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#1389929 by Khalid from Humble
Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:35 pm
I wonder whether Apple has stopped this email service, or not. I still have an email that goes through With the new versions of MAC, and specially with Sierra, I noticed that whenever I try to send email from this server, the iCould opens a window with the server highlighted and the iCloud no highlight. I only have an option to send it when I select iCloud.

How to solve this problem?

#1390046 by Jeff from
Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:17 pm
Hi Khalid. All the old names that Apple offered can still be used, but they all go through now.
#1390079 by Khalid from Humble
Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:11 pm
Thank you, Jeff 8)

When I try to send, the iCloud opens that window saying: Cannot send message using the server Then there's that box holding the iCloud and the second with 2 buttons at the right: Edit SMTP Server and / Connection Doctor. Since this problem always happens, should I do anything at all there?
#1390088 by Jeff from
Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:12 pm
Hi Khalid. This is from a search I did...

Go into icloud mail [] and select preferences in settings on the left sidebar at the bottom. Select "Accounts" which will list your and aliases. The cannot be changed, but you can create a new alias of the email address you would prefer. This address will be an address.

Then go to "composing" tab. Set default address to the new alias you created. Then below that, deselect all the other email accounts and select the new alias.

This doesn't get rid of the email, but when sending mail, it will at least use your preferred address sending and receiving. Occaisionally the will pop up, but for the most part you can just forget about that address and use your new icloud alias.

There's also this, but it's from 2011 so it might not work...

Go to you will find a blurb there to click on to move from mm to icloud. follow oncscreen prompts. If you type it will take you the same screen too.
#1390100 by Khalid from Humble
Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:03 am
Thank you a lot, Jeff... all of that is perfect. I did the alias thing making the same address, when Apple announced the changes. So, I have the same name before the @ at each of them. Now, I am going to try the iCloud suggestions. Kind regards.

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