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... BUSINESS for sale? This is the place to buy/sell businesses! :-)
SBI! builds businesses with real value (EQUITY) - there have been sales with valuations in 6 figures here! Please read the Buy/Sell Guidelines in the FAQ first (requires use of the official template).
... If you "heard about it" and it fits one of the above, post it right here!
... NOTE: Please post challenges in the most appropriate forum for your challenge topic. Thanks very much.

Moderator: Antoinette from Bedford

#1393366 by Karin (SBI for WP user from Maarheeze)
Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:48 pm
I have been lurking here regularly.
Now it's time to become active!
Participating in this 2018 challenge seems a good start.

Goals for next week:
- Read The Pinterest Guide
- Add a downloadable ebook to my site
- Fill in my tax account for 2017
- Grow and prune my twitter account (unfollow dead accounts/follow relevant others)
- Work on internal linking on my website

Well, that wasn't all too difficult ;-)

Wishing all SBI'rs a great week from a sunny but cold Netherlands.
#1393367 by Suzie from Southview
Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:36 pm
Karin, well done for joining the challenge - I think it really helps to keep you focused, only because you have to be accountable to yourself :lol:

Last weeks goals were to:
Finish guest blog and send off - completed
Write a page for the coastal walk I did - decided this wasn't necessary at moment and have put on backburner
Write up review page for a hotel who are advertising - completed

This weeks goals:
I don't have a lot of time this week - the in-laws are coming for 2 days and then I'm off skiing on Saturday - can't wait.
Get March newsletter ready to schedule - this I must do before I go
That's all for this week as I've also got quite a few other things for my walking clients but that's not part of moving the business forward - that's just part of the business.

Have a great week and see you in two weeks :D
#1393369 by Linda from Alabama
Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:05 pm
Karin congratulations and finding and joining this group. I had been absent from my sites for a few years and this helped me get back to work.

I had wanted to get back to my sites but was so overwhelmed by all I had to do to catch up, I just kept putting it off.

Than I came across this forum and thought, well one goal a week was doable. So I begin with small steps, just one goal. But when I completed that one, I realized I could do another and another. Next thing I know I am really enjoying myself. I feel when I accomplish that ONE weekly goal I have completed my week. But it never ends there as I move onto something else, but that is bonus.

I don't let myself think of all that needs doing, I just think about one at a time. When I come across another task I need to do, I make a note of it. I do not move on until my one weekly goal is completed. The notes I make, will turn into another weekly goal later on. Well this works for me and I have never regretted joining.

I thank everyone on this group for being so thoughful, helpful and encouraging. I don't feel like a failure anymore. :D
#1393374 by Leslie from High River
Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:23 pm
Just a quick note. I finished doing those bread crumbs on all but one page - it's still BB1. I had trouble converting it ages ago so it's still BB1 and still no breadcrumbs.

This week I'm going to tackle my C-2 pages. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do but will figure it out. I'm reading forum posts to get clues.

The snow is white here too Jacki and the Chinook winds have kicked in so it could be gone in a day or two - we'll see.

I'm also going to explore that new google ad code this week.

Have a great week everyone.

#1393396 by Nancy from 90% Persistence-10% Inspiration
Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:38 am
Karin - Welcome to the challenge. Better late than never. This group is a great way to focus on what's really important and be accountable for it.

Loved Jacki's comment:
There is no 'fail' - just slower or faster. :D

Catherine - appreciated the tips on creating video tutorials or lessons. Here's a snippet for those that skimmed over it. It's worth repeating:
each video lesson be short (7-10 min. recommended; a challenge sometimes), but that to keep interest up there needs to be a change of setting/slides every 10 seconds or less... :shock: It also suggested providing something for kinesthetic learners to DO, besides the quizzes & worksheets after the video.

- Finish reloading, programs, apps, side sticky notes and customized settings on laptop after crash (DONE)
- Taxes (nope)

- Complete taxes.
- Implement Amazon International Traffic Monetization scripting on both websites.
#1393413 by Catherine from englishhints.com
Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:15 pm
Mary, Thanks for that reminder to contact Support about Ezoic. Done now-. I had completely forgotten!

Linda, I love the way you summarized the value of one goal a week. I find that so encouraging too.
#1393459 by Susan from Australia
Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:11 am
Hi everyone and welcome to Linda!

I have been out of Internet coverage area for most of the week, and also off grid for power. We even depleted our caravan batteries this week, so I did not accomplish any of my goals. We spent time on a sheep and wheat station! All 5,000 hectares of it! :D

We are back on the coast this week where there is more coverage for Internet (it's still patchy in spite of my extra external aerial) and we are hooked up to power for a couple of days to restore our reserves.

Last week I said I would do this:

* make Easter project - not done (too dusty and busy for papercrafting)
* write Easter page - not done
* start March newsletter - not done
* read Pintrest ag pages 7 - 8 re ALT texts - partially done
* add ALT and title texts - started
* save for coaching - in progress

So this week I need to do all the above. :wink:
#1393526 by Judith from Quarryville
Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:36 pm

Hi Everyone

I have been awol as it would seem, but not really. :shock: I have been in here several times and read posts to catch up and then... I had to go! :roll: I've also made some notes and lost some of them, but I am here now.

Kathy from [Domain Private]
You asked me a couple of pages back about my little "darlins" or should I say my "distractors"! :lol:
Well they are absolutely captivating! See...

Pebbles & Scamps
pebs-and-scamps.jpg (38.71 KiB) Viewed 111 times

I wanted to comment on so many things but cannot go back or I will never say anything! :D

But I must say Carol I absolutely love your new site. Not surprising really, you have done a lovely job as usual. Enjoyed my tour through very much.

So great to see all the new folks here this year too. This challenge (along with all the others) have been a tremendous boost for me and my business.

I have been very, very busy setting up a photo contest which starts tomorrow, tonight really at 12am March 1st. I did my usual and announced it before I had my judges and prizes in place, so it has been a lot of pressure which it did not need to be. But that's me.

But it has come together very well, which I am so grateful for. I have 3 great judges (you might know one of them ;-) ) and a really fine sponsor for the first prize who are providing an amazing setup.

Have a look if you like and please let me know if you see anything awry. :D[Domain Private]

I have done very little else. A newsletter or two, and updated my newsletter archive page.

So I have a million things planned. Will be moving things forward to my March calendar today and leaving some tasks completed from February Yeah!

Mary, I missed seeing the announcement about your Grand Baby!

Hope everyone is well who have been struggling. I wish you abundant health!

Happy and prosperous business building everyone!
#1393547 by Catherine from englishhints.com
Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:15 am
Judy, what a fantastic, well-designed contest (& way to get some great images)! Your comment & Kathy's aroused my curiosity about your distinguished judges until I had to look. Since you may be trying to keep up the suspense, I'll just say I love the photo with the penguin!
#1393548 by Judith from Quarryville
Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:38 am

Thank you Catherine & Kathy!

So nice to hear your complimentary comments. Because I jumped in too quick it has been very stressful. But this past week things have come together nicely. phew! :shock:

And Catherine, me too, I love that photo too! (The only way I could love a photo with a penguin more, is if it had myself in it instead of the respected judge who is in that one. ;-) )

So the contest is open. Now I wait with nerves on edge for entries. :roll:


Judy, what a fantastic, well-designed contest (& way to get some great images)!

I will share later how I came to learn about holding a photo contest from a couple of other SBIers. I really need to go to bed now. :D
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