Ask questions or offer tips on "supporting site pages" such as About Us, Visitor Sitemap, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc. Also ask or help regarding copyright protection ... what to do, how to avoid infringement, and how to enforce your copyright/Trademark. "Intellectual Property" is an important part of building business equity - be sure.

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#1365143 by Debra from Campobello
Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:44 am

SBI has a great Privacy Policy sample. I was not able to find a Terms of Use (aka Terms and Conditions) sample from SBI.

Has anyone seen a sample Terms of Use policy from SBI?

Thank you in advance!

#1365569 by Debra from Campobello
Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:17 pm
I apologize for the delay and thanking you both! I was having trouble getting into the Forums.

After a whole heck of a lot of research on Terms of Use (TOU) (aka Terms and Conditions, or Terms of Service), I see that the best ones are those specifically tailored to the particular business practices involved. Perhaps SBI doesn't provide a sample because they are quite diverse (also, the disclaimer is separate, or a part of the TOU, or may not even be required - and it is also diverse, e.g., earnings disclaimer, health disclaimer, etc.).

And, a TOU is not required for (almost) all websites as is a privacy policy.

...Just random findings of my research...

But mostly wanted to say, thank you!

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