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#1325117 by Scott from
Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:45 am
I just received an email that is cleverly convincing and I wanted other New registrants to be aware of this one as well as tons of others you will receive after registering as the Action Guide also advised to avoid:

Important: Complete Search Engine Registration for your domain
info (at domain )
To scottouska (at the domain)
May 31 at 9:57 PM
Hi there Scott Ouska,

Domain Name: (Account #66187613)

This email is being sent out to you because search registration for is pending.

Please register these domains to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo ASAP to avoid late fees.

Registering for search engines would help you show up in search results and increase your online presence.

You can register your domain at link given below : ... ka(removed)

We sincerely appreciate your business! If you require anything, we are at your service.

Remember... If you do not register your domain with the search engines, it may not appear in the search engine listing when people are looking for you. Failure to complete your domain name search engine registration by the expiration date may make it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web. Complete your search engine registration today.


Search Register

110 Middle Road,

#07-03A Chiat Hong Building,

Singapore 188968.

You may unsubscribe here ... ka(removed)
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Watch Out For Scammers!!

Scott and Nimble.
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#1325269 by Elly from
Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:35 pm
Thank you, Scott. I 'm bumping this up.

#1325649 by David from Lomita
Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:24 am
Thanks for your posts. I've received such phishing emails in the past, though not as much anymore. Unfortunately, many of them seem to come from India or the Far East. I have become very suspicious of any email contacts from the Near East or Far East, as a result. Guess it is just a reminder that the internet is still the "wild, wild, west" and that we should all tread very carefully.
#1325650 by Larry Chamberlain from LONDON
Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:16 am

Hi David,

I have become very suspicious of any email contacts from the Near East or Far East, as a result.

Whilst it may be that scams and phishing attempts seem to originate more often from certain parts of the world, I'm sure you will agree that we should be on our guard wherever the message originates from.

In fact messages from our own countries, or from countries we 'trust' are more dangerous, because we are likely to be less wary.

All the best,
#1325654 by Stephen from Pozorrubio
Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:44 am
For me, so far all of these phishing scams have come from India. There are many techies out of work in Asia just looking to make a buck. The IPS ID at the bottom of the emails is so very helpful. When a new yorker has an Nigerian ID... well no need to say anymore.
#1325675 by Judy and Mark from Laurys Station
Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:51 pm
I just got one exactly like that… it went straight to trash. Looks pretty official… but it’s not from SBI. That’s all I need to know. Thanks, Judy
#1325680 by David from Lomita
Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:19 pm
True, they can come from anywhere. I always check the URL source at the bottom of the SBI email page, and if it is unknown, I'll check properties to see what server the email originated from. With the rise of mobile computing, many people are now using the free webmail providers .... with these it is difficult to tell many times. A or email can originate from anywhere on the planet.

I also put a notice in my CONTACT page text that I'm not interested any web development services or domain registration services and that I will not reply to such emails.

It is unfortunate that some geographic areas get a bad reputation from these practices. As far as philately goes, Asia is a thriving market, and I do get a lot of contacts and site visitors from collectors there. Actually, years ago, the bad guys as far as these things, were Russia and the Eastern European countries .... not so much anymore.

The best thing is to just be cautious, especially when someone is trying to "sell" you something. Even with advertising mails, I have learned over many years that there is NO SUCH THING AS "FREE".
#1325696 by Karen from Mackey
Sat Jun 06, 2015 5:20 pm
I also received a similar letter through the mail (US postal service). It was for my new site. I don't know if they are targeting new site owners or if it is the niche (crafts). Anyway the only reason that I opened the letter is that it looked like a bill. Near the end of the letter it did say that I didn't owe anything unless I signed up for the service. Anyway the letter went into the trash.
#1325701 by David from Lomita
Sat Jun 06, 2015 5:52 pm
Another mail advertising goodie is something that looks like a check from the outside .... always only negotiable, if you buy something that is very expensive.

Used to get internet emails from S. African mailers saying that I won the FIFA lottery there and that I needed to provide my banking information. Even though I have no interest in soccer, have never bought a lottery ticket (other than California), and I have never been to S. Africa. Similar ones from refugees or estates (fake), saying they need an off-shore bank account to deposit their funds in. An obvious identity theft scam. It's a jungle out there.

As far as email, I have Norton Internet Security, which segregates obvious spam emails going to my MS Outlook email client (as do all my SBI emails) and won't allow the opening of URL's that may be dangerous. It's a resource hog and inconvenient sometimes, but it does work. My internet provider, Verizon, also has spam filtering, though it has been problematic at times, as Verizon won't allow the transmissions of any email that has URL's in the footer or signature.

New internet users / website providers can be frequent targets. Aside from building a site, having good security measures in place for your website and your personal computer is a necessity. I've known a lot of new computer users that have become very disillusioned, because they don't have the technical training in internet security required to keep their computers safe.

Part of the learning-curve I guess, but aids, such as SBI's blogs and forums can make the process much easier for the occasional beginner.
#1326004 by LUIS from Vails Gate
Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:37 pm
I just recently registered my Domain Name and I wanted to give anyone else about to do so a little heads up. Apparently there are companies and people who get information about anyone newly registered.

This means you'll get emails and maybe even letters, like I did, that will spook you a little because they design them to look so 'official'. Don't panic, take a deep breath and slow down. If you read it all, especially the small print, you'll see they're just fishing for business.

All the researching and reading I've been doing on these forums has me with my blinders on, as is well advised to do. It can be a little overwhelming sometimes. That's why getting these kinds of communications, while you're immersed in the process of just getting off the ground, can scare you when they come out of the blue.

I've gotten so much help from everyone on these forums and just wanted to give back what little I could ... so this is for all the newbie's in hopes you don't get a little panicked, as I did, whenever you get one of these emails or letters.

Basically, if it isn't from SBI, don't panic or worry too much. Come to the forums and you'll either see this post or other ones that discuss this matter.

#1326101 by Debs from SiteSell
Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:22 pm
I can't stress enough how important the messages that Scott and Luis
have posted in this thread ...



We recently had a client (SiteSell Pros) we built a site for, and it was
perfectly set up to take advantage of SEO, etc. and was poised for the
next step of building traffic.

Shortly after they registered their domain, they received an unsolicited
email (implied they worked with SiteSell) telling them they now needed
to submit to the search engines, etc.

Without realizing it wasn't "us" they paid the company to do link
submissions etc. for them ... the company basically ruined their site ...
they deleted pages, changed keywords, submitted the site to hundreds
of poor quality directories ... totally devastated the site.

Some of it is fixable but some isn't; and the part that isn't is a huge
concern ... now we may have to use Move It! to restart the site to
undo what that SEO company did, plus spend time returning the pages
and keywords, etc. to what they need to be.

It is sad when I have to say the SiteSell Professionals do a lot of work
to fix issues caused by third-party suppliers; so yes, do your due

Good luck!

Debs, Director
SiteSell Professionals
#1326127 by David from Lomita
Thu Jun 11, 2015 4:54 pm
I get those keyword optimization contact form emails occasionally, even though my contact form text states that I'm not interested in them. I just delete the contact messages and forget about them. Guess I've just been around the internet long enough to be suspicious of emails from such people. I'm very sorry to hear that one of my website partners at SBI had their site ruined by this type of activity.

I almost got spooked once by one of those domain registration notifications a long time ago, but fortunately I quickly learned of the scam through SBI forums such as this one! Since I started ignoring most of the "non-philatelic" emails that come into my SBI mail client, I get very few of them these days.
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