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#1379731 by ken-admin
Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:48 pm

I'm still catching up from vacation (the big downside to getting away is getting back ;-) ).

While doing so, I noticed that Birgit had updated her Case Study... ... dtke3.html

I don't see this mentioned in the forums, or at least I couldn't find a post about it. It deserves not only to be recognized, but to inform, inspire and leave you with some good takeaway.

Birgit's story is an amazing one of resilience, first and foremost by Birgit, and also by her SBI! business.

Birgit says...

I have many friends within the SBI! community, and all of them will be very surprised to read this update. I never told anyone about my struggles.

Her tenacity, recovery and bravery nearly brought me to tears in spots. I won't summarize her story here because it's a must-read, through and through, for both inspiration and for its monetization content.

For those who don't know, Case Studies are one of our forms of proof of success. It tracks SBIers for long periods, some going as far back as when we started in 2002.

They update when they can. It's incredibly generous to share their stories!


The Case Studies page ( is misunderstood by some, especially those who write fake reviews (sorry to keep bringing that up). They'll say something like...

"The Case Study page hasn't changed in years. They obviously have nothing new to talk about."

Well no...

The whole point is to track the same people, each quite different, over a long period of time. This shows how a business starts from scratch to deliver varying levels and types of success ("success" defined according to the goals of each SBIer.

They ignore that there are 500 other high-traffic successes listed in And they won't show their readers our new feature on our blog...

Those new stories focus more on the human aspect/impact, including details about the story. They also leave readers with Takeaway lesson, valuable for the real-life wisdom.

They are just as popular, inspirational, and exciting to all of us SiteSellers (a super reminder of what we do) as it is for providing ideas and motivation to you. Finally, of course, this is yet more proof of REAL people building success in a wide variety of niches.


I had noticed that Birgit was not as active in the forums after years of her helping many people here. Everyone's activity waxes and wanes, of course. Folks get busy, move on for a while, come back, etc.

So, while I had heard vaguely that she was ill, I had NO IDEA (as she noted).

Amazing story/update!! Seriously, check out her update... ... dtke3.html

... I'll be waiting for you, right here. :-)

Summary of Points

First and foremost...

1) BAM💥

Things had gone very bad medically, including extreme fatigue. This sentence caught my attention, concerning how she originally reacted to how ill she felt...

I blamed myself for my lack of self-discipline.

Now THAT'S motivation!


2) Crash

Finally, in May 2013...

I crashed, and I crashed hard. What followed was an 18 month nightmare of total exhaustion that had me mostly house-bound and at times bed-bound. My brain was in a constant thick fog, my vision blurry, my memory nonexistent.

When we last heard from Birgit, she was sailing along strongly...

3) The Power of Evergreen

At the time of my last update in 2010 my online business was at its peak and I had a very healthy six figure income.

And then? For 5 years, she virtually stopped all work on her sites due to illness. This leads us into the upside of content SITE vs BLOG...

Most solopreneurs try blogging or advertising for a product and others that are dependent on ongoing efforts. There are several reasons for solopreneurs NOT to choose that format.

One of the problems of typical blogs is that when you stop, the income does, too. It is far more dependent on followers returning.Search sends less traffic. Instead, she notes...

Despite not having worked for five years and having incurred many thousands of dollars in medical expenses, I certainly did not need to worry about money...

During the whole time, almost every day, I thanked my lucky stars for guiding me across SBI! so many years ago. If there was one thing I did not need to worry about it was my financial situation. My online businesses survived fine without me, money kept coming in.

There was some decline, of course. 5 years will take a tole. But her business still delivered impressive numbers.

There ARE times when blogging MAY be the right platform, depending on the niche, the purpose of the site and its readers AND of the solopreneur, too.

We'll be publishing a series of posts about when to blog AND how to do it optimally (few create blogs which maximize their chance of success).

On that note, not many bloggers agree with me...

I've had some wonderful, stimulating debates with bloggers, most memorably after releasing this landing page about why SITE-building is the better format (MOST of the time)...

One of the reasons that SBIers do well, in fact, is that most solo's do NOT blog. Classical blogging (time-sensitive material, in a journal format, subject matter denoted by tags) is tough...

First, everyone does it. It's highly competitive and you really need to be super-sharp to keep folks coming back.

Second, it's tougher to win at search, long-term, for time-sensitive material.

Third, people tend to come to read your latest post and then leave. It's "tag" organized. That leads us to the next point....

Fourth, there's no true 3-tier hierarchy, creating both usability and SE issues.

Fifth, as a result of some of the above, Google is not looking for blog content for most types of search.

No doubt about it - THE best approach for most solopreneurs and most niches is to create C T P M-type sites. There are exceptions, AND there are ways to execute those exceptions with superior results.

But I digress. Birgit's site carried her until...

4) She's Back!

Although not at 100%, Birgit was feeling well enough to get back to SBI! New monetization opportunities opened up...

