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#1388748 by Kelly from Kellerton
Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:39 am
I think I'm overthinking. ;)
My topic is writing personal stories about making the decision to have an abortion. So I already know the idea, but I'm confused how to use Brainstorm It! to get the best keywords.
I used Seed Generator and came up with some two-word keywords that I'm not too excited about. I'm not sure when I use Seed Generator or when I should just jump to Brainstorming. It sounds like I can't go back to Seed Generator once I start brainstorming?
If I go to Vertical Brainstorming, it sounds like I should be using one-word keywords, not the two-word keywords that Seed Generator found. Is this correct? Some examples:
Seed Generator found unplanned-pregnancy, abortion-information, personal stories, decision-making. But from what I'm reading, my vertical brainstorm should use more general keywords like abortion & stories & decision.
Am I thinking the right way?
THANK YOU for any clarification.
#1388786 by Jeff from
Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:15 am
Hi Kelly.

The AG recommends researching one-word keywords because every result contains the keyword. So a one-word search returns 2-word, 3-word, 4-, 5- keyword phrases.

If you use a two-word keyword, then all the results are 3-, 4-, 5- or more word keyword phrases. That means you have fewer keywords to work with.

But if no single word reflects the topic you want to write about, then choose a 2-word keyword to research. As long as you're aware (and remember) that you'll have fewer results. Based on what you said your topic is, it sounds like "unplanned pregnancy" and "abortion information" are two of the three you'll want to use in the Site Concept Finder.
#1388815 by Kelly from Kellerton
Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:26 pm
Thank you Jeff. That clarifies why I'd want to use one-word keywords if possible. (I'm sure the AG explained this, but with all the other questions I had, I think it got muddled in my head.)
To clarify further, am I correct in saying that the Seed Generator is used to come up with 3 appropriate and relevant keywords to then use in Brainstorm It that will help find the best specific Site Concept keyword?
And one more clarification: When I'm brainstorming for my Site Concept and using 3 keywords (one or maybe two-word keywords). Will I end up with 3 bunches of keywords and I hope to find some that overlap - like a venn diagram? Or does the brainstorm actually try to intentionally find those keywords that are related to all three? I'm thinking it's the first.
I'm asking because, according to the numbers and explanations, the word 'abortion' is too general, but I'm trying to understand why. If I use 'abortion' as one of my 3 potential site concept keywords, I'm guessing it will return everything related to abortion and not just keywords that are related to abortion AND the other two. Does this sound right?

Thank you!
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