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#1385342 by Holly from Rainbow Flat
Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:07 am
Oh dear... Mary... thanks for that. Hmm... food for thought. I am just desperate to make some money after 6 years of pretty much nothing.

So it's probably best to lead them to my own course and ebook now... however, they are not converting.

Thanks for sharing that Mary... so important.

#1385381 by Debs from SiteSell
Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:36 pm
I would look at doing some reviews; one for each one you attended. Be sure and put in them what could have been done better; what should have been included, etc.

If you want to make regular good sales, you can't be lazy. Don't feel badly, we've all been there.

Have you considered due to the irregular nature of migraines, the pain, and length of seminars, migraine sufferers may not be the best target market for the summits?

Please post a link to 2 pages where you link to the summits.

I used to suffer from migraines, they were horrible. I'm glad they are behind me ;)

All my best,

#1385502 by Holly from Rainbow Flat
Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:38 am

Hi Debs,

Thanks so much...

Have you considered due to the irregular nature of migraines, the pain, and length of seminars, migraine sufferers may not be the best target market for the summits?

Please post a link to 2 pages where you link to the summits.

On my forms (in FBI) I have a tell me about yourself - migraine sufferer, therapist, carer... all my visitors are migraine sufferers. The summits are specifically for patients... so I think it is the target market.

I'm very pleased they are behind you too...

Here are my links - my review page and a page I link right from home page... its horrible now I look at it. Perfect example of too many MWR's... oh well... that's me... confused....and WIP!

[Domain Private]

[Domain Private]

Thanks again, I will love to monetize my website properly and actually make some money. I look forward to your guidance.


PS. That second link is so bad - here's another with me just mentioning it in content.... so I just link to the review page - [Domain Private].
#1385536 by Debs from SiteSell
Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:42 pm
Holly, here is what I recommend:

Setup tracking for each Summit link. Use something like Google's split test: ... 1930?hl=en
You only change one thing for each test. That way the items that improve conversion will be done at the end of the test but the items that decrease conversion you will remove entirely.

[Domain Private]

Remove the navbar top and bottom, in footer only link to how to contact you, terms, disclosure, privacy policy and copyright statement.

Bring more attention to the Summit's private FB support group. That's a huge selling point IMO as is the money back guarantee.

Talk more about your experiences, don't hardsell. Their landing page does that; you need to presell and leave the hardsell to the Summit. Start by how you found the Summit, what its done for you, then why you want your visitors to know about it. You don't answer the $10,000 question, you just keep going on and on about other expenses leaving your visitors worried it could be near $10K. If you do talk about their pricing, do it in terms of pennies a day (how many pennies a day for it over a year?) or a cup of coffee, something small.

On pages where you presell the Summit (nice job on that on [Domain Private] btw), reduce distractions, fewer to no ads for instance. If you have a 2nd MWR for those pages make it either your ebook OR signup to your newsletter.

"I think the best way to stay up to date is to register for the Migraine World Summit.

Here's the link:"

I don't see a link, I see an image, tell me to click the image to read more about the Summit. Be specific, give sufficient direction.

I would leave the What's New box to your home page only, not sitewide. But especially not on the pages where your MWR is a product conversion.

At the bottom of the side column is an About box ... get that up top of that column - sitewide! Show your expertise so the visitors listen to your recommendations.

You have 3 places where you are promoting your social activities. Cut it down to 1. It can be a different one on each page; but 3 is just distracting and confusing.

Each of your products (your own plus those you promote) should have a tracker on it (like from Analytics) so you can see exactly which ads/presells are converting to sales. Yes, your ezine is a product too.

[Domain Private]

" - joining the annual Migraine World Summit for free,"

You say to join the Summit for free but give no direction on how to get it free or when on this page or your own landing page. Also the Summit page doesn't say anything about free either so there is a total disconnect shock for visitors.

Since this is a small sentence with link to your preselling page, this is sufficient. I would consider something like this (different wording of course) on a lot of pages on your site.

I also noticed on those pages the left social bar is covering the first letter of each word along the margin. Just add a bit more padding or margin to the left to take care of that in Site Designer, the tools (look at the gears if you don't see it when you click on the main content) are there to do it.

Remember, track and test one change at a time. That is the only real way of knowing which changes improve your conversions. Don't just track what I mentioned either, track the wording around the conversion link, headlines, other elements on the pages, etc. It's work but it is the best way to do it.

All my best,


P.S. no need to track the social bar laying over the letters; that's just a fix that is really needed.
#1385680 by Holly from Rainbow Flat
Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:21 pm

Oh Debs, thank you so much. This all sounds a bit overwhelming, but I will tackle it one thing at a time. I will change the summit page wording first, and then attempt to learn to Google tracking and A/B testing.

I thought using the SBI tracking link would be sufficient... but I can see why it's just a good practice to start with. I've done that for my book and course too... so hopefully I can figure out the tracking ID in Google (I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so it might prove impossible!!!).

