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#1388071 by Russell 1 (SBI for WP user from Sandusky)
Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:15 pm
My website is and has been around for awhile, however I really didn't do too much with it until this past summer.

I have been asking others within my niche some of their successes and struggles and many of them share the same experience. Many of us get high volumes of traffic during the school year and then a huge drop-off during the summer and holiday vacations. So it is safe to assume that most of my traffic comes from students with no money to spend and are only researching a topic for a report. This leads to a low CPC in Adsense. Most of the emails I get are from students or teachers thanking me for the help.

However I have run across a couple folks who are successful within this niche, but are using a twist. They are coupling their love of American History with genealogy.

The Genealogy niche has many profitable affiliates and the crowd researching genealogy is a passionate one. I also have a passion for genealogy so it seems like a natural fit.

Here is my question, I'd like to begin to expand my current website into the genealogy niche. I wrote a couple different posts about genealogy and posted them on my website and they quickly went to the top of google. I have actually seen a couple affiliate sales from them. So there seems to be potential.

So would it be better to begin to modify my current website and use its established authority or best to start from scratch with a new domain dedicated to the genealogy niche specifically.

Thank you for any help
#1388107 by Russell 1 (SBI for WP user from Sandusky)
Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:37 am
Thanks Jacki,

I was curious what people would think. When I began the website as a hobby I focused on the Revolutionary War and then expanded it into Colonial America. Once I had a firm grasp on those niches I expanded further. While traffic is very high and I am confident it would be easy for me to continue to scale the way I have been and see a ton of traffic after reading the Action Guide it just doesn't seem to be the best use of my time.
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