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#1391354 by Ellen from Alburtis
Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:25 pm
Hi all, I want to ask for opinions..

I'm doing my keyword research for a new site, and the attached pic shows the first 50 results.. there are many more keywords in the 6000-1000 demand range. Does this look like a site concept that will be successful in terms of google adsense and self-created products and services? The colored lines are possible Tier 1 keywords..
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#1391355 by Maria from Agness
Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:10 pm
Hi Ellen,

Without knnowing what the keywords are it's really hard to help with the numbers alone but I'll give it a go.
The numbers you have posted all have pretty high supply. You have highlighted (blue) one with lower supply as a potential tier 1 (site concept keyword).The site concept keyword should actually have quite high supply so that you know it's a viable niche.

Here's my ecplanation for why you need higher supply for the site concept keyword.
Demand shows how many people are searching for a site so it's obvious that the higher demand the more people are looking for that information.
Supply is your competition so it seems that you would want as little competition as possible but that's not correct.
Your competition will also be the ones buying ads and supplying goods that you can sell on your site for a commission.
If there is no competition then it often means that there is no money to be made in that niche. So you need to look for a site concept that has healthy competition, the 'sweet spot' being between 20,000 and 60,000.
Once you have found the niche and made sure you can make money in that niche then you look for ways to position your site that is slightly different to what is already out there. There are gaps in any market brainstorm it helps us to find those gaps.

All the other supply numbers in your list are really high for tier 2 or tier 3 pages. Supply is your competition for that keyword so if there are already 1,000's of pages with that keyword it will take you years to get ahead of them.

In day 2 of the AG the numbers you are looking for should follow these guidelines.
For your site concept keyword - Demand over 2,000 (preferably >3,000),
Supply < 200,000 (sweet spot 20,000 to 60,000)
You should also have 2 or more keywords with Demand over 1,000
And 10 or more keywords with Demand over 100

The numbers that are good can vary depending on the niche so it's hard to give absolute guidelines. In general though this is the numbers I look for.
Tier 2 demand over 1,000 amd supply under 1,000.
Tier 3 demand over 100 or preferably 150 and supply under 100.
But it depends on your niche, how narrow or broad it is. How new or localized etc.

As I said before it's hard to help with the just the numbers but I hope that helps a bit.
#1391376 by Mary from Mico
Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:15 pm
Hi Ellen,

I love how Maria explains this. I often send forum members to her explanations, so it is fun to see her here "in person".

Also, Terri explains some of these factors in her webinars, so I like to share those, too. Here are two:

Terri David Webinar - Keywords, Topics, Blueprint

2017: ...

Yet she is also doing more now with the newest on Tuesday. You might be able to sign up and get your specific questions answered:

Have a great weekend!

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