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#1389691 by Johnna from Livingston
Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:31 pm
I have gone through the first five days of the Action Guide and am having trouble 'niche-ing' down some ideas I have for a website. One, for example, is home decor but that of and by itself is kind of broad. I am only going to be able to do this part time (5-10 hours per week probably... maybe up to 15 hours on some weeks).

Truth be told, I find the AG a little stale but I understand high level where it is going with the number crunching. I'm just getting a little frustrated trying to niche my general interests down to a working topic with the RIGHT numbers that is not too broad, not too narrow.

Can anyone offer guidance on how they niche'd a larger category down to a workable website? Maybe a strategy you followed?

My broader topics of greatest interest (thus far) are:

- Home Decor
- Discount clothing/fashion
- Bread recipes

I am going to go through some of the recorded webinars to help me with some of the mechanics. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.
#1389696 by Support Admin from
Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:40 am
Continue refining your Brainstorming research until you get to something within the
broader niche that seems doable on your schedule and is in line with recommended
numbers, Johnna. Have you done a Site Concept search for the three niches you

- Home Decor
- Discount clothing/fashion
- Bread recipes

From there, you should evaluate the data for each and refine the results.

Or, do a Vertical search for each one. For example, do a vertical BI! search for "home
decor" to find other possible (more manageable) niches within that broader niche. I'm
sure there would be lots of them. A few that come to mind right off are specific types of
decor (i.e., country, contemporary, etc.), frugal (or budget) decorating, home decor

You can evaluate the data within each of your preferred niches to find the best fit for
you. :-)

If you haven't checked out the articles related to Brainstorming and Finding your Niche
in the Tips and Techniques HQ!, I would recommend doing so. It may help you refine
your searches to find a narrower niche or give you some good ideas...

Here's a good one to start with...

Find the Right Spot on the Narrow-to-Broad Spectrum
#1389697 by Dee from Cape Cod
Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:19 am

Hi Johanna -

Johnna from [NO DOMAIN YET]-[North Providence] wrote:I'm just getting a little frustrated trying to niche my general interests down to a working topic with the RIGHT numbers that is not too broad, not too narrow.

Trying to find a niche with just-right numbers can be exceedingly frustrating and time consuming. (Ask me how I know! :wink: ) But it's worth spending all the time and suffering all the frustration to get your new business off to the best start possible.

My advice: When you get to the point where looking at all the numbers is making you crazy, take a deep breath and remind yourself that there's no such thing as perfect numbers.

The suggested demand and supply numbers are not etched in stone. They're simply a starting point for analysis, to be weighed with lots of other factors set out in the Action Guide.

Taking the topics you've mentioned, here's what I see:

home decor demand 258415 / supply 348596
discount clothing demand 43861 / supply 3495
discount fashion demand 895 / supply 1888
bread recipes demand 42478 / supply 13755

From a purely "numbers perspective", home decor is very broad, as you've already recognized.

Discount clothing and discount fashion have (surprisingly) low supply numbers.

The numbers for bread recipes aren't bad at all, especially since most weeks you'll only have a few hours to work on your site/business. There's enough demand to show that it's a popular topic and enough supply to show that it could be a nicely monetizable topic.

Does the topic of bread recipes set your soul on fire? Is it something you could see yourself writing about day in and day out for the foreseeable future?

If so, then I think it's worth taking the time to research fully to see whether it would, in fact, be a viable niche for you.
Johnna from [NO DOMAIN YET]-[North Providence] wrote:Truth be told, I find the AG a little stale ...

I'm wondering what you mean by "stale". :? The AG contains a wealth of information that has helped, and continues to help, many people build a solid foundation for their online business. I was a total newbie when I started back in 2008, and the AG certainly did the trick for me. I expect it'll do the same for you - if you follow it slowly and methodically and resist the temptation to rush ahead and/or skip any steps.

Anyway, those are my thoughts, for whatever they're worth. I hope something I've said helps you!

Best Regards,

#1389747 by Debs from SiteSell
Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:23 pm
When thinking of home décor ... niche it to room décor (specify the room) I.e. bedroom décor; living room décor; patio décor see how those numbers fit. Also, if you want more décor niching, then do BI! on just "décor" without "home" attached to it. Then you should see the types/rooms/colors/locales come up.

All my best,

#1389770 by Mary from Mico
Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:39 pm
Awesome notes here!

Cheryl, I've added your notes and links to the sticky for this forum. Thank you, Debs, and Dee for such clear explanations.

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