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#1270203 by Maria from Agness
Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:49 pm
Search It! is a fantastic tool that was created by SiteSell's founder Ken Evoy.
It allows you to make pre-programmed advanced searches on many things related to your business website. From keyword searches to checking domain names to keeping track of your competition you can do all that and more easily with Search It!.

Search It!

Here's the help for Search It!

Want to know how it all started here's the post Ken made when he launched Search It! in 2004 and made it available to SBI'ers.
Enjoy... profit... and share

Further searches were added and it was revamped in 2011
Two New Search It! Searches
Search It! Revamp

If you are having problems accessing Search It! this post may help.
"I Can't Access Search It!"

If you have any further questions about this great tool then do ask in the Supplemental Help Tools Forum.
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