What other ways can you find to monetize your traffic? Let everyone know what you think of Joint Ventures (JV), Donations, CafePress or other models you have read about or tried (not already discussed above).

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#1360667 by ken-admin
Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:08 pm
Hi to all,

There were a couple of requests from our recent thread asking what YOU would like to know to help you grow your business (very helpful info, thank you!)...


I've put up a post that answers how to "do" a simple product like "The Anguilla Card" today (it will be brushed and turned into an article after your feedback) and we'll be doing 1-3 articles on Google Analytics (THE most requested information), as I posted about here...


There were also a couple of requests about how to set up a store, not to mention a good thread on that topic here...


Based upon that much feedback, we've re-organized the MHQ to have its own section about online stores...


That section pulls together various articles that already existed on stores, "under one roof." The first new article will cover "everything you need to know about how to set up and monetize a top-notch store."

A bit of history...

Up until now, there hasn't been that much demand for store info. We used to have an entire module called Store Build It!. It was a big development that used ShopSite (they said it was the best implementation they had ever seen). We did that based on what seemed like a lot of demand, but it didn't materialize into high usage.

Based on the high maintenance and even more work that it took every time ShopSite issued a new release, we eventually phased it out. There may still be a few "Store Build It!" SBIers using that implementation, free at our expense (we pay ShopSite for each installation).

Since then, though, some excellent third-party projects like Shopify can be used with Infin It! to deliver a terrific monetization model for SBIers. We'll cover a couple of those best options, but will lead off with an article on how to build the best store possible.

So stand by... more emphasis on monetizing with stores is coming. As always, a strong baseline of traffic that YOU own is a strong place to be. Google doesn't rank store-generated content very often, aside from that of the largest stores with their reviews and high authority numbers.

But if you can assemble and merchandise a store smartly for your niche, it's a good option for monetizing your existing SBI! traffic. :-)

All the best,
#1360679 by Cath from Italy
Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:51 am
Yessssss! I'm really looking forward to this. I've been trying to work out how's best to do it by myself, without much success. :roll:

Having plucked up the courage to sell my own product, it's the last part of the jigsaw for me.

Thank you, Ken - this is Brill!

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