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#1115351 by ken-admin
Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:17 am

As illustrated so well by our newest featured fan, Cindy...


... these forums are THE help-and-be-helped place for the complete range of e-business advice (from techy javascript to monetization strategies), all within a warm, protected, supportive and inspirational environment.

In addition, SBIers occasionally post great, original tips, anything from an unusual way to use Brainstormer to a new idea for monetizing. I'd like to stimulate the sharing of more of these with this thread.

Do you have a new tip or special piece of advice for SBIers who are still working their way through the Action Guide? What about for "veterans" with lots of traffic, but who aren't monetizing as well as they should?

Naturally, "new" means that it should not be an idea that is already in the AG or HQs (unless you put a unique twist to it). And, of course, it should be consistent with the basic "keep it real" philosophy of SBI! (ex, no "how I bought 1,000 links for $100 ;-) ).


What's your top tip? Write about it!...

  • How you used your right column to increase e-book sales
  • The special idea you used to sky-rocket your e-zine subscribers
  • How you re-brainstormed to extend your niche
  • Maybe you solved a problem that others likely face
  • Any other tip that will help others along!

Post your tip in this thread, including the URL to your webpage that best illustrates the tip.

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What's in it for you?

"Paying it forward" should be enough. But let's make it "interesting," as a wagering buddy of mine likes to say...

1) We'll pick the best posts (exposure to nearly 120,000 fans!) and re-publish each one at SiteSell Facebook, including a screenshot of your home page, a link back to your home page AND a link to the page that shows your tip.

2) We're going to start a SiteSell Pinterest page and experiment with it. We'll publish a screenshot of your home page and a short summary of your tip with a link to the example page.

3) And finally, we'll be seeking out the "Best of the Best Tips" with a vote at Facebook. The highest number of likes, comments and shares wins 2 free years of SBI!.

Let's have a little fun AND help each other! What's your top tip?

All the best,

P.S. There is no specific "date" deadline. When we reach "Lucky 7" really excellent tips, we'll close the "official" part of the contest and head into the "best of the best" phase at SiteSell Facebook.
#1115409 by alan from Interlaken
Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:25 am
hi ken and sbiers,

My top tip is to keep linking with good sites and do good comments..And As you say real original content. I havent even been listed at the Search Engines yet. Keep working on linking at least 5 similar related sites each day im about bbq I link to cooking sites each day and went from feb2012 alexa rank of 3000000 to today 4/19/2012 1.2million.I went from in the usa from 300000 to 155000. I dont know how I shot up in the UK they must love bbq as much as we do.

best wishes
[Domain Private]
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#1115413 by Susan from Yorkton
Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:42 am

OK, I'll start! :D

My Top Tip: Try Running a Monthly Giveaway Program

A couple of months ago I decided to try having monthly giveaways on my site, with several goals:

    increase traffic and visitor interaction on my site
    increase the number of FB fans and Twitter followers
    increase the number of repeat visitors to my site
    increase visitor-generated content

Here's what I did:

    signed up with Rafflecopter (free)
    signed up for a free MailChimp account (I'd already used my SBI! mailing list for something else)
    asked some of the businesses I'm an affiliate for if they would like to contribute a prize for an upcoming giveaway (all who were asked were happy to)
    built a page for the monthly giveaways, placed Rafflecopter form and mailing list subscription form on it, along with a photo of the current giveaway item
    made some banners advertising the giveaways and placed throughout my site
    posted about the giveaways on a couple of pole dancing forums, and several times a week on Twitter and FB

Here are the results to date:

The first month was slowish, as I was on a learning curve. I discovered that I needed to keep my requests simple so people would actually complete them to earn their entries, and that I needed to limit the number of actions they had to choose from so as not to overwhelm them. I also had to design my email template and get to know Rafflecopter (it's actually pretty simple).

The second month was better, and I saw a surge of entries in the days following my newsletter mailout (this is a very short "come and enter this month's giveaway, here's what you can win" email). FB likes started to pick up, I got a new subscriber to my email list every couple of days, and I was getting in the habit of sending out a quick tweet or making a FB post every couple of days.

This month, which is my third, has been fantastic! I've refined the types of activities I ask my visitors to do to earn their entries (this is what Rafflecopter is great for) so that I'm getting lots of engagement on my site and my FB page, and have had about 20 C2 comments so far. I've had almost 600 entries so far this month, which is over 3 times the number I got in the first month, and it's only the 19th. My FB page has nearly doubled the number of likes this month alone (it still has only 200, but hey, it's growing quickly now!), and my contest tweets are now getting retweeted regularly. Signups to my mailing list have exploded, and I now get several every day. And that means that my subscribers wi'll be back to enter again next month (to add more content, or click through to other pages, or visit my affiliate pages, or whatever else I ask them to do) because I'll be able to let them know as soon as the new giveaway is live.

