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Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:28 am

Hi to all,

It's been 10 years since we talked about "The Tortoise's Little Green Book Of Winning Theories," so I thought I'd tie this old thread (2007) up into a nice little summary...

They're from mass-market libertarian, Robert Ringer, one of my favorite authors when I was much younger. Long out of print, it seems you can now buy a copy of it at Amazon... ... B000GYNEPI

In the preface, he writes...

The dictums, rules, and insights... have served me well not only in the business world, but in all areas of life. To be sure, I have all too often found that when I have inadvertently strayed off course, my real error has been in forgetting my own rules.

As I said when I introduced this thread...

Many of those dictums have stuck with me to this day. I wanted to share them with you. This little booklet cannot be bought, cannot even be found on the Web (except for one site that excerpts parts of some of the quotes without permission).

Here Are The Winning Tortoise Theories, my favorite 7 with his personal permission, supplemented by commentary...

Winning Tortoise Theory #1: Actions-Have-Consequences

Winning Tortoise Theory #2: Concentration-Payoff Theory

Winning Tortoise Theory #3: Reality Theory *A FAVORITE OF MINE

Winning Tortoise Theory #4: Fishbowl Theory

Winning Tortoise Theory #5: The I'm OK Definition Theory

Winning Tortoise Theory #6: Keeping Positive Theory

Winning Tortoise Theory #7: I'm Crazy/You're Sane Theory

I hope these serve you as well as they have me, over all the decades!

All the best,
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