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#1383522 by Liam from SchoolsGDPR
Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:40 pm
What is teh groups view on linking keywords in the domain name using "for" or "4", e.g. or
#1383523 by Liam from SchoolsGDPR
Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:42 pm
By the way the above was my first post and of course I rushed to submit it without checking my spelling of the (or teh!) apologies
#1383526 by Mary from Mico
Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:29 pm
Hello Liam.


Sometimes numbers work and other times they do not.

Personally, in this instance, I like the line with a 4.

On the other hand, perhaps one reason not to use a number would be if "cleaning for schools" is a keyword phrase. There may be some benefit in using the full keyword in your Domain.

Another reason might be if you will have customers who need it explained that your website url uses a number 4 instead of the preposition. This may apply most if you have a local business. You'd have to say "Cleaning for Schools, use the number four in place of the preposition." You might even have to explain further that you do not spell the number as four, but put the numeral.

Otherwise you can just mention that you're from CleaningForSchools.

I moved my sites from dashed addresses and one of the things that pleases me most is that I no longer have to say "dash" between the words.

Another point to consider is branding. If you're speaking about your site, what will differentiate it in a sentence? You're at the convention and someone inquires about your site or company name. Well, the name would be the same as your activity. Is it what you do? or is it your company?
'Same with a phone call. Imagine the conversation, "I'm Liam from CleaningForSchools...."

Your domain name does not have to be the same as your site concept. The site concept can be cleaning for schools while the domain name is something like SparklingSchools or GreenAndCleanForSchools. I know those are too simplistic, so do give this some time. Ask friends and relatives. What would they call your business? For that matter, do you already have an offline business? You can start there, too.

Have you had time to watch the Action Guide?

If not, do.

If so, perhaps review Days 5 for more ideas.

I hope these ideas help.

#1383527 by Adrian from
Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:30 pm
Personally I think "cleaning4schools" catches my attention more than using the word "for"

Its a bit more of a problem when you get on the radio and have to speak out your url and clarify it because of the number, but even that gives you an opportunity to make a memorable spiel out of doing it

Google is not supposed to recognize prepositions anyway so its not an SEO issue

Im pretty much all 4 it but understand others might be all 6's and 7's
#1383536 by Jacki from Macleod
Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:44 pm
I would park the name without the 4 - if it's not available, keep looking.
#1383576 by Debs from SiteSell
Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:02 pm
There may be some benefit in using the full keyword in your Domain.

There is no benefit, and may get your site caught up in the Exact Match Google algo, a negative btw. A brandable domain is the way to go for your site. It is ok to use the full keyword phrase in a domain that is for redirect only (and never to be used online in your site, or posted elsewhere only.)

I like the number separators too; like Adrian said, it pops better.


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