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... If you "heard about it" and it fits one of the above, post it right here!
... NOTE: Please post challenges in the most appropriate forum for your challenge topic. Thanks very much.

Moderator: Antoinette from Bedford

#1386242 by Cath, SiteSell Content Team
Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:10 pm
Well everyone, it's Sunday, the end of yet another week, and therefore time to post achievements for the week and goals for next week.

So - how did everyone do?

And one other thought. In the New Year we'll begin a new year of this "Goal a Week" Challenge. I was wondering whether anyone would like a Challenge - either within this one or in a separate thread - about practically speaking, how to set goals for the year ahead?

I'm not an expert - my goal setting is one of my weakest points - so I need to learn more and I thought this would be a good opportunity for us all to both focus on our goals for the year ahead, and to learn more about goal-setting from each other.

I wouldn't start it until, say, mid-January when everyone has recovered from the holiday period.

Any thoughts?

PS And don't forget your achievements and goals for this week too!
#1386250 by Juri from plainlight.com
Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:04 pm
Thank you, Cath! I am really grateful that you took the time to have a look. I added a hint to click for the larger version of the image, as you suggested.

Aside from publishing the page, I linked it from the general sales page, which became a T2, and announced it in a generic, "trailer-like" bloglet.

Did some research for possible other dedicated image pages. Recognized it is really hard to find any related keywords, let alone good ones. Managed to brainstorm two promising ideas, 180/14 and 307/42, for what it's worth. The images they relate to are not my favourite, but well :roll: My mum has one of them hanging on the wall, so this should be good :wink: Besides, I got interior images ready to paste them into => this is the plan for the week.

Kind regards,
#1386272 by Mary from Mico
Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:45 am
Well I did not get to start a new page yet, so I'm hoping to do that this week.

I'll also begin asking a few websites to change their links to mine to https. I do not think that I will work on that more than one week.

I was glad to have gone through my Pinterest accounts adding an s to the links. I also beefed up some of the descriptions. I've only got a few boards from my personal account to finish searching for old links. I'm not doing more there either, although it was very helpful to find old links to my old pre-MoveIt domains. At least I was able to change or remove those.

I did discover by inadvertently pressing Save on a Pin that it moved the Pin to the top of that board. I'm wondering if that suggests a good way to recycle old pins for the new year/s?

New Year's challenge? Waiting till the middle of January? Yes. And yes.

Goals? Since that was the idea behind this challenge, I'll have to say that it's a good idea; so I'm interested. Can't promise I'll learn any goal setting habits either, yet the idea of making a list at the beginning of the week has been a start in the right direction for me.

Juri - I'm really looking forward to you building many pages like the one you've built this week. I think it will help your visitors understand that you have something for sale and what you have for sale. In a way, you may be building for next season; yet that's ok. The snowball takes a bit to grow big enough to roll on its own.

Have a great week all!

#1386298 by Cat from glutenfreehomemade.com
Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:37 pm
Dear Friends,

:shock: I worked much too hard last week in order to meet the American Thanksgiving holiday food demand. It's not over until after the New Year, and then :roll: I'm already tossing around ideas for Valentine's Day with an eye on St. Patrick's Day. You know holidays and special days . . . it's all about food, food, food :!:

Hi Juri,
:shock: I'll be thinking of you while we crush it during the holiday rush together! :shock:

Hi Cath,
While I'm handling my "overwhelm" much, much better, I realized I can't handle another challenge until after my cookbook is published. I just have too much on my plate in business and in life. However, know that I am very supportive of your idea as I think a great many people will benefit from it. Therefore, my input is, it should be a separate thread for the greater good of SBI!er's outside this challenge thread. :wink:

Hi Mary,
You wrote:
I did discover by inadvertently pressing Save on a Pin that it moved the Pin to the top of that board. I'm wondering if that suggests a good way to recycle old pins for the new years?

Neil Patel wrote a blog post about this very action. He calls it "looping". I tried it manually for the first time this morning after reading his post just this weekend and was pleased with the result. Mr. Patel found a paid online tool, BoardBooster, which does the looping action automatically. Here is a link to his article (I think it's one Cath or Erin posted in the Pinterest Challenge):

    This Week's Goals:
    1. Promote last year's archived Thanksgiving newsletter in social media
    2. Write and publish Gluten Free Homemade Newsletter issue
    3. Pick up where I left off and complete SBI! Review Challenge
    4. Draft and publish SBI! Review for CatsStories.com
    5. Tweak Road Trip Gift Guide webpage
    6. Draft new recipe for GlutenFreeHomemade.com
    7. Work on cookbook in cracks of time
    8. Continue remodeling my existing recipe webpages for recipe schema, Pinterest optimization and monetization (ongoing for the foreseeable months until completed)

Have a delicious week, everyone!
#1386311 by Catherine from Ashmore
Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:50 pm
Juri, You're probably well aware of this, but once you put up the T3 pages that have decent (or any) keyword options, the Action Guide pointed out that you can make up keywords for pages you know belong on your site, even though they're not being searched for (ie Brainstormer says there is no keyword, or one of the words is impossibly broad and the whole phrase doesn't show up when you try to "Add keyword.") Interested people who search for the better keywords of the T2 & first T3s will find your links to your poor-keyword pages and click through to them too.