"No Need to Look for Partners -- They Come to Me"

Birgit's principal sites were ready and waiting to be stimulated by new activity. She's doing better and her income is making heathy gains, with a promising new project soon to launch.

5) Rip Van Winkle!

This was a cool observation that meant a lot to us at SiteSell. Not too many SBIers comment on the updating part of SBI!. That's natural...

It's kind of like having children. When you are with them every day, you don't see them grow and change. But if you were somehow separated from them from age 5 to 10, you'd be blown away by how much they've changed.

After her absence, she noticed...

In 2015 I felt well enough to do some work again. When I finally logged back into SBI! and re-familiarized myself with everything I was blown away by the evolution that SBI! had undergone while I was away.

The team loved the observation...

When I think of the all that we've added and updated, as well as the deletions (that no one ever notices), her comment made me laugh. One example is the major re-focus on monetization, including DAY 10 re-write and fundamental direction addition such as moving to higher paying forms of monetization, including Move It!

And Birgit jumped on monetizing...

She wasn't close to 100% physically when she started back on SBI!. She made low-work monetization model changes on her less important sites to boost income.

More importantly, she put more effort into her main sites, especially, both of her Australia-oriented businesses. Results...

I sold more guide books in 2016 than I ever have and earned over $5000 a month just through book sales.

And the "third volume in my Destination Guide series launched in March 2017.

Her personal story of recuperation makes the post worth reading. Her digging and figuring out what ailed her is "BAM applied to self."

And the variety of monetization models, and how she got the ideas and implemented them, doubles the value of this quick read.

And the closing meant the world to us...

I own a large and beautiful house with a huge garden and a stunning view over the mountains, that I have my own business, all the free time one can ask for and always enough money to do the things I love.

Thank you, SBI!.

Thank YOU, Birgit.

We may light the way and remove the obstacles. But the solopreneur still has to follow that path AND execute...

YOU were the one with the guts to choose SBI! and start a business online, to build a lasting business, and then (after a major, personal setback) get back to it, to make smart changes that are already paying dividends while also looking to the longer term.

That's. simply. SPECIAL!

If this was an SBI! module, I'll call it "Birg It!." 😃

Well done and welcome back!! 👏 👏 👏

All the best,

P.S. Birgit also noted the following in her post...

Severe chronic illness is a lucrative business for many. Patients will spend their last dime on whatever feeble hope they are offered. A disabling and longstanding illness like mine usually spells financial ruin.

Ugh! Ugh! UGH!

I simply MUST add a RANT - it's a personal hot button. It's one thing to trick people into buying an inferior online business product, as we've been talking about recently.

You have to be a certain kind of low-life to knowingly destroy dreams for money. But, in the hierarchy of online low-life levels, nobody is more despicable than those who sell cancer cures, or fixes for other debilitating illness, just to make a buck!!

It's just as ubiquitous as all the "make money" fraudulent schemes. It got so bad that I couldn't chew a steak. And bagels were out of the question. Even though I was a doctor, I researched the topic to see if anything new could be done.

I discovered all the scams when I had my TMJ issue. just like for "net marketing," I see no way to for lay person to figure out which, if any, are legit. For example..

The one thing that you rarely need, if ever, is surgery. And yet there are folks who are paid to generate leads for surgeons and even surgeons themselves who boast incredible cure rates on a classy-medical website.

There were at least hundreds of others who were selling all sorts of cures. Price ranged from $10... to $1,000! Some of the cures were merely useless and harmless. Others could make it worse. Ugly and cruel...

You know the old marketing maxim of "sell a solution that solves the pain." Vultures were doing this, except they did it literally! People in pain are desperate.

8 weeks of PhysioTherapy (referred by an ENT friend) took care of my own problem. But I knew enough about medicine AND net marketing to realize what was going on.

Countless folks must get sucked into these scams. How many have jaws that are worse after surgery, with little if any chance of being paid pain-free?

Birgit did a great job of avoiding all the scams, and figuring out what was best for her. Yes indeed...

Birg It! :-)
#1379732 by Elly from
Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:20 pm
Birgit, you're my kind of woman. Stay away from doctors whenever possible (sorry, Ken - I'd probably see you, but you'd probably think me too difficult. :lol: ).

Great update! So heartening and full of BAM. Thank you for that, Birgit and very best wishes to you. ;-)

#1379769 by B from Altmünster
Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:17 am
(Ugh, spotlight. Oh no, and on FB, too...) :wink:

Thank you so much for the kind words, Ken.

In the last couple of years I often thought I should write to you, let you know why I'd been so quiet, and let you know for example how freaking awesome I think BB2 is. (BB2 was my first discovery when I started working again, and it really did blow me away.)

I'd felt bad for just disappearing from the forums and for fobbing off Theresa whenever she asked for a case study update. (It was still Theresa back then :) )

It looked so ungrateful. As if i didn't even appreciate all that you/SBI/Sitesell had done for me and had just walked away.

Apparently I managed to say everything that I had wanted to say for a long time.
Sorry that it's taken me so long to get that message to you :)

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