I have a few more questions... (sorry I will probably have loads)...

#1 With my own products - that have been up for 8 months... do I 'hardsell' on those? I only have 2 - may I be so bold to ask you to peruse them as well. With my course with Thinkific - I got the landing page on thinkific to look the way I wanted and the eBook just goes to Amazon... neither are converting....

So if you have time... here are the links to my own products...

[Domain Private]/migraine-pain-management-course.html

[Domain Private]/migraine-management-book.html

I'm guessing to remove nav bar top and bottom as you said before... I was able to make these one column.


I would leave the What's New box to your home page only, not sitewide. But especially not on the pages where your MWR is a product conversion.

Ok so not on sales pages, but I thought that's what it was for... to be on all pages as part of the navigation of the website. I spent ages setting up my right columns over the years to use as navigation for each section... am I missing something? Perhaps things have changed? (Thank God for you and SBI!).

#3 Thanks for mentioning the social bar layering... I always forget to check iPad size ad I can't see that on my desktop... I will borrow a tablet!!!

Ok - off to work on all of this now... Thanks again.

#1385687 by Holly from Rainbow Flat
Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:09 am

I am trying to get my head around the Google links you sent me for tracking ID... I have my book, course and the summit set up in SBI Tracking... using /summit /book /course as the tracking IDs. What is the benefit of doing the same thing in Google? I'm finding it really hard... working through the guide in Adwords to get is set up... but I'm way out of my league.

From a guess I would say that Google will provide more useful data than SBI tracking? However, I'm not sure if it can track a sign-up and then the sale to correctly display conversions.

#1385688 by Holly from Rainbow Flat
Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:07 am
Hi Debs,

Me again - so sorry... I'm just re-writing the summit page and thinking about my story... you know where you suggested I bring more attention to the private facebook group? Well the summit sees me as competition so I am reprimanded if I participate in Facebook.... even though I have bought the package both years myself. Paula Dumas has said she will ban me if I self promote... which is never what I was doing. I just wanted to connect to other sufferers... and it was Carl who I spoke with last year, (he started it all, and I helped him with some website errors) that suggested I rebrand as the Migraine Coach! So I have a little sore spot there.... I will mention it anyway... as I doubt others will get banned - should I leave that bit out - you said - what they could do better!!! They could let me participate.... :cry:

This is all pretty isolating! Never mind, I will leave that bit out. I don't want to be negative, even though that's how I felt last time. But I thought the story might amuse you! Maybe I will share that... not sure... your thoughts?

#1385765 by Debs from SiteSell
Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:18 pm
First things first. Any product of yours should have its own dedicated sales page (landing page). Throughout the rest of your site, you presell your products where appropriate, always sending visitors (when you do the presell) to your DSP (landing page) for that product.

What's the diff between SBI! links and Google tracking links? It isn't just tracking with G as it is with SBI!. G needs you to set up your links so you can set up your goals for conversion tracking. You also want to do G A/B split testing so you can see what works, and what doesn't.

Find a sales page on the WWW that makes you want to buy right then and there. Follow their formula (but your own words/images) ... formula would be for something like ... paragraph, image, paragraph, paragraph, image, call to action, etc. Buttons, arrows (style of, size, colors). These formulaic things are your own but the way they are laid out are inspired by that sales page that could convert you.

As to content, the words you use, never negative (don't ever downsell your product), pull on the heart and mind strings of your visitor ... while you may list features once, you will list and call to the benefits many times in the page. Make Your Words Sell (bottom of Site Central) is a great book to read, also search Amazon for "words that sell" to see a list of books that offer words/phrases to help convert readers to buyers. ... +that+sell (Amazon search, not an affiliate link)

If all you are doing is promoting their seminar and not buying ads for it, I don't understand why she is against that! It brings them more attendees! If your dedicated sales page for their product passes muster, promise to only promote that page and see if she will allow that. If however it is her group; you shouldn't promote there.

As to sales page reviews, these should be posted to the Submit Site/Pages for Review forum. The general outline above should help you to see immediately what you may want to change, but remember, the tracking and A/B split testing should be set up first so you can do 1 change, test setup, track, 2nd edit, etc. Any negative result tests should be taken out/reverted.

#1385854 by Debs from SiteSell
Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:58 pm
Yes, each site has its own thread. I would suggest you put up one page to review first, then consider the same fixes for your other sales pages as you likely did them in near the same way anyway.

Then later, you can put up the other pages in their own thread if you feel more is needed.

#1385961 by Suzie from Southview
Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:08 pm
Just joined onto this thread - love the spreadsheet. Have filled it out as best as possible (I quite like spreadsheets :lol: ). I thought I was doing quite well for where I wanted to be in terms of monetization, but the excel has finally made me realise how tiny the CTRs are as against the monthly unique visitors - serious work needed somewhere - so thanks for starting this challenge. I'm always trying to think of where to go next, so shall follow with interest.
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