(I've had to do that for a number of pages, and several of them now show up in my site traffic, though not in my most searched pages.)

Cat, what you accomplish is amazing! Hope you can keep well enough to keep it up for the holiday rush! (I'm a little relieved to have a site that isn't tied to the holidays...)

For my goals this week, just to continue last week's goals. Our daughter & new son-in-law came to visit this weekend (a day earlier than I'd expected), and I got very little done on course revision. I also need to do more on Pinterest & Tailwind.
#1386327 by Julie from Adona
Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:31 pm
Goals for last week:
    Walk 2 miles/day for 5 days - check
    Sew 2 hrs/day - check
    Only 2 (related) pages published: [Domain Private]

I swear I think that sometimes doing the extra stuff for the pages---the PinIt and FB images and postings, linking from related pages on my site, adding cannonical tags in the header, RSS/BlogIt! post 'cause I can get a better image, checking keyword density and using the FB debugger to make sure the right image is there---all take longer than writing the darned page!

Goals for next week:
    10 miles walked for the week
    Sew for 2 hrs/day
    3 pages published and marketed
    15 new images for FB and Pinterest scheduling
    Work on some video content - play time

That is all.

#1386394 by Judith from Quarryville
Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:41 pm

WOW Everyone!

You are an amazing group!

BRAVO Juri!!!

What an accomplishment! I love your sales page. I know even coming around to that idea was a big climb. I am sure once you get going it should make quite a difference.

I have my two cents to offer as well. I would remove this part:

For happy returns

To be honest, this art edition may seem costly. But look at it this way: it is not cheap. See it as an investment.

I cannot guarantee that you will make a fortune from it. What I do promise is, the later you buy, the more it will cost. Buying today means saving tomorrow, and saving even more the day after that.

See it as a guarantee for your investment.

You are apologizing for the price and there is no need. Your work is worth every penny and there are lots and lots of people on this earth that have lots and lots of money. And just like some of us who don't have lots and lots of money, we all want to spend it. Seriously, we do. I read this whole big study years ago about how we humans can't wait to spend our money.

I think it would be a benefit to talk about the aspect of your art as an investment but not as a patch job for the price. Seriously Juri, I thought you might be charging more.

I want to vote Mary as the Tortoise of the month for December!!!

What a great gift you have given Juri, Mary! Really. You took a lot of your precious time, again and again. Your are a star and deserve to have a shining spot! (Of course I can't remember how to mark your posts for voting. :roll:

Maybe someone will help me out!?
#1386397 by Judith from Quarryville
Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:43 pm
Will be back in a day or two. Something big going on and need to be away tomorrow. Not a pleasant thing either, probably why I just can't seem to shake this virus or whatever I have. But I will be back!

Best to everyone!!!
#1386408 by Juri from plainlight.com
Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:37 pm

Thank you, Judy!

Judith from Quarryville wrote:You are apologizing for the price and there is no need.

:oops: This is complicated... I am not apologizing, but it's quite a tag. Of course, there are people who can afford it, but they still have to land on my site [however this is gonna happen] and want to spend there.

That said, I will change the first sentence to something like "If you think this edition is costly, see it as..." instead of beating around the bush.

As for charging more, this is certain, in due time. This is what "saving tomorrow" is about.

We cannot star posts in this forum, but I won't forget to thank Mary for what she's done, this is also certain. I just need one sale to come in...

Speaking of: Been working the whole time on the next page, about this, https://jdot.de/gomongo/mn123.jpg. Do you -- everybody -- think it is worthy?

Kind regards,
#1386415 by Mary from Mico
Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:04 am
Thank you Judy, you're so sweet. And Juri, too. Thank you for your kind words. Many people have helped me here and "stayed with it" for me, so I am happy to have had the time and to have been a bit of a help.

Judy, I agree with you that Juri could remove that phrase. It was so artfully put. Perhaps it could go on a departing pop-under?

Sending a prayer for your big event – and that you get over your illness ASAP.

Juri, No excuse necessary for your pricing, Juri. And shipping? Well, it's its own problem.

The world-around.

Your picture is beautiful!


Canonized! :-)

#1386484 by Juri from plainlight.com
Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:28 am
Did it again, but you already knew it would happen :)

This is very much the same pattern [of course -- it is from a template]: a bit about how the image was made, where it is from and how to get there, then some reasoning on why to buy, and buying options. The structure makes it really easy to write, I never was that fast, but it is already pretty hard not to repeat myself.

I see some possible problems... The keyword is awkward [Catherine, I didn't ignore your note, thank you!], as is the interior image [though its colours are great], and there may be a bit too much about the destination. I am also unsure about the language in several places. Would you risk a look, please? The page is still "no index".

The next image in the series should be blue-ish, like in RGB, then monochrome, or vice versa, to cover the whole ground :lol:

I am off to bed...

Kind regards,
#1386502 by Mary from Mico
Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:37 am

Hi Juri,

Here are my notes as I read down your page - only in the best of intention (really great ideas, but some places do need a re-work):

1. Does Analyze It not ask you to put a title above your image? (I just now noticed that - in case it's also a problem on your other page….) If I remember well, such as Google hope to see the H1 first.

