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#1365993 by Debra from
Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:41 am
I started my website in 2006 as a labor of love based on the small ranching community where my family homesteaded and I grew up. It is not a town. There is a general store and no restaurants and hotels. There are a lot of public lands with recreational opportunities like fishing, hunting and mountain biking. After all these years I have not been able to monetize if enough for it to pay for itself, but frankly have not tried much. However, because of the content I have added, it now does always get over 200 visitors a day, 4800 - 2000 a month, and is at the top of the Google search, above it's Wikipedia listing, and all the yellow page type sites, etc that used to put my site on the 2nd or 3rd page.

I am reaching retirement, and would really like to get it to at least pay for itself, or even make some money. Since it has become more of a bedroom community for the nearest town, with only a couple of family ranches left, there really are some hefty real estate deals that take place - and that seems like the best prospect for monetization. What is the best way to go about it? I do know of a few real estate agents who live on Glade Park, but the listings are with the real estate agencies in the neighboring town of Grand Junction. I need to upgrade to B2 so it is possible to present the real estate better. I have no idea how to charge for ads. Has anyone figured out a good way to monetize a local real estate market?
#1378574 by Will from Prairie Farm
Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:03 am
1. Have a Glade Real Estate page...I don't see one on your site.
I have been in the real estate business as a lender since 2001 mostly in Arizona. I'm also an attorney. A real estate agent can pay for advertising but not a finder's fee or quid pro quo type of arrangement.
But if you are in the club as a licensed real estate agent you can make deals with them all the time.
2. Number one way to monetize would be to get a real estate license in Colorado. Then let people know locally that you are an agent. Utilize your website to increase listing reach and attract buyers. Do something special with each listing in Glade park on your new Glade Real estate page. Talk about the history of the parcel, the views. how great the builder was, paint the picture of why it is so special.
2a. You mentioned you're retiring and want passive income. Once you are a realtor you can find another realtor who wants to do the leg work, go show houses or sign people up for listings. As a real estate agent you can make a percentage of the total commission. Even if you made 1% for your work, one transaction would likely pay big compared to what you said you're doing now. Especially if you got some of the action with that $21,000,000 listing in Glade Park.
2b. Do a development on a 40 acre parcel. You are only 15 miles from downtown Grand Junction (GJ). If you organized a group to put together a small subdivision with two acre lots, a local builder, the land owner, and you selling your real estate page you could advertise to GJ folks. (I imagine that is who is searching your site). Glade Park is in a USDA loan area, this loan has flexible underwriting that allows people to buy a home for nothing down, yes government sponsored 100% financing. Renters in GJ could own for less than renting out in the country. Two acres is big to city folks and the max for USDA loans.
3. You could have a real estate page that allows "for sale by owners" to advertise on, with their home pictures and description for a fee. Again you cannot make a commission unless you're a licensed agent.
4. Another thing that you could do is put together a land buyer's guide. Sell it as "Something only locals know." If I were spending 100's of thousands on land I would find some good value in this. (There are 46 listing in Glade Park right now.) You could sell the guide and the ad space in the guide to your favorite real estate team. The guide could have who to talk to for septic permitting, well drilling, what are some things to watch out for, where the sun rises, crazy weather patterns, best places to see game, how a piece of land is divided in Mesa County, what fruit trees grow there, etc.
4a. I'd bet you could put together such a guide by contacting everyone you know that has some specialized knowledge, especially if they are a local business, they might write their part for you and pay you for the ad space or referrals.

Anyway just some late night thoughts. I hope it's useful.
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