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#1328296 by Tony from Tucabia
Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:10 am
It's funny (quirky, not ha ha funny) how we can always find what we are looking for, especially online. This is what happened to me - my Adsense income was dropping over a period of a few weeks. Naturally I did what most people do - panic, then find someone or something else to blame. It can't possibly be my fault, after all, I haven't done anything wrong, in fact I haven't done anything, or at least not much anyway.

So I went looking, and indeed I found what I was looking for. I found that this is the time of year that income takes a bit of a dip. Then I found out that my good friend Google is not giving Adsense the attention it deserves. Even found some graphs on a blog, so there was compelling reason to believe this was credible information. Then I found a post about keyword density (really?) and how putting certain words too close to advertisements could and did affect income (Really??).

In short, I found what I was looking for - not my fault, can't possibly be. I mean, look at all this stuff I found...

Finally it dawned on me - stop worrying and carry on, don't worry - be happy. Like those posters with the Queens crown on it - Keep Calm and Carry On. Stop trying to blame someone else. Dare I say it? - Build More Content. (Maybe that should be an acronym as well.)

Then two things conspired to lift me out of the slump - I discovered SBI Gallery and the fact that one can use html in the description to link to other pages, even affiliate pages. I've seen other pages do something similar, and thought it would suit my site (get it?) but was unaware that this was already a feature in BB2. So now I'm off to convert all my images.

The other thing was watching the webinar with Terri David on keywords. What I got out of that, amongst all the other tidbits, was the 100-100 filter - keywords with demand of more than 100 and supply of less than 100. That cut down a long list of possible keywords to about a dozen or so - much more manageable. (less i more) AND I realized that I was using the wrong keyword for some of my pages. I realized that rearranging and rewriting existing content under more profitable keywords would yield better results.

Happy to report that my adsense income is no the rise again and it's onward and upward with renewed hope for the future.
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