All of this takes very little time now, though of course I did have to build the entry page on my site, set up an email template, and get to know my way around Rafflecopter. But now that everything is in place, I spend about 10-15 minutes a week promoting my giveaway. Once a month I spend about an hour notifying the winner and updating my winners' page, placing the new giveaway item on its page, and touching base with my sponsors to thank them, give them some quick stats, and solicit a new giveaway (I like to have 2 months worth of prizes planned ahead, so I have my May and June prizes set, and as soon as I give away my April prize I'll approach someone about contributing something for July).

I wasn't sure how this would work because I was a bit worried that people would just come for the freebie and then leave, but I've found that I can gently encourage them to look around and interact on my site by giving them actions to complete in order to earn their entries. So far it seems worthwhile for the time investment, so if your site lends itself to product giveaways, I encourage you to give it a try!
#1115466 by Mary from Highfalls
Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:38 am
My tip: make a specific goal or specific promise to yourself about what you are going to accomplish with your business. And, have your goal as time specific. When you make that promise to yourself, new doorways of opportunity open.

One of my goals, in Feb., was to build 12 links a week. At first, it took me 1-2 hours to find a decent link (I like PR 3 or higher opportunities). I wasn't sure how to fulfill on what I promised to myself. A week or two later, I found a post regarding link building. I found a resource that had over 100 link directories that would be viable opportunities. For about 1.75 months, I was able to build 12 links a week in 30 min. increments 4 days a week. My traffic ended up being more than 1.5 times what it was when I started.

The next goal was to comment on 2 blogs a day, 4 times during the week, on blogs that had an Alexa ranking of less than 2 million. However, I left some other important factors out like I wanted link popularity to increase and I wanted to do this in 30 min. or less. While I didn't fulfill on that endeavor, I did find a lot of resources I can use.

So, I revised my promise to myself: spend 30 min., 3-4 times a week, requesting links from sites using Tomaz's method: do a search on my keyword in google, and then find out where the top 10-20 sites got their links from. And, then ask those sites for a link. Then, use 1.5 hours 3-4 times a week building content. While I haven't mastered this one yet, that is the plan. In the meantime, I have paid for Accelerate It! to boost my traffic so that I don't lose any momentum while I master a new strategy.

#1115522 by Harvey from Woodbridge
Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:00 am
Okay, here is my tip...

I have added an extra tier to my site.

No, not a Tier 4 (they're not recommended). You might call it a Tier 1.5. Though I like to think of it as a "Super Tier 2."

Think of a website like a book...

- Tier 1 (the Home Page) is like the introduction. It welcomes you and whets your appetite for what lies ahead, but should not go OTT on the details.

- The Tier 2s (+ associated Tier 3 pages) are like the chapters in this book. Each one covers a sub-topic of your overall topic.

- A "Super Tier 2" is like an introductory chapter that basically summarizes the entire book. It gives readers the big picture before they get down to the nitty-gritty details. Or, for the lazy reader, it acts as a cheat's guide to the entire subject.

Shouldn't this sort of information go on the home page? No, it's way too detailed for that.

Doesn't the T2 duplicate the rest of the site? Sort of, yes -- that's the whole point of it (for the humans). From a search engine perspective, you've got to be careful here to summarize each "chapter" in a fresh and original way.


Here are a few technical details...

The basic 3-tier structure of my site remains unaffected by this. The Super T2 is an addition to the architecture, not something that completely skews it.

The Super T2 page links out to all of the regular T2s (most of them, anyway).

In turn, the regular T2s link back (in the "Return to" box) to the home page AND to the Super T2.

Here is my Super Tier 2 page...

[Domain Private]

And here is a regular T2 page (scroll down to the bottom to see how it links back to T1 AND to Super T2)...

[Domain Private]


What is the point of a Super Tier 2?

1) It allowed me to use a great keyword (a contender for site concept keyword) in an architecturally powerful position. (According to Analytics, it gets almost double the traffic of my 2nd most visited page.)

2) It allowed me to write an extra 15/20 pages of content.

3) My visitors like it :D


Anyway, I hope this is useful and doesn't break any of the cardinal sins.

#1115537 by Khalid from Humble
Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:51 am
How could I get through these good entries? Thanks Ken for always giving a hand to help us succeed, even through nice incentives like this one. 😍

I have posted a tip, that could fall in this description at

It is about how to add relevant keywords and seeds of keywords to tier2s, 3s etc... using your affiliate programs. I re-post it here below.

Use this tip as a new way to brainstorm your (seeds of existence) using your affiliates data associated with the products you promote. Brainstorm their keywords.

I am experimenting with this and I hope fellow SBIERs find it interesting and useful.

Get affiliates that offer their products with images. Take the images and add them in a relevant page on the sections of the pages that support your content. It is that simple.

But... before doing this, optimize the images and then add them there.


Take the HTML codes, add the keyword for that page to the src attributes and the alt attributes. You can even add your name if you thought it makes sense... and if it is (search engine-ably)

In some products you will find details of the products that come with full descriptions. Take the relevant keywords from these descriptions and add them where it is prober on the alts and the srcs.

This way, search engines find even seeds of keywords relevant to your content page and increase the chances for the pages to be at the top, according to the relevancy of the pages to the searched terms.

