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#1390670 by Mary from Mico
Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:19 pm

Hi Lucrezia,

Great notes!

I'm using a free RSS reader, Feedly, and I like it a lot

How do you do what to be able to use Feedly?

What do you copy from the RSS button and paste into Feedly?

Or does just clicking on the button do something?

I am so dense with this and so short on time. My apologies.

#1390770 by Lucrezia from Earth
Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:08 pm

Hi Mary,

How do you do what to be able to use Feedly?

I think I understand your question which is "How do you/me actually use Feedly?"

Here’s a map of the RSS terrain that I've created to help me learn which includes the answer to your question. Or you can go directly to the answer below under Mary, here's your direct answer.

The Terrain
Here’s what RSS does:
RSS is a news delivery system with 2 moving parts:
-Sending info via RSS from your SBI site (or any site/blog) and
-Receiving info via RSS into a computer, phone, or browser

The Map
Do this to Send info aka Set up RSS.
To send info from your SBI Site:
--Set up your SBI site with RSS/BlogIt. This is how you do it: Go to Site Central under “Business Section,“ click on RSS/BlogIt and answer/fill sections accordingly.

Do this to Receive info from your SBI Site (in order to test your RSS) OR to receive info from other Blogs or websites:

Pause and Make a decision here:
DECIDE if you want to read the info via your smartphone or your computer or a browser. Once you decide then choose one of the following:

Option 1
If you want to read info from your smartphone or your computer, do this:

Get software. It’s freely available.  You have two choices:
1. For Windows only:  RssReader at
2. For Mac: Go to the App Store where there are plenty of free RSS feed readers available

Option 2
If you want to read info from a browser, you have 2 choices:

Choice 1. Go to your favorite browser like Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla and click on either Help and/or Tools and do a search for “RSS/ RSS reader” in Help or Tools/Add-ons. Explore the many add-ons options. Choose what you like and add it.
-----Doing it this way = when you are on a site you can click on that site’s RSS button and your browser will register it as a feed and a dropdown menu will appear asking you if you wish to subscribe. OR . . .

Choice 2. Do a search in a SE on the following “free online RSS reader” or “free online news aggregator applications” where you’ll see more than a few choices.
-----Make your choice of app and set up an account by following their simple steps.
BTW: This is the option I choose. I went with Feedly because it’s free, easy on my eyes with a simple user interface. If you want to use Feedly then . . .
----- If you want Feedly here are the steps for signing-up & another way of subscribing to feeds:
[list=]Go to (BTW: Mary, here's your direct answer.)
a) Click button = "Get Started for Free."
b) Follow the steps on setting up your account. There's about 7 options, clearly displayed on this window.
c) Once you've created your account, it drops you into the main page. Take a look around.
d) On this page, the button to the left "Create your first feed" and the question "What sources do you want to follow?" with the box underneath that question do the same thing.
e) Simply type in the website/blog you wish to follow. I recommend going to that site and copying the full URL. Click enter and create a name for it. And you're done.
f) For example, Want to follow your SBI site? I'm using your St. Annes Helper BlogIt page is this example, Mary.
g) Go to your blog it page, copy the URL, paste it into the box under the question ""What sources do you want to follow?" then go to step e OR
h) If you already are following one site on Feedly then click on the + PLUS+ sign in the bottom left corner, choose "Publications & Blogs," and then go to your blog it page or any page you'd like to follow, copy the URL, paste it into the box under the question ""What sources do you want to follow?"
i) Click FOLLOW button, click +NEW FEED, Insert name (e.g. St. Anne's Blog), click CREATE button and now you're following. And you're done.

What do you copy from the RSS button and paste into Feedly? Or does just clicking on the button do something?

Just clicking on the button does something only if you have chosen the browser/add-on option. In this case, you need not copy anything from an RSS button. I have not used the computer/phone option so can't speak to that. Maybe someone else has that answer?

If you’re using Feedly, pressing on RSS button won't register it in Feedly UNLESS you choose Feedly as an add-on in the browser you are viewing through. See "Option 2" under "If you want to read info from you a browser of your choice, do one of 2 options:" OR you can go directly to Feedly and do the extra steps as described in steps described in "Choice 2 under steps a-i"

Getting the XML code when you press on the RSS button?
In my understanding, this simply means your browser or your phone or whatever you are viewing the page on can't read the info. So just get a reader by going back up to the map under to "Pause and Make a decision here"

I learned about RSS from these sources:
[Domain Private] ... rs-3486649

Here’s how I wrote it up for my visitors who want to understand RSS:
It probably needs some tweaking but the basic concepts are there [Domain Private]/what-is-rss.html

Phew. Okay, I think I've downloaded what I know. If any of it is in error, speak up and educate. Hope this brings you clarity, Mary.

Kind regards,
#1390780 by Mary from Mico
Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:00 pm


THANK you soooooo much!

This was super helpful!!!

This next is probably how I lost Feedly:

UNLESS you choose Feedly as an add-on in the browser you are viewing through

I do not have it in my browser bar anymore.

Thank you, thank you and thank you! Especially about making the distinctions for the different ways to read the feed!

This has taken me since about 2008 to understand.

Did I say thank you?! Thank you.

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