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#1388685 by Madathil from Maghribiyah
Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:19 am
Fedup Whants to leave.

I have not touched my website for few years. But I was working hard to create
something unique ( and I am pretty confident that I have created something unique) and was preparing to recreate my website.I created atutorial in flash. When I realised that flash is not html compatible,I started recreating everything in animate CC. Though it is not complete yet I was told an HTML animation file is not easy for my visitors to
download from my website ( Thats what I understud from Adobe Experts). And
It has other problems like sending an HTML file to another computer.
I strongly belive that my stuff is unique and it has very good monetizing
potential. Obstacles after obstaces make me very disappointed.

My intention was to create everything ok, then reshape my website with
a new look and slowly add my lessons already finalized. Twenty five lessons free of charge and about 90 lessons people can down load from my website for a small price.
For everything we need money. I am a jobless man have spent so much of my
brain and hands to finish this piece of work.The flash lesson is an interactive one
. Then came this HTML issue. The problem is I dont have local institutions to sort out the problems with animate cc. Everyone is still play with flash.I really want to quit.
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#1388686 by Debs from SiteSell
Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:13 pm
Hi Madathil,

I'm so sorry you are fedup and understand how that feels when your site isn't producing the way you figured it would. I'm particularly troubled by a couple statements you made, "I have not touched my website for few years" and "My intention was to create everything ok..."

You can't survive if you don't treat your site and what you do as a business, your very own business! And, "ok" isn't good, strive for excellence, that's how you stand out, how you get visitors, and sales!

Now what to do? You need to think about what you can do to turn it around, or start over. Don't panic at the thought of starting over! Today's Internet isn't what it was back when you started. So you need to keep up with the changes. Sometimes that means starting over, other times it just means there are updates to keep up with.

I noticed you've been with SBI! for 10 years now, but you've only posted 89 times on the forums in that time, a handful recently about your flash files, but a year ago and prior for the rest. We are here to help you, but you need to let us know you need help, want help, and what type of help you need. So here are my suggestions:

1. come to the forums more frequently, whether to help or be helped, or to be motivated. We do want to see you succeed!

2. if you want to improve your site, get it up to date, then ask for a site review in the site review forum (however be prepared for helpful suggestions that will require work to complete, don't let the suggestions or number of them get you down, take it as a challenge to offer your best)

We want you to stay with it, work it, and we are here to help. It is possible to succeed, as the many case studies have shown. You can do it!

All my best,

#1388697 by Cath, SiteSell Content Team
Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:00 pm
Hi Madathil,

Like Debs, I can completely understand your frustration and disappointment. But given that you've not worked on your site for some time, I guess my question for you would have to be, do you still have the passion for this niche? Do you have the energy to do some really hard work on it?

If you can honestly answer "yes!" to both those questions, then settle down to some hard work and do it!

Your post reminded me of how I felt after Panda struck my Italian site. I wanted to give up - I was sad and angry all at the same time. But I had great faith in SBI! and in Ken's advice post-Panda, so I decided not to give up but to go for it.

Fast forward a few years and I now have two successful sites. But it took a lot of hard work, sometimes frustration, and I could not have done it without help and support from people here in the forums.

So it can be done, if you have the will to do it.

Where to start? I'd personally start with making it mobile friendly. You have an old site design and on a mobile device it's almost impossible to read. So, either get a new responsive template in Site Designer, or just use the "Mobilize it!" button to make the site mobile friendly.

Then I'd take that table of contents off (at the bottom of the page). That was one of the first pieces of advice in the SBI! report following Panda. Keeping it means you're spamming for the keywords "shortcuts", "Windows" and, to a lesser extent, "keyboard". That alone will mean Google is likely to penalise you.

A third quick fix is to update your copyright at the bottom - it currently says 2007 - 2010 - a tell-tale sign for any site visitors that your information is likely to be very out of date.

After that? As Debs says, ask for a site review in the forum, and be prepared to take the advice you'll be given to heart and act on it.

Does that help? I hope so!

#1388715 by Madathil from Maghribiyah
Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:09 pm
Dear Debs and Cath

Many thanks for the inspiring words. Believe me I worked hard a lot and it will come up soon.It is truethat my site is apparently very old though, I worked hard so much behind the screen and it will come up very soon. But I am facing three issues :

1. I am trying hard how to come to a parent keyframe when I click a button inside a movie clip in Adobe animate cc. ( I searched for the javascript throught the google. Have got some. But none of them work. I know how to move from a keyframe to another using JS. But not by clicking a button inside a movie clip in a keyframe)

2 I create an animation using animate cc html canvas and send to another computer via email. But I cant open it. It should open because it is an html file. I dont know how to sort out this.issue

3.Once this is done. I want to test this file can be downloaded by someone in another computer. The information I got here is my visitors wont be able to download an html file from my website. This is very sad. I want to confirm it is true or not.
Once I sort out these three issues, I will concentrate on making my website uptodate ( I mean i will concentrate on what you two have instructed in your reply) Hopefully if things works fine I expect a totally different website in a month period..Please keep on help me. Many thanks once again.

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