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#1370740 by Jacki from Macleod
Tue May 09, 2017 6:16 pm
J from Zacata wrote:43 (Demand) 1(supply) 43000 (profitability)

for clarification, the larger the potential/profitability above 5000 and the lower the supply/competition numbers, then that keyword is a winner. Is that right?
Yes, I was thinking about this. That keyword on its own is probably too small to worry about, but it could make a good supporting keyword. The profitability number is just a ratio, and I use it to decide between two similar words usually. Yes, lower supply is best.

J from Zacata wrote:And what are the exceptions for using keywords with lower than 5000 potential?
This would depend on how many keywords you have available. You could build a site using lots of this kind of keyword, but they're most likely long tail types of keywords, where you would pretty much be the only source of information on that topic (flying blind here). Are these keywords that you could add value with, and create something to sell?

J from Zacata wrote:i look forward to getting clarity on this phase and using the site concept selector tool.
I can't really speak to the site concept finder, that wasn't really used when I started my sites.
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