site's contact page (please create a page if you don't have one): [Domain Private]/contact.html
or contact me on yadanza (at) gmail (dot) com
#1365465 by John from Bedrock yabadabadoooo
Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:55 pm
Had a couple of queries looking for a price rather than making an offer so have priced the site at $300..

For some reason I'm not getting all emails through from my contact form so can you please email me
yadanza (at) gmail (dot) com (Mods - not a live email address and same address SBI mail is forwarded to)

Thanks, John
#1365527 by John from Bedrock yabadabadoooo
Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:53 pm
Debs, support have been notified and the issue is now resolved.
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