It does not only strengthen the keyword density, but it also makes the content strong and beautiful by images. In addition, you will get an increase on image searches.

This works better for arts, photography and traveling sites. However, it is good for all categories.

I haven’t mentioned the M. yet. Drop me a cup of (makiato), if you liked it.
#1115559 by Vivi from
Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:10 pm

My top tip is...

To get up an go - away from your computer - when you are stuck or have run out of ideas.

Go for a walk, visit a museum, see a movie, take a power nap, or bake a cake.

Concentrate on other things you enjoy and let your subconscious deal with the problems.

I learned about this technique many years ago, and it's amazing how your subconscious really can help you solve problems and get new ideas.

And the time spent away from your computer will often save you much more time at the other end.

- Vivi
#1115573 by Yossi from Rocheport
Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:05 pm
*** Edited. No Google will Not like it, it is against their terms and conditions and you could lose your Google account. I strongly advise you to get all such requests for your visitors to click Adsense ads of of your pages. Larry as moderator ***
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#1115577 by Vicki from Lilbourn
Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:15 pm

I haven't heard of this tip before, but I'm probably not the first to have thought of it. It seems to me that in a postpanda world, Google places a lot of emphasis on originality of content, and content includes graphics. Many siteowners do not use original pictures, but instead they buy cheap stock photos which in turn are used elsewhere on the internet. My idea for making these original (and for branding purposes) is to incorporate your favicon within the picture- simply cut and paste (and maybe pretty it up a bit with Paint). It doesn't have to be a work of art, it just has to establish itself as original and yours. I did this with an image that I use on right columns to drive visitors to a "money" page.

An example of a page where it is used is: [Domain Private] It is the first picture on the right hand column. Since I have put this image up on many of my pages, my traffic has improved. I have no idea if that is the reason, but it certainly hasn't hurt.

#1115578 by Arturas from Therien
Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:16 pm
This might sound silly but for me, the biggest drawback" when I was starting out was the design. Being a graphic designer myself I could not stand
how "bad" my site looked. This made me less likely to work on my site. Then I decided to get a template from (not affiliate) I spent 48 hours, literarily, deconstructing the html code and all the javascript, I wasn't that good at coding to begin with, but I knew a little bit. Long story short, I downloaded one of the CSS templates offered by SBI and plugged the code from the template I bought, to the SBI template. Now, I have a site with a great design. And I have a site that I am proud of and are willing to write great content for.

So my tip is, look at the reasons why you aren't working on your site. Is it because it doesn't look good? Do you not believe in SBI? - Look at the case studies. You might be thinking that SBI will provide overnight success, realize that tere are no shortcuts. You must define your outcome and always keep that in mind.

- Arthur P.
#1115588 by Harvey from Woodbridge
Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:45 pm
Yossi wrote:My tip is to ask for a click:
"Please click on the ad and come back here:"
see it here:

[Domain Private]

I dont know if google like it but it works.

Yossi, that's strictly against AdSense terms of service! If you don't want to get banned, I would remove these asap.

#1115613 by Aida from Benedict
Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:44 pm
Take advantage of the fact that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
To have a successful site find successful site owners, and do what they do (some examples: Melissa, Rebecca, Tomaz, Elad)… I don't mean copy their site, I mean emulate their process, listen to what they have to say.
If you're trying to lose weight you won't go to the fat fitness trainer, you will go to the fit one. Same way with SBI – see what successful SBI'ers are doing, listen and learn.
#1115631 by SP from The Vale
Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:27 pm
My top tip is... simply - Follow the Action Guide :)


Edit: Sorry, I goofed as I didn't take time to read Ken's post properly. :(

So, my "top tip" is not relevant in this thread.

Sorry again.

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#1115632 by Paula from Queen Charlotte
Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:28 pm

If you find yourself answering questions submitted to your site, about your topic, take advantage of the time you're spending and create
a Q&A or FAQ section. You can do it using C2 or manually, as I do (I had started before C2 became free and just continued).

I usually use some portion of the original question as my main keyword for the page and then do some MKL research to find good secondary keywords to add to the answer (and the title, description, etc)

I use a standard format for each Q&A Page

My Answer
Related Pages
Other Q&A related to that topic (I have my main T2 Q&A page set up by Categories)

You can see how my Q&A works at [Domain Private]

It's a great way to create content for keywords which normally would not have had enough material to build a normal page around, and often a great place for ads and affiliate links.

Note: I would caution against answering basically the same question repeatedly. When doing my Panda audit, I found that I had done that about a dozen times (built pages with keywords like car rents one way, one way rent car, one way car hire, etc. When I checked, the questions and the answers were basically the same. I've tried to only keep Q&A that are unique. I still answer the question by email, to the site visitor, but lots don't make it to a Q&A page (it got to the point where I have files of generic answers that I can copy/paste to reply to emails for general questions that I get asked repeatedly -- which is the best car rental company, how to find good rates, should I buy insurance, etc)

#1115633 by Khalid from Humble
Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:30 pm
I tweaked my entry into a C.2 post here [Domain Private]/how-to-improve-keyword-density-using-your-affiliates.html
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