2. Not seeing your keyword in your first image's caption, I hovered to see that the title might reside from your previous sunrise page. I used Ctrl U and found four instances of the word sunrise. I see that some of them are to your #order link. Maybe that's something to reconsider. If you wind up with 200 of these links, my suspicion is that you will rank highly for sunrise images. :-)

This is a huge danger of using a template. Cat had had a good idea (I think it was Cat), make such places hugely red so you're more likely to catch such sneaky places.

Do you upload? I am seeing image titles, yet not image alt=. 'Just wondering.

3. The first image caption. I'd like to see something about the image: Wild meadow flowers: click to see this fine art print full-screen. Or something more inviting to match your text.

4. The first line of text: "If you value pristine nature, this image of wild meadow flowers and sky-high mountains may just be made for you!" I think that that last part should read as "may be made just for you". In my part of the USA we use "just for you" as a phrase to make the receiver feel special. Some greeting cards use that as the only text: Just For You!

As an aside: Have you brainstormed for secondary topics on each page as with Mongolia and the Altai Mountains. If your intended audience is English speaking customers, you may find something about these areas in Brainstorm It that could add to your page's reach. 'Just an idea. I have sure had to do that with phonics: CH words, CH digraph, etc.

5. "Relish the view…." That's beautiful! The whole subsection is wonderful. Although if you're trying to lure those interested in photos and photography, you might want to add the terms.

6. Wonderful facts about Mongolia, yet "It sounds like a plenty of room" might ought to be "It sounds like plenty of room". (A question though: Room for what?)

7. Hm…. Passports and airports might be more usefully mentioned if you're building the rarity of this view, so few people have an opportunity to see it, but at the moment they read as if you wish you were a travel affiliate.

Ah…. You do get to the rarity: "Chances to get there are scarce." Personally, I think you need a better lead into this sense of the rare.

Oops. More airports. These lines do not fit:

The national air carrier MIAT offers regular services to Beijing, Berlin via Moscow, Busan, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. In addition, Frankfurt and Bangkok are seasonal destinations in summer, and winter, respectively.
Other airlines flying to Mongolia include Aeroflot (from Moscow), Air China (from Beijing), Korean Air (from Seoul), and Turkish Airlines (from Istanbul via Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan). The list is nearly exhaustive.

You might focus more on the image in these rambles than on the unrelated cities and flights.

8. Great conclusion!

Or, with much less money and no pain whatsoever, you can treat yourself to a fine art print of this spectacular image!

9. Do not mention doubts. No negatives apply here.

10. Wonderful build to your next image, yet here's a moment to use Cath's "talk to your customer" using the second person, you: "embrace her with its life-affirming attitude." Perhaps that "her" should be "you".

11. "in every interior opening up outward" Remove the word "up" to remove the error of having two prepositions of place. It would read as well with "in every interior opening outward", although it's still a bit awkward.

12. This may be very important your wonderful "I want to feel alive" link takes me to the order form prefilled for the sunrise image. Click. I'm either too confused to find where to by my wonderful wildflower meadow flowers art print (which did not sound too awkward as I wrote it – as per your comment and as if I truly were searching for such an art print – the two words can give the effect of being the "title" therefore one noun in meaning with wildflower meadow flowers being not too many adjectives – at least in this instance….), I click back wanting the greengrass, flowers and meadows, or I click back to my search engine.

13. Breathtaking image of a studio or bedroom use of your image. Beautiful! Your placement of it gives your photo the feel of being a window in the picture.

14. I think you would want the article "a" or "the" in this phrase: "hanging system is included" "a hanging system is included". And immediately after that is stray punctuation: "every mounted edition –, invite some". Remove the comma?

15. The link "I want to steal the spotlight!" Again, links to the order form preloaded for the other image. I would think that this would reduce the number of sales you'll receive.

16. I think that the word needs to be products here: "highly elaborate produce".

17. This is lovely, yet a bit awkward: "I wish you a long and good time with your purchase!"

18. Aha! You do have the right images preloaded in this order form. Perhaps this is where those other links should have landed.

19. Your tags again: Something I did not write last time that I remember tonight is that the light gray print on the lighter gray background might be seen as hidden by search engines. I have no idea what the limits would be, but do think you could darken that print.

So sorry for any typos of my own. I must quit. DO be sure to double check where there may be hidden code from the previous page in your template. Also, once you've made these edits, take a break and re-read the page again - out loud. This always helps me catch inconsistencies. I tried to catch all I could, yet it is late here.... :roll:

Again, another wonderful page! If you persevere to include 200 of these on your site, it sure could become a "go to" site for such beautiful art.

#1386512 by Juri from plainlight.com
Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:58 pm
Mary, thank you, this was a huge help, again!

I think I touched up everything you pointed out. Corrected links and other remaining references to the previous image :oops: . Trimmed and juggled the content. Made Analyze It! quite pleased. Even changed the tags colour to stand out [a bit] more!

Left the page "no index" for now, will reread in the evening.

Kind regards,
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