You need a domain name that fits your niche, has your VPP, and that is short, catchy and brandable (see DAY 5 for ALL of the elements of a perfect domain name). Need help? Post here to get feedback on the Perfect Domain for your Solo Build It! business.

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#1392737 by Bruce from Saint Helena
Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:41 pm
Need help with the simple things in life-- The elevator, the toaster, my hairline.......

I am trying to register a new domain name for a new site I paid for in Jan.

However I cannot jump off of my Petturkeys page to the new unregistered page. And of course every time I try to register the new domain name. I get the prompt that I have already registered.

Been watching the day 5 video all day and never noticed anything about changing pages.(sites)

Three hours now searching for a simple click. Stuck in SBI purgatory.Certain there is a simple button somewhere----but for now, I think I am just going to gouge my eyes out, or do yard work.......
Looking for any assistance.


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#1392745 by Maria from Agness
Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:45 pm
Hi Bruce,
I don't think you have access to site central for you new site until you've registered the domain and built the home page.To switch over to your other site, in the top right corner of the MKL there should be a switch accounts options for you to change which site you are working on.
This info is from my old notes but I think it's still relevant, if not contact support and they will be able to help you find your new subscription.

#1392866 by Carolyn from Collyer
Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:36 am
Hi Bruce,

I had this problem, too, and had to ask Support! :wink:

If the order number for the new site does not show in the drop-down list when you first log into Site Central, then go into BrainstormIt! and click on "Switch Accounts" in the upper right corner. The drop-down list there will have the order number of the new site.

You can always get to the un-named site from BrainstormIt! but only once (when you first log in) from Site Central until you register a domain name for it.

I hope this helps!

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