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#1331942 by Raleigh from Kendrick
Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:13 pm
*** How does one "subscribe" to SiteSell Twitter? Does this mean "follow"?

*** Can someone refer me to detailed instruction on how to subscribe to the SBIX feed and Ken's posts in the SBI! Forums? I'm weak in the RSS area.
#1332049 by Meghashyam from Padra
Fri Aug 28, 2015 6:54 am
Hi Raleigh,

Yes, subscribing to Sitesell Twitter does mean following Sitesell on Twitter. However, IF you want, you can also 'subscribe' to Sitesell Twitter's RSS feed using external services like this one: (It converts any Twitter account's feed to RSS).

If you're not familiar with RSS, it's basically a quick way to view any site's updates in a software called RSS reader. Here's the article about RSS readers in the Tips and Techniques Headquarters:

RSS readers can be software that you have to install on your computer OR you can choose an online RSS reader like ''

Now, coming to SBI's RSS feeds: once you have created an account with an RSS reader, visit this link: It has a list of important RSS feeds you can subscribe to including SBIX's RSS feed.

Ken Evoy's RSS feed URL is this:

You need to add all the RSS feed urls to your RSS reader to subscribe to those feeds.

Have a great day!

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